AMR Acquires Roaman toothbrushes, water flosses, toothpaste and towels

AMR Acquires Roaman

Jun 20, 2024Sharnee Rawson

At AMR we are continually striving to offer the best value and best performing hair and beauty brands. 

AMR is pleased to announce that Roaman (best known for electric toothbrushes and water flossers) has been acquired by AMR Hair & Beauty.



The best known stars of the Roaman line-up are Roaman Electric Toothbrushes. These brushes feature a wide range of cleaning modes as well as options for face cleaning and face massage. 

Complementing the electric toothbrushes are Roaman water flossers, which can improve gum health by removing hard-to-reach plaque.



Electric Toothbrushes

Roaman Electric Toothbrushes offer five different cleaning modes. You can choose to clean regularly using the clean mode, whiten using the white mode or nurture in sensitive mode. There are even face cleaning and face massage modes!

The high-tech vibration technology helps give a thorough clean and there is plenty of battery life. You can expect up to 60 days of battery with typical use in sensitive and facial modes or around 72 minutes of use in clean and white modes.

To try these toothbrushes for yourself, check out the eight colours below:

    For children, there are four mini varieties:



      Water Flossers

      Roaman Water Flossers are also a popular option for maintaining gum health.

      Frequent flossing will remove plaque and prevent build-up from forming in the first place. If you struggle with the task of flossing with a string, then a water flosser might be exactly what you need.

      Roaman Water Flossers help you to effortlessly reach every nook and cranny using the power of water.

      Pictured - Roaman Water Flosser (Blue Lagoon)


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