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How Do Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet Weigh In?

Sep 06, 2021Scott Peers

If you are in the market for a new hair styling tool, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with what to purchase. Many companies claim that they are the best and it can become difficult to know what to buy.

We have explored and collected key information about Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet to help you in your search.

While there are still plenty of other brands you could consider, these are some brands people are often drawn to.

Comparing Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet

All three brands have their devotees, so we understand that the decision is not so easy. Each brand makes various heat-styling tools - hair straighteners, irons, curling wands, hot brushes, and hair dryers.

Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet focus on specific hair tools, accessories, and appliances. However, when most people think of these brands, they mostly think of heat styling tools.

Let's find out what makes each brand unique and why some differences between Cloud9, GHD, and Silver Bullet don't really matter.


Cloud Nine - Overview

The brand is best known for its premium hair straighteners. Cloud 9 offers product personalisation of iron plates and monogramming of your initials for an extra cost.

Because styling is only half the job without styling accessories, Cloud Nine also makes styling sprays, bristle and paddle brushes, combs, clips, rollers, and travel bags to store your stylers.


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GHD - Overview

GHD stands for "Good Hair Day". If you scroll through their Instagram, you'll notice the acronym extension hidden in plain sight in their logo. Similar to Cloud Nine, GHD heat styling tools are an endeavour initiated in Australia and made in Korea.

GHD is famous for its 'GHD Unplugged' cordless heat irons, which use the newest technology based on continuous feature testing and innovation to make styling easy on the wrist and the pocket.


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Silver Bullet - Overview

Apart from the usual hot stylers, including curling irons and straighteners, the production range by Silver Bullet includes hot rollers, clippers and trimmers.

Because the temperature range for Silver Bullet heat tools is adjustable, it suits various hairstyles (bleached, coloured, and perms) and is excellent for styling damaged hair. If you want to stick to one brand (for salon design harmony and customer loyalty benefits), you can choose the one that most suits your salon work.

If you own a barbershop, you may prefer Silver Bullet. If you do plenty of travel for work, go for GHD. And if you want to let your personality shine through your beauty accessories, try personalised Cloud Nine straighteners.

Cloud9 vs. GHD vs. Silver Bullet: Comparison Chart

Now let us look more in-depth into brand characteristics, hoping to shorten your quest for frizz-free smoothness, va-va-volume, and bouncy curls.

Your basic preparation about Cloud Nine, GHD, and Silver Bullet differences follows below:  



Cloud Nine       








Silver Bullet        


Salon Professional

Focus on sustainability

Premium Collection


    Salon Professional

    Created by hairdressers


      Salon Professional









      Australia/New Zealand


      Heat styler settings


      Variable heat settings you can adjust on 7 levels with temperatures between 100 °C and 200 °C


      Optimised heat controller to 185 °C, the ideal point for results without hair damaging


      Maximum versatility with 4 heat settings from 80 °C to 210 °C



      Unlike widespread titanium, Cloud Nine has mineral-coated ceramic plates for softer and smoother hair


      Uses aluminium plates layered with ceramic to distribute heat evenly


      Titanium, ceramic, and ionic technology, infused with argan oil


      Suits hair type

      Contains a MiCOM (MicroComputer) heating system to calculate and adjust the temperature before it breaks or damages hair.



      Thin, fine hair with a lack of volume that suffers damage even from occasional styling.




      Frizzy, frequently styled hair. Great for sleek bobs and straightening thick, stubborn curls.



      Heat-resistant guide, protected from copying with a hologram code.

      Adjustable heat settings to avoid very high temperatures.

      Special product care and storage are required.


        Has a sleep/ hibernation mode that makes each styling section a breeze without worrying about fire hazards.






        Considering the highest temperature settings, it requires greater care when using it.






        Heating time

        Styling tools take 20 seconds to heat up.






        30 to 40 seconds to heat up to the highest setting.





        Instant heating element with dual voltage.

        Infrared heat is included for even faster heating.



          Copper-coloured iron plates and all-over black design. Premium Collection is white and light rose, with an ultramodern sleek design.





          Clean, ergonomic, with curved edges.

          Black and white for straighteners.

          Black, white, pink, gold ombre chrome, plum, ink blue for hair dryers.


            Black matte body and detailing, with variations in gold, black, rose-gold, and pink, both for body and plates.






            Travel bags.

            Travel mirrors.

            Vanity travel mirrors.

            Sustainable water bottles.

            Refurbished micro-iron.



              Easy to transport.
              Mini paddle brushes.

              Unplugged hair straighteners.

              Styler carry-cases and heat mats.

              GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer.




                Includes lighter options such as the Obsidian Hairdryer that weighs only 480 gr.

                Look for the Silver Bullet Travel logo.





                  Most popular products

                  Cloud Nine Cordless Iron Pro.

                  Cloud Nine The Original Hair Straightener - Black.

                  Cloud Nine The Curling Wand - Black.

                  Cloud Nine The Wide Iron Hair Straightener 4 cm Wide.

                    GHD Creative Curl Wand.

                    GHD Platinum+ Straighteners.

                    GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong.

                    GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer with Protective Case.

                    GHD Unplugged

                      Silver Bullet Supernova

                      Silver Bullet Fastlane Ceramic Gold

                      Silver Bullet Luxe Travel Pink Set

                      Silver Bullet Fastlane Curling Wand


                        Corded /Cordless

                        Both (Has a Premium Collection with cordless items).

                        The Cordless Iron Pro Box with a personalised iron includes a charging pod, faux leather case and bag, water bottle. mirror, adaptors, and universal voltage charger.





