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Fanola Shampoo Reviews

May 21, 2019Samantha Bun

When it comes to maintaining salon-worthy hair colour, Fanola shampoos have built a reputation as reliable solutions for those battling unwanted brassy tones in light brown to dark blonde hair.

Whether you're a seasoned colour enthusiast or new to toning, Fanola shampoos can be your ally in the battle against brassiness. In this article, we will have an in-depth look at No Yellow and No Orange shampoos.

What is Fanola No Orange Shampoo? 

No Orange Shampoo is the perfect toning solution for combating and counteracting unwanted brassy tones in light brown to dark blonde hair, or "blorange". This will be most effective on hair that is a level 8 and up and will help to neutralise those orange tones.


Fanola hair products


Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Mask Duo

The Effect and Result

No Orange Shampoo utilises blue pigment to tone orange out of hair, much like violet pigment is used to tone yellow hair. The result is toning the orange parts of hair to a cooler result.

What Concerns Do People Have About No Orange? 

1. Does it work?

For best results, this toning shampoo is best for hair that is level 8 and up. Most people put it on their hair expecting it to magically eradicate orange tones and look like a flawless Instagram picture. However, if your hair is below a level 8, the pigment in this shampoo will not be strong enough to be effective. You are better off visiting your professional hairdresser for a toner application.

What we found is that results might not show instantly but could gradually build up with prolonged use. This, of course, depends on the duration and frequency of use. No Orange Shampoo can be left on for 5 minutes or up to 20 minutes depending on the brassiness of your hair. It is recommended to use this toning shampoo once a week. It may be worth it to use for up to 4 weeks before seeing results and whether it works on your hair.

The pigment deposited will eventually build up, producing a better colour result. You will have to test it out to see what achieves the best result for you.

2. What if my hair turns blue?

You may notice the formula is super pigmented and could even turn your fingers blue, so try wearing gloves upon application. It is not a direct dye so your hair won't turn blue unless your hair is a high level 10 or so.

The result could be ashy or blue, but this won't last very long as the pigment only lasts for a few washes. Not to worry!

3. Will it dry out my hair?

As with most toning shampoos, the No Orange Shampoo formula can be a bit drying on the hair because it does contain a bit of sulphate.

This is why it is made to pair with a No Orange Mask; to restore moisture into the hair and seal it off whilst further toning the hair.


There is no question that Fanola No Yellow is one of the best toning shampoos on the market with high violet pigment content to eliminate unwanted yellow tones. It is only normal that consumers would want to compare the results, however, they both perform completely different results.

In fact, you can even combine the two forces if your hair is reflecting both orange and yellow tones! It is best first to apply No Yellow to counteract yellow tones and then apply No Orange to counteract orange tones. The result is a beautiful icy cool result on a level 9 and above blondie.

If you aren't sure which shampoo you should be using, read our ultimate guide to blonde hair to see what's best suited for you. Learning about the colour wheel for your hair will also give you a good indication of the colour bases you should be using.

Fanola is most known for its No Yellow purple shampoo for blonde hair to eradicate those nasty unwanted yellow reflections and tones. It is a known fact that purple is the perfect combatant for yellow, based on the colour wheel principles. Science can't lie!

So, what is the opposite of orange on the colour wheel? Blue!

If you are looking to combat and counteract brassy orange tones in your light brown to dark blonde hair, Fanola has developed an effective solution for you: No Orange Shampoo and Mask. It is perfect to prevent brunettes and dark blondes from fading warm and brassy in between colour appointments.

How to Use No Orange Shampoo and Mask 

Step 1: Shampoo


Fanola no orange shampoo bottle


Fanola No Orange Shampoo

Simply apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage. Leave it in for 1-5 minutes to process, then lather and rinse. The first wash will open the cuticle, lift and remove dirt. It is recommended to repeat this process again for the product to penetrate the hair cuticle, further tone and work its magic.

Pro Tip

For a more intense result on strong orange tones, apply to dry hair and leave for up to 15 minutes. It is recommended to wear gloves during application to avoid staining as the blue pigment may temporarily stain your skin.

