Redken Professional Hair Products

Redken started in Hollywood, but their exclusive products are now available for everyone. It’s a good thing, too.

Redken is the #1 professional hair brand in the USA and is recognised around the world. Each year, Redken continues adding to their innovative technology, which means you’ll always be ahead of the curve. The reason Redken has been so successful is due partly to their origins.

Redken began in the 1950s with the young actress Paula Kent. Hollywood required that she constantly change her hair, but available products caused her fine hair and sensitive skin to react. When the experts couldn't offer answers, Paula partnered with her hairdresser, Jheri Redding. Together, they designed a range of gentle hair care products.

Redken Hair Products: Shampoo, Color Extend, Frizz Dismiss, Extreme & More

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: Clean away impurities and boost hair health with a high-performance shampoos and conditioner.
  • Cream: Everyone needs styling help to banish bad hair days.
  • Mask: When shampoo and conditioner are not enough, masks are your best friend.
  • Treatment:Enjoy the power to strengthen, recondition, repair damage and prepare for chemical treatments.

Hair Technology

Redken was one of the first companies to use a scientific approach to haircare, and their tried-and-tested formula remains unchanged: Protein + Moisture + Acidic pH = Healthy hair. The logic is simple. Strands naturally deplete further from the root, which means health is rarely optimised. Using specialised formulas, you can now replenish protein and moisture with ease. Redken also tackles acidic pH to protect the condition of the hair. Expect this technology inside products like Redken shampoo, color extend, frizz dismiss, and extreme.

Who Owns Redken?

Redken is committed to a unique vision, and their parent company is happy to support them. L’oreal Groupe is a familiar name for most professionals. The company almost 500 patents and 36 brands, including Kerastase, CeraVe and Giorgio Armani. L’oreal Groupe was even the first cosmetics group worldwide!

What About Sustainability?

L’oreal Groupe has been committed to sustainability since 2005. They even have jaw-dropping statistics as evidence. Approximately 85% of their new or updated products in 2019 have an improved environmental or social profile. L’oreal Groupe has even reduced the CO2 emissions of plants and distribution centres by 81% in absolute terms, and they own 72 carbon-neutral sites.

Incredibly, L’oreal is the only company worldwide to achieve an ‘A’ score for 5 consecutive years in CDP rankings: climate change, water sustainably and forest preservation. A clean appearance and clean conscience have never been easier. Simply select 'ADD TO CART' on any Redken shampoo, color extend, frizz dismiss, extreme or more without guilt.

Redken Vs Kerastase

Kerastase and our American icon seem similar at first glance. Both brands are committed to creating healthy hair by using powerful ingredients. They are also owned by the L’oreal Groupe.

However, the brand offers more affordable products compared to Kerastase, which may be pricier because their innovative formulas can be mixed together.

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