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Get Festival Ready With Creative Hairstyles & Makeup Ideas

Aug 30, 2018Sharnee Rawson

As summer starts to sizzle, you can get excited for festival season. The new year certainly brings more outrageous hair and makeup trends each time. If you're wondering how to get ready for your favourite events, we have the answers. 

Follow along as we reveal the greatest festival hairstyles, hair colours, makeup, carnival hairstyles and carnival makeup. You will not be lacking inspiration after reading the lists below. 



Types Of Festival Hairstyles

Space Buns

Do you want to look out of this world? Well, now you can be in these space buns. This is the perfect hairstyle for gals who are messy and want to keep their hair out of the festival craziness. 


Colour Extension Braids

Instead of ordinary braids, you can try colour extension braids woven with bright synthetic colours.   


Top Knots 

The top knot has not gone out of style. You can easily add a straight or wavy look, especially if you are creative with the way you part your hair.


Hair Piercings

Who said piercings are just for the body? They can be for hair too! Add awesome hair piercings in gold or silver to bling up your braids.


Glitter Hair

Every girl loves her glitter. Sparkle and shine with some glitter on your roots. If possible, make sure to get biodegradable glitter to save marine life from eating the harmful micro-plastic.


Military Hats

Don't be basic. Instead, bling your hair up with military hats adorned with rhinestones and everything that sparkles. 



Why go through the trouble of tormenting your hair when you can just wear a wig? This is a good solution for anyone not wanting to change hair colour or style, but they want to be someone else for the day.


Flower Crowns 

A bedazzled and glorious flower crown is always a favourite during festivals. It's a great way to step away from the ordinary and towards the extraordinary.



Types Of Festival Hair Colours

Are you looking for hair colour inspiration for your next festival? We have found out-of-this-world shades to let you stand out from the crowd. You can fill your hair with pleasant pastels, metallics, neons and much more.


Metallic & Opal Colours

Dare to be dangerous with metallic and opal colours in your hair. These wondrous creations will leave onlookers green with envy, and you may even make knees buckle at the next festival.


Neon Colours

Make your hair so bright they can spot you in the middle of a crowd! We are loving neon colours blended and swirled in a whirlwind. You will look refreshing and delicious with this type of colour. 


Liquid Chalk

Are you looking for temporary colour? Liquid chalk will give you beautiful pastel colours, and you can have so much fun creating different looks with them for your favourite festival.


All That Glitters

It’s all about the glitter roots. Shine, shine, shine with colour to match your theme. The sparkles definitely add another dimension to your hair colour and makes everything pop.



Types of Festival Makeup

Every year, festival makeup trends get more extra than the next. You can experiment with different mediums, textures, styles and looks. The more outrageous, the better!

You can ditch the practicality of simple makeup and get wild with these festival makeup trends. Think glitter, bright colours, bejewelled shapes, holographic shimmers, coloured lashes, face painting and more. If you’re not wearing some type of face gem on your body, are you even at a festival?



The eyes are the windows to the soul. So, why not enhance them with the most captivating eye makeup. Whether you try bold colour or lines, there are plenty of options available. Another possibility is flecks of glitter on your eyelids, inner corner and outer corner. If you don’t like the thought of glitter near your eyes, why not opt for gold leaf or shiny diamantes?

Be brave and go wild with your eye makeup.



It’s all about the face: the forehead, cheekbones, temples, lips and under the eyes. You can figure out different placements around the best features of your face. Either match both sides of the face like a mask or cover one side with face paint or glitter to let the “good side” show.

To create an edgy festival vibe rather than fairy glam, make sure you add different shapes, textures and colours of jewels. To make it kookier, dabble in faux freckles or wet eyeshadow pigments. 



If your body is your best asset, why not keep your face simple but make your body a wonderland of design. If there is a particular body part you wanna show off, then let that be your main focus. Your body is your canvas and you can choose anything that comes to mind for your chest, neck, decolletage, back, torso, arms, shoulders or bum.  

Some of our suggestions are adorning your body with crazy prints or bigger pieces of gemstones. You could even get the Midas touch with the use of gold foil tattoos. 



Top 8 Spring Carnival Hairstyles

When warm weather is here, the Spring Carnival is near!

Melbourne Cup Day is the best time for the lads to pull out their best suits, dress shoes, pocket squares, ties and cufflinks. Although, who is looking at the men?

The Spring Carnival is all about the ladies – their stunning dresses, heels, makeup and fascinators. However, if you really want to impress your friends, we have compiled a list of hairstyles that will be a hit. 


Finger Waves “Marcelling”

Finger waving is one of the most classic hairstyles from Hollywood. With a headpiece, you could venture into the 1920s flapper look and stand out from the crowd with ease.  