Step 2: Mask


Fanola no orange mask bottle


Fanola No Orange Mask

The next step is to seal the cuticle and add nourishment. The blue mask continues this process of toning while simultaneously detangling, nourishing and hydrating hair. Its rich, concentrated formula leaves the hair extraordinarily soft and glossy. Apply the product to the lengths and ends of towel-dried hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it carefully.

A Little Precaution

When used on overbleached, porous and sensitised hair, No Orange Shampoo can overtone and give a blue result. If you haven't consulted a hairdresser about using No Orange Shampoo on your hair before purchase, we advise you to perform a test strand on your hair to ensure it gives you the desired result.

Hot Tips for Hairdressers

Pre-toning with No Orange 

Fanola's No Orange Shampoo is fantastic for pre-toning at the basin. This basically enables you a cleaner canvas to neutralise unwanted orange and brassiness before applying the toner.

For instance, if you want to create a soft caramel, No Orange can be used to counteract the orange undertones beforehand. This ensures that the undertones won't affect the result of your colour, eliminating the need to colour-correct afterwards.

Here are some simple steps to pre-tone with No Orange in the basin:

  1. After lifting to the desired level, rinse out the lightener
  2. Apply No Orange Shampoo to slightly towel-dried hair
  3. Process for 2-10 minutes depending on the desired amount of toning
  4. Lather and then rinse
  5. Towel dry and apply the desired toner

Mixing with No Yellow 

Also, No Orange can also be mixed in with No Yellow to counteract orange-yellow tones. This makes for a beautiful icy cool result on a blonde 9 and above.


The perk of having No Orange in your salon is that you can upsell to clients with brunette and "bronde" hair to keep their hair cool between appointments.

AMR is the only exclusive distributor of Fanola No Orange Shampoo in Australia. Luxurious results that are also cruelty-free!

Get your hands on No Orange Shampoo for the best results on your hair today. 

No Yellow Shampoo Review

Those of you with blonde-coloured or bleached hair know the importance of having a violet shampoo that works. Stumbling upon the right product is like finding the holy grail. It means having salon-fresh-looking blonde hair for weeks after a professional service.

Fanola No Yellow is one of the strongest toning shampoos on the market.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo 1000ml

No Yellow Shampoo

What is No Yellow Shampoo?

Fanola No Yellow is a blonde toning shampoo that deposits violet pigment to reduce unwanted yellow tones in blonde or streaked hair. It is most effective on hair that is level 9 and up.

The Effect and Result

No Yellow's strong violet pigment counteracts any unwanted yellow tones in the hair. As a result, it neutralises the yellow and reflects a cooler tone.

What Concerns Are There with No Yellow

1. Will it make my hair purple?

The simple answer to that is no - unless your hair is a level 10 or above and you leave it on for too long. In this case, it will fade in a matter of days as it is not a permanent colour.

The acid violet dye used in No Yellow is a strong pigment, enough to stain your hands which is why it is recommended to wear gloves on application. However, it is not strong enough to actually your dye hair, just enough to achieve a toning effect on the hair.

2. Does No Yellow work?

Absolutely! It will tone your blonde and highlights, making the effect a cooler more even tone. If the result isn't evident, it could be that you need to leave it on a bit longer. You can also try toning twice a week for up to a month to achieve optimal results.

If you are not noticing a difference, it could also be that your hair isn't at the right level for No Yellow to work. Your hair needs to be a level 9 and above for the most effective toning. If there are orange or brassy tones in your hair, you will need to use No Orange. Learn which colour-based shampoo is best for your hair by viewing the colour wheel explanation.

3. Will it make my hair dry?

Any shampoos with sulphates can be drying on your hair. This is why Fanola No Yellow is recommended for use in accompaniment with the No Yellow Mask. The mask will restore hydration and seal the hair, leaving it silkier and shinier while further toning. If you are looking for a less drying formula, then you can always opt for the new vegan version of No Yellow which is sulphate-free.

Compared to No Orange

No Orange is a blue-pigmented formula that is effective for eliminating orange in dark blonde hair, while No Yellow counteracts yellow tones in lighter blonde hair. The two can be used together for clients who want to eliminate both tones in their hair. You can learn more about colour depositing shampoo to see how it can help your hair to pick the right product for your hair. 

Compared to Vegan

Comparing the No Yellow shampoo against its vegan counterpart is an obvious difference. The vegan shampoo starts at a higher price point but the quality of the product is so different from the original shampoo.

