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A Beauty Writer Tries the TikTok Curl Trend: Davroe Haircare Review

Jun 27, 2022Scott Peers

Online trends are a whirlwind. Fast fashion fills second-hand stores in weeks, and novelty beauty items collect dust in drawers. Yet, one haircare craze has done the impossible. Since the start of this decade, people have been obsessed with a styling technique known as the curly-girl method. The trend involves people discovering their hair is actually curly!

As someone with naturally wavy hair, the transformations on the video-sharing app TikTok were fascinating. And as I sunk into a TikTok spiral, I realised there were no complicated tricks or gimmicks. The main idea was to use quality curly hair care. I was eager to test the curly-girl method, and when I was offered a chance to review the respected Davroe range, I jumped at the chance.



Follow along as I test the popular trend using four Davroe products: Curl Creme Definer, CURLiCUE Curl Balm, Scalp Remedy Shampoo and Luxe Leave In Masque. Will I achieve a classic TikTok hair transformation and perfect curls? Let's hope so. 

Is Davroe A Good Brand?

Before we dive into the Davroe review, it's worth studying the brand behind the curtain. Davroe is an Australian company, and they're guided by three core principles. Their products use natural ingredients, and their brand is sensitive to environmental effects. They're also vegan. This has become a fashionable claim amongst beauty brands, but Davroe avoided animal products before it was widespread. They've been vegan for thirty years, in fact!

Davroe products do not contain nasties like sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals. Instead, there are additions like grape seed extract, olive leaf extract and Kakadu plum to name just a few. These ingredients work together for colour protection, shine and longevity. As if Davroe couldn't be alluring enough, they're also cruelty-free.

Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo Review

Shampoos are one of the staples of any bathroom, so it made sense to review Davroe shampoo first. It turns out this isn't any ordinary hair cleanser, though. Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo specifically targets flaky, irritated scalps. One of the core ingredients is aloe vera (which soothes, cleanses and purifies). Rice and quinoa are also fundamental (interesting additions that protect and hydrate).

Full disclosure: I don't suffer from dandruff or scalp irritations. However, I wanted to try the product out of curiosity, and I enlisted the help of my father who has decades of experience with dandruff.

First Impressions of Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo

The packaging of Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo oozes luxury. The 325ml bottle seems curiously large, and the sharp angles and muted grey colouring emit a futuristic vibe. It undoubtedly looks snazzier than most grocery stores or bulk options.

Of the four products I received, the container was my favourite. The liquid could be effortlessly squeezed out, and those blunt angles meant less chance of the bottle slipping! There were no tricky seals or complicated twisting. I simply pressed one side of the lid to pop it open. Inside, there was a pleasant peppermint scent. For busy salons, this packaging is a boon. No scrambling to open shampoo as your client lies in the washbowl!

Directions & Care Instructions

As you would expect, this shampoo is applied like any other. The only stipulation is to leave it on for 2-5 minutes. So, I followed these instructions but also combed the product through. It's part of my usual routine as my hair is quite thick, and the comb helps to distribute the product evenly. When I applied the product, the shampoo felt soothing on my scalp. There was no unpleasant reaction, and the product washed out easily. I used my usual conditioner afterwards.

The Results

After drying my hair with a blow dryer, the outcome was revealed. My hair had transformed. Its parched appearance had been banished in favour of fresher locks, and I could practically feel my scalp glowing, too.

My father had an even better appraisal (and he's not exactly a haircare enthusiast). Suffering from an itchy scalp his whole life, he struggled to find products that actually worked. Yet, he spent several minutes raving about how clean his hair felt after using Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo. Most importantly, his dandruff was gone.

It sounds like Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo was a resounding success!

Davroe Scalp Remedy shampoo before and after

I Love This Product Because¦

  • The packaging is unique, and it looks great on the shelf.
  • The bottle opened smoothly with just one press.
  • There are no complicated instructions. Simply apply to wet hair for 2-5 minutes and wash out.
  • The promised results are accomplished with just one use.
  • A pleasant peppermint scent.
  • You can feel the difference.
  • Prevents scalp itchiness.
  • Removes dandruff and flakiness.
  • Around $20 - so affordable!

I Disliked This Product Because¦

  • If too much product is used, excessive foam is produced. This can be a bit messy, although it's washed away readily.

Davroe Luxe Leave-In Masque Review

I'm a massive fan of hair masques. As someone with dry and frizzy hair, they are lifesavers, which was why I was buzzing to try Davroe Luxe Leave In Masque. The product claims to protect from fading colour and UV rays. For water lovers, the masque shields against salt, wind and chlorine.

Protection wasn't the only promise, though. The label pledges hair will become softer, tamer and more hydrated.

The 'leave in' aspect was also intriguing. Usually, hair masques are accompanied by complicated instructions and a lengthy application process. Could a hair masque really be so simple? Let's find out more about Davroe Luxe Leave-In Masque together.

First Impressions of Davroe Luxe Leave-In Masque

Although the masque packaging wasn't as enthralling compared to Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo, it did strike me as practical. The mauve tube squeezes easily into the hand, and the contents have a pleasant plum-like aroma. it's a subtle addition to any bathroom or salon.

Directions & Care Instructions

One of the most interesting aspects of Davroe Luxe Leave-In Masque is the simple set of instructions. You can distribute a small amount to wet or dry hair. Then, you leave it in. Is it me, or does that sound too easy?

I applied a strawberry-sized blob to my dry hair and combed it through with my fingers. I quickly realised trying to evenly disperse the masque with my fingers was too difficult, so I picked up a brush. This helped spread the product, and the process was completed in minutes.

