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Everything You Need To Know About Goldwell Hair Colour

Jun 13, 2021Scott Peers

If you're a hairdresser, you know how difficult it can be to select the right product for your clients. Each colouring system can be different from the next, and results commonly vary.

So when it comes to selecting a brand to work with, you may be stuck. Goldwell is a highly reputable brand that's well-established. Plenty of research and development has gone into their products, to make one of the best in the industry.


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How & Where Did Goldwell Hair Colour & Products Begin?

The Goldwell brand has been a well-known name amongst salons for the past few decades. It was started in 1920 by Hans Erich Dotter. While he didn't have a background or connections to hairdressing, he saw an opportunity.

Hans put a strong focus over the years on developing industry-leading products. He created his own chemical factory a few years later and created his own product lines.

The Goldwell brand began to expand and before long, products started moving away from Germany, into an international market.

It wasn't long after that, that Goldwell hair colours started to become available in new lines. Topchic, Colourance and other professional colouring lines were released. In more recent decades Goldwell has used special computer technologies to formulate colours and assist hairdressers in achieving hair goals.

In around 2012, Goldwell started to pivot its product range to target stylists. They've since started to put a strong emphasis on styling products, but will always still have hairdressers top of mind.

Why Use Goldwell?

So, why should you use Goldwell hair colours?

Firstly, they're well-researched. They offer a range of products that constantly undergo testing to better the product performance and they offer incredible colours. Deeps reds and rich browns are some of the most popular choices among hairdressers.

Secondly, they offer a lot of support and training. Sales reps, education centres and online classes are just some of the ways you can expect to up-skill with Goldwell hair colour.

Furthermore, Goldwell products are at an affordable price point. While they still aren't as cheap as some of the other products AMR stocks, they are reasonably affordable. Customers will feel better paying a little more for your services too if they know you are using a reputable brand.

Goldwell has put a great deal of time into growing its business and is well-recognised in the community.

Goldwell Colourance

The Colourance range is Goldwells demi dye hair colours. It's very rare to find a colour range that both colours and repairs your hair at the same time. Special patented formulas help achieve the perfect results, time after time. This range is recommended for those who are looking for something less damaging to the hair and adds shine too.

You have the ability to get creative with colours! Select from pastel hues to vibrant tones, or go for an enriching colour too.

Stylists that use this range report that their client's hair feels healthier in comparison to other brands. Additionally, vibrant reflection is up to 90 % shinier on virgin hair.

While it does still have the potential to offer grey coverage, it will only be about 50% effective in comparison to the Topchic range.

Goldwell Topchic

1974 was the year when the Topchic permanent colour range came to life. Today, this line is going strong and very popular amongst hairdressers. One of the appeals is the long-lasting pigment of the formula. Additionally, the price point is affordable and offers 100% grey coverage. For this reason, we'd recommend this product for your older clients who want a permanent colour.

You'll also love the even coverage that they promise. They guarantee your hair will be full of dimensions and full of life. You can even get creative with the colour application too!

The traditional application method is possible, by mixing tubes into a bowl, or you can opt for a can. The cans are loved by many professionals over the USA, as they are easy to hold. This means you can colour your way!


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Other colour options by Goldwell include Elumen & Nectaya (permanent), Elumen, Men Reshade & Soft Colour (Demi/Semi-permanent) and the Silklift & Oxycur lighteners.

Other popular products are their haircare lines and styling too!

Goldwell Hair Care Products

There are three prominent sub-brands in the Goldwell haircare product range. They are Elixir, Dualsenses & Kerasilk which are all very well-known. Each range slightly varies and offers more specialised treatments.

One of our favourites to suggest to clients is the Kerasilk range. This line is made specifically to help reduce aging in the hair. It allows for long-lasting scalp revitalisation. You can also get specialised products that help to target colour protection, and reconstruction of hair follicles and volume.

Products in the Kerasilk range include:

Dualsenses is also a perfect salon choice for clients who are wanting colour preservation. The ingredients are made to help seal and lock in the colour, so clients are able to go longer between salon visits. While having them visit less frequently sounds counterintuitive, having repeat customers is better than them thinking the colour service was poor when it was in fact their aftercare.

Products in the Dualsenses range include:

Goldwell Hair Styling Products

As mentioned earlier, the company started to shift its product range to cater more towards stylists. The Goldwell hair colours are already great, so they looked to other areas to perfect. This led them to hair styling!

Let's be honest, women need quality styling products in their lives. If you think about it, we use them for the most important moments of our lives. Birthdays, dates, formals, graduations and weddings!

These are just some of the times in your life when you want your hair to look perfect and remain long-lasting. Goldwell understood that there was this need, so they put their energy into these lines. Some of the styling products include:

  • Hairsprays
  • Mouses
  • Styling foams
  • Flyaway prevention
  • Heat protection

These are just some of the options on offer. A couple of reasons the Goldwell Styling Products are popular is because the items are made with quality ingredients that don't harm or compromise hair.

Furthermore, they also offer a great deal of hold. This means you'll be able to get through your wedding day without the curls dropping too much.

We'd love to know what some of your favourite Goldwell hair colours and products are. Comment below or tag us on Instagram. We can't wait to see what you created!

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