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16 Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Mar 28, 2017Samantha Bun

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Why do women seem to always go for the shorter cut as they age?

It's because as the hair loses pigment, it changes texture and becomes thinner. The texture of grey hair is coarser and dryer, so the hair can become more brittle and difficult to maintain, calling for a great chop.

I think there is something quite empowering about going for shorter styles despite your age. Short hair is a statement. It is liberating and fierce. A short hairstyle on an older woman is representative of her eclectic taste and life experience.

A woman who can rock short hair is a powerful woman, bold and self-assured.

Here are some short hairstyles for older women that we think would look fashionable for different hair types and face shapes.



Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Older women with thinner hair can go for shorter hairstyles that are easy to add volume and texture with a hair dryer or additional product. There are plenty of great hair care products for thinning hair.

Of course, you want to eliminate the amount of time and energy you put into your hair with a shorter hairstyle since there will be less hair. At least the drying time won't be too long and there are products that can easily give it a bit of a lift.

You can have your hair combed back or add some product to hold the hair up.

Short Hairstyles for a Round Face

Is it the sun? Is it the moon? As a fellow round face, I can tell you that getting a short haircut can be daunting as the wrong style can really accentuate the roundness of your face. It is always best to go for a short bob and its variations like the graduated bob.

Go for cuts that elongate the face and accentuate your features. Concave cuts are also very fun and youthful. You can go for a blunt cut with bangs for an edgier look.

Short Hairstyles for Older Women Over 60

What? You barely even look 60! I know at this age most women want to go for a more mature look, but you can still have a mature hairstyle and look incredibly youthful.

There are many cuts you can go for that are mature and still very youthful and in with the trends. You can go for a concave cut, a shorter bob or a pixie cut. Style this to perfection to suit your face shape. I personally think that shorter hairstyles look great with added volume.  

You can even add a hint of colour to your hair to make it more vibrant. I know this may seem a bit outlandish, but coloured hair is all the rave at the moment. Blue especially complements grey and silver hair tones.


Layered Short Hairstyles That Are on Trend



Textured Bob

The textured bob is the safest short-layered hairstyle you can possibly do. Depending on your face shape, you will need to style it to make sure it frames and accentuates your face nicely. I have a round face shape, so I needed a lot of volume with this cut, otherwise, all you will see is my round head.

The added volume from a blow dry, slight teasing and added product makes my face look a little bit smaller. I also had my hair toned silver at the time, so most people paid attention to the colour and the shortcut gave it a slight edginess.

I love the textured bob with light and bouncy curls as it looks very playful and fun. It also brings out the different layers of the hair. Again, this adds more volume and can make your face look a bit smaller, or accentuate your face shape.



Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is for those of you who love the voluminous high hair or want to revive the good old Posh Spice. This was, in my opinion, Victoria Beckham's absolute best haircut!

This cut makes your head look a bit more oval and long from the side and suits longer face shapes. It is a great way to style your hair with volume. I think the inverted bob also looks fabulous with highlighted hair because it brings out all the different colours in the hair.

While the Victoria Beckham style is very sleek and professional, an alternative is to style this haircut shaggy for a fun and funky look.



Concave Bob

This is another style popularised by Victoria Beckham because she is so chic. You can have your concave bob as an inverted or graduated cut. You can also have it in a wedge cut that is more compact and short at the back.

You can really play with your concave bob styling by having it asymmetrical (which I will get to next) or you can have it with an undercut on one side hidden. The concave bob can be styled straight, loosely curled or wavy for more volume and for different occasions. Can you tell I'm obsessed?



Asymmetrical Crop

Who likes symmetry nowadays anyway? Okay, maybe not the OCD folk, but for the rest of you rule-breakers and risk-takers, why not put the edge on your short-layered haircut by giving yourself a slanted cut?

I think asymmetrical hair is just so much more interesting than ordinary straight-cut hair. It makes you look more fun and approachable, especially if you add fashionable hair colours going through it. 



Pixie Cut

My ultimate hair envy is with anyone who can pull off a pixie cut. I adore pixie cuts and have always wanted one. Unfortunately, it does not compliment my round, chubby face. Instead, I will watch and admire those who can rock a mad pixie. It is well suited with longer and smaller face shapes.

Pixie cuts are also quite fun and easy to style. All you need is a good blow dry to fluff the hair up, some styling mud or wax, and boom! Instant volume. I like the pixie with a side-swept fringe and the top shorter bits 'volumised' to show the different layers.

Styling Products for Short Hair

Here are a couple of styling products you can use to shape and perfect your short-layered haircut.

Styling Mud is very similar to the rock wax, but with a more flexible hold making it easier to style.

Matte Rock Wax can help you achieve a matte look that is grease and shine-free. This is more so for the rough and edgier styling like with your spiked pixie.

You can shop a wide range of hair styling products with AMR and get delivery anywhere in Australia.

Life is Short - Have Fun with Your Hair

Whichever short hairstyle you choose to style your hair, we are sure that you will look beautiful. We hope you enjoyed all the suggestions and even potentially be bold enough to try the added colour to the hair.

Life is too short for boring hair!

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