The Results

Immediately after applying Davroe Luxe Leave-In Masque, I could see (and feel) the results. The frizz and fluff that constantly plagued my hair were gone, and even my flyaways had disappeared. Instead, my hair was smooth and silky. However, one of the benefits I didn't expect was the colour change. My natural hair had become a richer and more vibrant shade. I'm certainly not going to complain about that!

Davroe Luxe Leave in Masque before and after comparison

I Love This Product Because:

  • It has a straightforward, squeezable tube.
  • Only a small amount is needed for immediate results.
  • A leave-in formula for both wet and dry hair.
  • Pleasant plum-like aroma.
  • Takes minutes to apply.
  • Banishes dryness throughout the day.
  • Enhances the colour of hair.
  • Under $20 for a powerful hair masque - yes thanks.

I Disliked This Product Because:

  • Be wary of using too much. The masque can become greasy and heavy if not rationed effectively.

Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm Review

Now for the truly thrilling product: Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm. Will the TikTok curly-girl method work? The product description certainly sounds promising, so let's dive in.

According to the tube, the balm enriches and hydrates hair to create luxurious curls. It even protects against UV rays and heat, including heated styling tools. The key is avocado oil, which promotes growth and shine while taming flyaways. Other superstar ingredients include Kakadu plum and lotus flower extract.

That's what the packaging claims, anyway. Let's see if we can continue the Davroe winning streak.


First Impressions of Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm

Like the Masque, this product has a simple squeezable tube. Inside the moss-green packaging is a creamy liquid that smells like a combination of fruits and flowers. My pet peeve is chemical scents in beauty products, so I adore these lovely fragrances.

Directions & Care Instructions

Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm has the most complicated instructions of the four products. The first step was distributing the product on wet or damp hair using a scrunching motion from root to tip. This is how to create your curls, so I needed to proceed carefully. I was extremely nervous about manually forming curls, but the process wasn't as challenging as I thought.

After watching a few tutorials, I carefully started scrunching and found it was quite fun! I used this method on the main body of my hair and finger curling around my face.

Once the product had dried, I scrunched some more to remove crunchiness.

Davroe Curlicue Curl Balm before and after

The Results

Well, my hair definitely became curlier after using this product! As you can see from the picture, my natural waves had transformed into fuller curls. They looked organic, and several friends begged to know what curling iron I had used. I'd say Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm was a success!

The effects of Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm would be cumulative (as most curly hair products are). Prolonged use will likely result in a more pronounced difference.

I Love This Product Because:

  • The packaging is a simple squeezable tube.
  • The scent is a charming combination of fruit and floral.
  • It's designed for the curly-girl method.
  • Curls look natural and smooth.
  • Easily dissipate crunch.
  • The price is about 20 bucks, which is cheaper than most curly-girl method products.

I Disliked This Product Because:

  • The instructions can be intimidating - especially for first-time users.
  • Applying the product can be time-consuming.

Davroe Curl Creme Definer Review

You might be wondering why I've bothered trying two curly hair products. Well, Davroe CURLiCUE Curl Balm was curly-girl method approved, but Davroe Curl Creme Definer isn't. I'm curious to discover whether any curly hair products are suitable or whether they must be carefully selected.

It'll be interesting to note the effect on my naturally wavy tresses.

Place your bets now, because we're about to find out.

First Impressions of Davroe Curl Creme Definer

This bold and practical packaging is again squeezable, although this time the tube is black. The scent is my least favourite and I would go as far as to say vaguely chemical.

Directions & Care Instructions

Thankfully, this curly hair product is a bit simpler. To begin, I applied a small amount of Davroe Curl Creme Definer to my towel-dried hair. Then, I used a blow dryer for rapid results. Yep, the process is that easy.

The Results

Davroe Curl Creme Definer was the lightest of all the Davroe products. My hair felt clean and fresh after use, although the effects were subtle. The creme emphasised my naturally wavy hair and added further dimensions. it's a product I envision myself slathering on daily since the instructions were so simple!

Davroe Curl Creme Definer before and after

I Love This Product Because:

  • It has a straightforward, squeezable tube.
  • A quick and easy application process.
  • A lightweight, airy feel.
  • Banishes dryness and frizz.
  • Noticeable shine and radiance.
  • Helps define natural curls.
  • About 15 dollarydoos, which is an absurd bargain.

I Disliked This Product Because:

  • It has a faint chemical scent.

So, Is Davroe Haircare Worth Buying?

I think we can all agree that this Davroe review has been worthwhile. All four products were high-end and lovingly crafted. Plus, I adore the company ethos: vegan haircare filled with natural ingredients like grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, rice and even quinoa!

However, brand conduct is almost worthless unless the products actually work. So, I'm happy to report that all four products are successes. The Scalp Remedy Shampoo offered deep cleansing of the hair and scalp, and Luxe Leave In Masque optimised the hair.


Yet, the central question of this review was whether Davroe haircare works for the TikTok curly-girl method. The answer is overwhelmingly yes. I achieved noticeable curls using CURLiCUE Curl Balm, and they looked great! My curls were natural, smooth and not crunchy. Furthermore, Curl Creme Definer emphasised and enhanced my natural waves for a more subtle look.

These two products should be staples for anyone wanting to embrace their natural curls. Overall, though, my favourite product of the four was Davroe Scalp Remedy Shampoo. What can I say? I'm a fan of the bathroom basics. The shampoo is easy to use, smells fantastic and leaves hair with a soft, silky finish. It was also hard not to be influenced by the raving review from my father. If you've tried any of the Davroe range, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

And if you haven't had the chance to try their haircare, choose from over eighty fantastic products.

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