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26 Ash Blonde Hair Ideas: How To Create & Maintain Them

Jan 24, 2024Sharnee Rawson

Have you heard the rumours?

With a soft and silvery sheen, ash blonde hair is an exciting twist on traditional blonde hair. The colour has been topping the charts for the past few years, and celebrities are joining the craze. You might have already seen red carpet looks by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence and Gigi Hadid.

Take a peek at our ideas for ash blonde hair below. You can even learn how to create and maintain your favourites.



How To Create Ash Blonde Hair

Creating ash blonde hair is a long and complex process. Due to the number of steps, we recommend visiting a hairdressing salon rather than attempting a DIY transformation. For professionals, we offer a wide range of Ash Blonde Hair Dyes & Colours.

Here are the steps you can expect in a salon: 

  1. Protect the skin and clothing by covering vulnerable areas. We suggest wearing gloves and putting a towel around the shoulders.

  2. Begin by mixing together bleach and peroxide thoroughly according to the packaging. If hair is naturally light blonde, you may be able to skip this step.

  3. Separate the hair into sections using the tail end of a comb. To avoid confusion, clip up the sections you don't need.

  4. Use an applicator brush to thoroughly apply the bleach mixture to each section of the hair. Once finished, apply a cap over the hair to speed up the process.

  5. Once the hair reaches the correct shade, you can wash away the bleach mixture.

  6. Shampoo, rinse and dry. 

  7. Prepare the ash blonde colour using the instructions on the packaging. Then, apply to sectioned hair. 

  8. After waiting for the colour to settle, wash and dry the hair thoroughly.

  9. Finally, tone your hair with toner or purple shampoo. This will prevent unwanted brassy and yellow tones.

  10. Rinse, and show off your incredible-looking colour.



How To Maintain Ash Blonde Hair 

There's nothing worse than watching hair decline after leaving the salon. Without the proper maintenance routine, you will experience dryness, breakage and damage. 

Thankfully, a few simple steps will maintain your hair before and after your appointment.

  • Remember to apply restorative treatments to create a healthy base. We recommend Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector Treatment to repair, strengthen and protect.

  • Do not wash your hair a few days before bleaching and colouring. This will allow natural oils to accumulate, which offers protection from harsh chemicals.

  • Before and after your appointment, avoid damage from the sun and heated styling. You should also avoid more bleaching and dyeing for as long as possible. 

  • Hydration is sorely needed after going blonde. To prevent extreme dryness, invest in an ultra-hydrating and moisturising mask. Our top pick is Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Coconut & Fig Hair Masque 212ml + Tangle Tamer.

  • Another way to improve the condition of the hair is a bond-building system. Limitless Bond Duo Pack is perfect for professionals, and Davroe Fortitude Bond Building Elixir is perfect for the general public.

  • Finally, use purple shampoo. Applications should be regular to prevent brassy and yellow tones from creeping into the hair. A top pick is 18 in 1 Professional Violet Trio Pack, which offers 18 benefits inside every bottle.


26 Ideas For Ash Blonde Hair Colour

Most people visualise one colour when thinking about ash blonde. There are actually plenty of different combinations you can explore. From ombre to shadow roots, you will certainly find inspiration for your next transformation.

Let's dive into the twenty-six possibilities for ash blonde hair.



1. Light Ash Blonde

The popularity of this wintery shade has rocketed into popularity over the past decade, especially since Daenerys Targaryen debuted those signature waves on Game of Thrones.

Anyone with cool-toned skin will suit light ash blonde. Simply check for blue veins in your wrist to confirm whether you have a cooler complexion. If you want to continue with the transformation, keep in mind most people need multiple salon sessions to lighten their hair to this extreme level.




2. Medium Ash Blonde

If light ash blonde is too dramatic, what about this shade? Medium ash blonde has the "wow factor" without needing massive amounts of bleach.




3. Dark Ash Blonde

Dark ash blonde is perfect for anyone with a black or brown base. The darkness adds dimension to the hair and makes the lighter areas stand out, which creates a fuller appearance.




4. Balayage

Foils are the most common technique when adding blonde to the hair. However, there is another option if you prefer a blended and natural-looking result.

Balayage involves painting the hair in sweeping strokes. The roots are usually avoided, which means balayage requires less maintenance than foils. As a result, there is less stress about regrowth.




5. Ash Blonde Hair With Light Money Pieces

To add modern finesse, explore a few lighter money pieces. These have a surprising amount of impact and draw attention to your face.

For even greater effect, we recommend an updo with the money pieces down.




6. Dark Hair With Light Money Pieces

Are you reluctant to completely transform your dark hair? One solution is adding two money pieces around your face. These provide a taste of ash blonde hair without the full commitment. They look incredible too!