Finger waving is quite fancy and therefore tricky to create. You will need reliable curlers to evenly distribute heat and keep your curls consistent. You will then need to brush out the curls and pin them down with flat pins. Make sure you set the style with strong-hold hairspray. Then, add your desired fascinator. 



Whether you choose up, down or half-up braids, you will look incredible. Another perk is you can have braids on all day and not worry about destroying your hair because pesky strands will be kept controlled, even if you end up getting a bit messy after a few drinks.


Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls are the safest bet as they look amazing on long and medium hair. Bouncy curls are such a diverse hairstyle. You can style them freely and wear them with any fascinator. Use bigger curling barrels to create voluminous curls and set with hair spray… lots of hairspray. The heat of the day will likely make your hair drop, but your wondrous curls will sure get you the right kind of attention. 


Retro Hair

We really think retro hair will make a resurgence because they are so classic and elegant. These looks can drag you back to the 1920s pin-up era and add sophistication. You can wear beautiful fishnet fascinators or tie a bow too. 


Half Up Hair – The Kate Middleton Look

Everybody is in love with the style icon Kate Middleton. The Duchess always has the most stunning hairstyles and we particularly admire her half up-do with the hatinator. She is elegant, yet not overstated. You can take a page out of her book for the Melbourne Cup.


Messy Bun/ Up-Style

The messy bun is always a win. You can get the hair out of the way, especially if you plan on drinking. You won’t have to worry too much about loose hairs falling either because it is all a part of the look.

To achieve the messy bun, section the hair and create a ponytail in the middle. Wrap the ponytail into a bun and pin around to secure. Simply do this with all the other sectioned pieces and ta-da!


The Pony

Every time we think of the pony, we think of the high sleek pony rocked by Ariana Grande. There are also many other varieties like the textured pony and low pony. This is a statement style and would make it a bit tricky to put in a very big fascinator. What would sit nicely with a pony is an elegant headpiece.


Sides Wept Curls

Like the bouncy curls, you can’t go wrong with this look. Simply curl and tuck hair to the side, insert a fascinator and ta-da!



Our Spring Racing Makeup Tips

Another big feature of fashion on race days is makeup. You need to be careful when choosing your products and techniques because the events are hot, sunny and crowded. We have plenty of tips whether you’re planning to attend Derby Day, Oaks Day, Melbourne Cup Day or just a nice day out in Sydney with friends at the race track.


Sun Protection

With the weather getting warmer, be mindful that it’s going to be a sunny event. Make sure you apply sun protection with a high SPF to stay protected. We highly recommend Origins Dr. Andrew Weils Mega-Bright SPF30 Moisturizer to intensely moisturise, create an even skin tone and protect from the sun.


Light Powder

People who struggle with oiliness should use a light powder. This will prevent unsightly shine and greasiness. Start by dipping your powder puff in your powder, tap the excess and roll the puff onto your oily skin areas, especially the areas where there are larger pores. Using the pat-and-rolling technique will create the illusion of smoother skin and blur out large pores. 


Setting Powder

With your face done, you should set your makeup with a good finishing setting spray. We love the incredible results waiting inside Kryolan Setting Spray – it lasts all day long with just a light spritz across the face.


Derby Day

Derby Day is all about black and white shades. For this reason, we suggest keeping your makeup look simple, chic and elegant. Choose from either a wing, a red lip or a neutral eyeshadow to match your monochromatic ensemble. 


For Oaks Day

For Oaks Day, it's all about the ladies and the blooming florals. You should choose soft and feminine looks with pinks, pastels and groomed eyebrows. 


Melbourne Cup

The last day of the epic racing season is the Melbourne Cup, which means bold and flashy colours that complement your outfit. Think a bold coral lip or a funky electric blue liner. 



All The Trending Shades of Unicorn Hair 

This year, we have seen the rise in the unicorn craze – from unicorn makeup brushes to unicorn food. We are just insane for anything unicorn-inspired and colourful. We particularly love the intensely colourful look of unicorn hair with majestic pastels and vivid colours.



Use pastel colours to create a beautiful rainbow layer arrangement – pink, purple, blue, green. This look is so stunning and magical.


A Violet Base

Violet is the perfect base colour – make sure you splash vibrant vivid colours throughout the pastel for a pop out effect.


Violet & Aqua Ombre

One of our favourite pastel colour combinations is violet and aqua. The ombre effect will blend the two colours nicely, especially when curled.


 A Tie-Dye Effect

A tie-dye unicorn effect is a new and trendy way to wear the unicorn hair colour look.


A Blonde Base

Make vibrant colours pop more than usual by creating a blonde base. Yes to party hair!


Cotton Candy

You can remind onlookers of cotton candy with an emphasis on light pink, especially if paired with hot pink roots!


Metallic Pastels

Go for metallic pastels for that extra gloss and shine. You will channel some science-fiction unicorn with this type of look. 

Get Creative

One of the really fun things about festivals is dressing up. Be creative with your look and have fun!

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