Ingredients found in the new formula do not contain sulphate, salt or parabens, which means your hair is less likely to dry out. Dry hair after constant use was a known problem in the original formula which is why Fanola decided to make a change. In addition to the better quality ingredients, the smell is fresh and sweet!

If you want to strengthen your hair but still receive the same colour results as the original, we'd recommend spending a little extra and trying the vegan range, you won't be disappointed. If you are price-conscious, stick to the original and just invest in a good moisturising mask.

Fanola No Yellow VEGAN Shampoo & Mask

No Yellow is known for its powerful blonde toning capabilities. Violet shampoo neutralises unwanted yellow tones in blonde, bleached or highlighted hair, achieving a cooler and ashier reflection. It is an excellent "in the basin" or "between salon visit" toner to keep your blonde looking salon fresh.

Fanola's toning power comes from professional-grade Acid Violet Dye that is designed for hair colour and toning. The results are therefore stronger and last up to 8 washes.

Below is the result on model Bethany's hair just after one wash. Impressive!

Rear view - lady with blonde hair before and after using Fanola shampoo

Major improvements in No Yellow VEGAN Sulphate Free

Fanola has listened to all your concerns and has come up with a new solution to give you the perfect No Yellow formula. This new No Yellow is sulphate, silicone and paraben-free, making it gentler and safer on the scalp. It's also free of animal products and free of animal cruelty, with tight EU regulations on animal testing.

The original formula contains Hydrolysed Silk Protein which has the amino acid Cysteine that helps create keratin and improves hair elasticity. The only thing is that it isn't vegan since it is extracted from silkworms.

The new formula has replaced this ingredient with Baobab Seed Oil, also known as the "Tree of Life", rich in essential vitamins and Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids. Baobab penetrates deeply into the hair follicle, adding moisture and improving hair elasticity.

This ingredient is often likened to Argan Oil because it reaps of the same benefits but is much lighter in consistency and doesn't weigh your hair down.

Without the added sulphate, this New No Yellow is still nourishing on hair for people who want a sulphate free shampoo. Sulphate is a surfactant used in many shampoos to create that rich lather effect. It loosens the grease and sebum in hair which effectively cleanses. It can also be a bit drying, but this means that it helps hair absorb more of the violet pigment and achieve that deep toning effect.

What you'll find with the VEGAN is that it is a lot gentler and more nourishing because it has no surfactant sulphate, but it is still as effective in toning and won't give you that overtone effect. It also reduces risk of skin irritation to those who are sensitive to the ingredient.

So Why No Silicones or Parabens? 

Silicone is a major ingredient used in hair care products that helps to retain moisture by layering hair with a protective coating. It's what gives your hair that final shiny reflection. However, overuse can create a build-up on your hair and potential environmental impact as this ingredient does not easily break down.

Paraben is a chemical that extends the shelf life of products by preventing the growth of bacteria. While they have been used in beauty products for decades, there have been growing concerns that link the hormone estrogen in parabens to cancer. Studies are still inconclusive in this matter, however, the removal of parabens can help those with sensitivity or irritation as a result of parabens.

Not only is this formula free of nasties, but it also has a delicious blueberry scent that will leave your hair smelling divine!

How to Use No Yellow VEGAN 

It is a 2-Step Process:

  1. Apply No Yellow VEGAN Shampoo on your hair for the first wash. This will help lift and remove any grease and grime from your hair and scalp. On the second shampoo application, leave it on for 10-20 minutes to achieve the desired toning result. Rinse thoroughly.

  2. On damp hair, apply No Yellow VEGAN Mask for further toning and added nourishment. The mask has a lighter pigment so it will still tone while it conditions hair and seals the cuticle. Leave this on for an additional 10-20 minutes and rinse off.

Wear protective gloves if you are worried about the product staining your fingers. 


Vegan No Yellow Pack


Vegan No Yellow Shampoo & Vegan No Yellow Mask

The Verdict

In a recent product test, Fanola's No Yellow Shampoos did produce a strong result, but similar products we tested made by 18 in 1 produced even better results.

See this article on how to use 18 in 1 if you'd like additional information.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below about our No Yellow shampoo review. Tell us what your favourite shampoos for coloured hair are! 

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