 7. Braids

Braids are impressive, but ash blonde takes them to the next level.

Whether you use natural hair or extensions, the result will turn heads for all the right reasons.




 8. Dreadlocks

Another distinctive hairstyle is dreadlocks  also known as dreads or locs. These are formed by twisting, tangling or matting. The density of the hair means maintaining any type of artificial colour is challenging. However, it is not impossible.




9. Ash Blonde Curly Hair

There's no reason curls can't be added to this list. Just keep in mind this texture needs extreme hydration and moisturisation to prevent dryness, especially after bleaching. We recommend Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner.

A head full of silvery curls will certainly make an impression when you walk into a room.



10. Subtle Ash Blonde Highlights

Subtle highlights are one of the heavyweight champions of ash blonde hair.

Just a few streaks in the correct locations will make your hair glow, especially when the sun shines overhead.




11. Subtle Ash Blonde Highlights On Curly Hair

Like straight hair, you can add highlights to curls.

This is healthier than a full head of highlights because there is less chance of dryness, breakage and damage. 




12. Shadow Roots

To worry less about touch ups, consider shadow roots.

This technique describes dark roots and lighter mids to ends. These are blended seamlessly without sharp contrast between them. The result is a low-maintenance stunner.




13. Two Tone Ombre

Take shadow roots to the next level with an ombre. The top half of the hair is darker, and the bottom half is ash blonde. You can reverse these colours or choose new ones. The choice is all yours.




 14. Three Toned Ombre

Explore three different colours with three toned ombre. We recommend dark roots, rich caramel middles and ash blonde ends. Like the two toned version, you can change these to suit your needs.




15. Creamy Ash Blonde

Have you ever seen anything like this?

To create creamy ash blonde, you need to blend different brunette and blonde shades together. There will be a slight ombre effect with less sharp contrast between the shades.




16. Strawberry Blonde With Ash Blonde Highlights

As if strawberry blonde wasn't already stunning, you can add highlights. These will make the base colour glow more than usual.




17. Red Hair With Ash Blonde Highlights

There is no need to miss highlights if you have deep red hair. To avoid a streaky and stripy appearance, concentrate on lightening the ends of the hair. This will create the look of a warm and cosy fireplace.



18. Ash Blonde With Black Highlights

Did you know highlights don't need to be blonde?

To create this fascinating style, we recommend building an ashy base and adding touches of black. You can also switch the black to another colour if you prefer.




 19. Black Hair With Ash Blonde Highlights

What about the opposite of the previous style?

We want to introduce black hair with ash blonde highlights. Make sure you add lighter colour carefully to prevent the appearance of aging, especially in older women.




20. Split

In the past few years, this eccentric style has exploded on social media. 

Split involves adding a different colour to either side of the hair. One of the most distinctive options is half black and half ash blonde. You can also modify the combinations to suit your needs.




21. Piebald

You might be surprised to hear piebald was inspired by the patterns of horses. As this is one of the most interesting hairstyles on the market, make sure your hairdresser studies carefully beforehand. This will prevent a patchy or splotchy appearance.



22. Violet Ash Blonde

To create this subtle colour, start with a base of ash blonde. The next step is adding a small amount of violet dye to the hair. This creates the combination of silver and purple in the above image.



23. Pink Ash Blonde

Like the violet version, you can add pink tones to the hair with ease. Simply adjust the amount of dye based on the level of brilliance and vibrancy you need.




24. Coloured Edges

If you can't decide between blonde and bright colours, why not combine them both?

While the picture has orange edges, you can choose from either black, white, blue, pink, purple, green or more. Keep in mind this hairstyle looks particularly impactful with a fringe.



25. Underdye

Take coloured edges to the next level. Underdye means the layers on top and underneath are completely different colours. You can switch them as needed, although black and blonde certainly pack a punch.




26. Ash Blonde Brows

While most people choose to darken their brows, some trendsetters are doing the opposite. Lightening the brows certainly creates an intriguing appearance, especially when paired with lighter hair. 


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ash Blonde Hair Look Grey?

Although ash blonde looks similar to grey hair, the result is completely customisable. It is easy to boost greyness with extra toner or reduce greyness with less toner.

The final look is completely your decision.


What Skin Tone Looks Good With Ash Blonde Hair?

Ash blonde hair perfectly suits cool undertones. Many people think this means only people with pale skin can wear this style, but this isn't the case.

Undertones describe the colour underneath the skin, such as pink, blue, yellow, golden and neutral. This means even the darkest skin can have those glorious cool undertones. 


Is Ash Blonde Hair Hard To Maintain?

Although maintenance looks complicated, you shouldn't worry.

You only need to use specialised haircare products a few times per week. To stay organised, we suggest creating a schedule in your online calendar.

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