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Eleven Hair Products: The Guide To Picking The Perfect Treatment

Jul 07, 2021Rachael Grant

If you are still familiarising yourself with the brand Eleven, it's an Aussie-made haircare line with products for specific hair concerns.

The current Co-creative director is the hairdresser of the year four times in the running Joey Scandizzo and Australian Photographer of the Year, Andrew O’Toole.

How Eleven Hair Care Products Began

The founders noticed a gap in the market for a product that embodies the Australian lifestyle and manages to do as it promises. That's when they decided the world needed Eleven hair products!

Since they've brought the product range to life, it's making waves in the hair and beauty industry. If you're a salon owner, you probably have clients ask for it daily. If you're not a hairdresser though, finding the right product can be a daunting experience.

Even as a hairdresser, you deal with so many products, it can be hard to give the best recommendation. So, we've pulled together an all-you-need-to-know guide about selecting the perfect Eleven treatment for you (or your client)!

Eleven Hair Products - Brand Overview

Okay, so we've briefly mentioned a bit about the founders, but haven't really delved into the brand and why it's getting so many great reviews. Here are some of the key takeaways you should know:
  • The brand was established in 2011 and uses quality sourced ingredients that are proven to work on most hair types.
  • Made using sustainable ingredients and with recycling and environmental concerns taken into consideration for the packaging
  • PETA approved
  • Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free on most products
  • Stocked across more than 700 salons!
  • Quality & ethical manufacturing processes
  • The brand donates to charities excessively!

There are plenty of other reasons to love them which you'll learn to uncover as you go. These are just some of the reasons why the brand is so popular in just a quick snapshot.

No matter how good a brand is though if you don't find the right product to treat the right concern, you're just pouring money into the drain, literally.


Identifying a Hair Concern

This is the most important step in finding the right product. Firstly, you need to ask yourself (or your clients) what they want to achieve using shampoo and treatment.

Is your hair too oily? Do you want to reduce residue on the scalp? Or perhaps you are wanting more volume? These are some of the most common hair concerns people have:

  • Blonde treatment: Blondes pay a heck of a lot for their hair, they want to preserve that colour as long as possible!
  • Colour retention: Dull and lifeless are not words people want to be used to describe their freshly done hair!
  • Oily scalp: Excess oils cause the scalp and hair to appear wet, not a great look when you've washed your hair only a few hours ago!
  • Dry coarse hair: Soft, subtle & shiny are describing words we want to hear instead. Eleven wants to fix dry hair!
  • Retain curl definition: We want to say goodbye to flat or frizzy and hello to healthy and tight locks!
  • Split ends: Hair breakage? Can we just not even have this issue anymore?
  • Dry and flaky scalp: Itchy & lack of moisture are common ways to describe the concern.
  • Frizz control: Hello, smooth operator. Frizz? No, I haven't seen frizz lately!
  • Volume: We want bouncy, we want shiny, we want it now!

So there are so many different reasons why a person wants good hair products. Eleven really has their formula down pat, with the end-user in mind. While the miracle treatment can solve many of these concerns, below you'll find our top recommendations for combating these issues.


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Our Eleven Australia Product Recommendations

Okay, so we all want the perfect hair. Now we've identified our flaws, we are able to come to a conclusion about what to use to solve them. We are going to offer our Eleven Australia hair product recommendations but also include some alternatives too.

Blonde Treatments

Remove brassy tones from your hair and help preserve the colour longer by using a good shampoo and conditioner. It's important to ensure that the product you use has moisturising qualities to prevent additional damage to the hair. These recommendations meet our standards for both quality and price.

Eleven: Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo & Keep My Colour Blonde Treatment

Alternatives: Dumb Blonde Duo Pack or Fanola No Yellow Shampoo 

Colour Retention

Keeping the salon-quality colour can be tough without the right tools. That's why at-home maintenance is so important. Poor-quality products will strip pigment from the hair and will leave you looking dull and lifeless. These products, however, won't.

Eleven: Miracle Hair Mask

Alternatives: For really vibrant colours, use a colour mask!

Oily Scalp

Using a good shampoo and conditioner can help reduce the oils in the hair, especially with a good routine. We say shampoo twice and condition once to get the best results from products. It's just as important to educate clients, especially those who suffer as a result.

Eleven: Elevens Deep Clean Shampoo range is really ideal for those looking to remove excess oils from the hair!

Alternatives: If you suffer from an oily scalp, you can't pass 18 in 1 Detox Trio Pack! It has everything you need to stop oily roots while maintaining the hair's integrity. You'll notice the shampoo is great for removing excess oils with the charcoal extract. Moisture is then replenished with the conditioner and mask.

Additional Hair Concern Recommendations

Dry Hair & Split Ends

Dry hair can often make your hair look like a bird's nest if we're putting it politely. You'll notice it worsens at different times of the year or after colour treatments. More often than not, it can be solved by adding moisture back into the hair and hydrating the hair follicles. You may find a shampoo and conditioner that won't be enough for some hair types, you may need a little extra frizz control too!

Eleven: Moisture Shampoo & Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner

Alternatives: Be Hair Split Ends Fluid or for dry hair, a reconstructing mask, like Fanolas Nutri-care range or the Fanola Split End Cream


Curl Retention

Keeping curls in the perfect shape isn't an easy task! The makeup of curly hair is different to that of someone with straight hair, so therefore, specialised formulas are needed. You'll need a product that reduces frizz and holds shape!

Eleven: Keep My Curl Defining Cream

Alternatives: Moroccanoil Curl Cream or Design Me Curl Balm

Dry, Itchy Scalp

A dry and flaky scalp is a common issue that often involves a specialised treatment to cure. We'd be lying if we said that Eleven has a dedicated product for dandruff, but it does offer some solutions for soothing!

Eleven: Deep Clean Shampoo

Alternatives: Natural Look Anti Dandruff Shampoo or Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment

Volume Boost

Not everyone is blessed with thick hair that's filled with volume. Some of us need a boost to turn limp hair into luscious!

Eleven: I Want Body Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. The super lightweight formula helps to thicken the hair while volumising the cuticle. They also offer foam powder and texture spray for those needing a little extra oomph!

Alternatives: Inebrya Volume Shampoo is a great product to use behind the basin of a salon or suitable to sell to clients with education for best results. Nak volume shampoo is another light formula that will enhance & boost volume!

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Styling Products From Eleven

Not everything can be solved with a terrific shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes you need help styling your hair when going out, or a little extra aid. Consider offering these as part of your service or adding them to your home styling kit. Some of the best styling items from Eleven include:
  • Hairspray in flexible-hold
  • Glossing sprays & Shine serums
  • Frizz control cream
  • Detangling spray
  • Sea salt texture spray & finish texture spray
  • Dry shampoo volume paste and spray
  • Body texture spray & body volume foam
  • Curl creams
  • Styling clays & pomades in extra hold, medium hold, slick and texturised
  • Miracle treatment - All in one
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