                          GHD Unplugged is a portable tool designed for busy lifestyles.












                            360 ° adjustable swivel cord.

                            Cordless clippers.










                              Medium range with a few pricier items.


                              Medium range.


                              Most affordable.



                              6 months to 5 years, depending on the product. It extends when the product is registered, most tools have a 2 to 3-year warranty.


                              6 months on brushes to 6 years on GHD Platinum and hair straighteners




                              1-year warranty on rollers, trimmers, and clippers.

                              2-year warranty on heat stylers.


                                Premium collection



                                Yes (Limited Edition Collection).






                                Silver Bullet 230 Supernova Hair Straightener Review

                                This review is by Tako Phanoraj

                                Being a full-time working woman and a mother of an energetic toddler, my hair is always up in a messy bun or a ponytail most of the time. Having my hair done professionally is a treat that I only get done for special occasions like weddings or engagement parties for close family and friends. Even if I do find the time to do it myself, I usually need a minimum three-hour window to get both hair and makeup done!

                                So, when I was given the opportunity to review the gorgeous and latest addition to the Silver Bullet family, the Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Rose Gold Supernova Touch Screen Straightener, I jumped on that chance like white on rice.

                                Up until trying this product, I hadn't used a hair straightener on myself for a good seven years so I didn't know what to expect in this day and age of hair straighteners. Here's my experience doing the Silver Bullet Review.

                                Silver Bullet Supernova with box

                                Unboxing - Initial Impressions

                                When I opened up the box, the straightener was the first thing that I saw and it is absolutely beautiful. The smooth sleek metallic rose gold finish gives it a luxe feel and is one of the hottest and most popular colours at the moment and the power cord of the straightener comes in a chic matte black finish.

                                After lifting the hair straightener out of the box, underneath there was a compartment that had other bonus goodies that came with it. This proves extremely handy for someone who hasn't owned a hair straightener before and needed some extra hair accessories to assist them with their desired hairstyle. So thanks for that Silver Bullet!

                                What's Included in the Box?

                                In the box came a quite large matte black square-shaped paddle brush, a black styling comb, a two-year warranty pamphlet with safety instructions, four black crocodile clips and a protective heatproof mat.

                                Getting all these bonus extras I thought was a clever incentive as you not only get a hair straightener but all these other quality hair products that you would use all the time to style your hair and for a bargain price, too.

                                Silver Bullet Supernova contents


                                I noticed that once I plugged in the Silver Bullet and turned it on, it didn't take long to heat up. The touchscreen lit up instantly showcasing the different temperatures you can choose from, 110 degrees being the lowest temperature to 230 degrees being the highest temperature.

                                The Touchscreen

                                Unlike other straighteners, Silver Bullet has a touchscreen you use to change the temperature gauge. The touchscreen was something I was really keen and excited to try and found it so cool. I was super impressed that a hair straightener like this one allowed you to change the temperature gauge at the drop of a hat - new technology and innovation at its finest. I was excited to see what it could do when in action if this was just the start!

                                Using the Accessories

                                With the advanced heating of the 25mm titanium-infused rose gold plates, it didn't take long for the straightener to heat up. I sectioned my hair using the crocodile clips provided and clipped half of my hair at the top of the crown. I had to use more than one as my hair is quite long and thick, so all four crocodile clips came in handy.

                                I must say it was very convenient to have all the other hair accessories ready to be used in the box instead of looking around my vanity or house for some clips or hair brushes lying about.

                                Hair Preparation

                                I prepped my hair with some heat protection thermal styling spray and then used the paddle brush to detangle the hair that I was going to straighten. I grabbed a section of the hair, about 4 centimetres wide, used the styling comb to further brush it out and then used the straightener to straighten my hair.

                                Straightening & Curling

                                I noticed that the straightener wasn't as smooth as what I was used to, as it felt like it was tugging or pulling at my hair as I glided the straightener down. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not as I haven't personally straightened my hair in years. I must say though, my hair did look amazing and it didn't take that long either which I was really surprised about.

                                When I tried to use the straightener as a two-in-one styling tool the next day as a "curling tong", the black power cord proved very efficient as it had a rotating 360 ° swivel that made the curling motion easier to manoeuvre and it didn't tangle the cord like other straighteners tend to do.

                                However, in saying that, would I use the rose gold straightener again as a curling tong? Probably not. Only because my hair is quite long, the twisting of my hair around the straightening tongs proved very difficult because of the length of my hair. It was extremely annoying and tedious how long it took just to curl one section of my hair. If I had all the time in the world, then yes I would use this as a hair curler. However, I think for efficiency to achieve a curled hairstyle, I would stick to a specialised hair curler for curling.

                                In saying that though, that always happens to me whenever I try to use a hair straightener as a curling tong. So by all means, if you had hair that reached your chest area then you can use this straightener to curl your hair with ease.

                                My Overall Thoughts

                                The verdict is in and I have to say that yes I would use the Silver Bullet Titanium 230 Rose Gold Supernova Touch Screen Straightener again to straighten my jet black almost Rapunzel-like hair. If you have done your own Silver Bullet Review, I'd love to know what you thought. Please leave your comments down below.

                                GHD Reviews

                                The GHD will forever be a household name when it comes to hair straighteners. GHD has set the standard for many straighteners and every girl has once owned or used one. However, with the growing market comes an influx of competition, from Cloud9 to H2D to Silver Bullet... the list goes on. So how does the GHD rate on the market now?

                                We can't deny that the competition has caught on and raised the bar. The good news for GHD is that there are so many loyal supporters who have never stopped using a GHD. Why? Simply because of the results it has proven to achieve each and every time, and the longevity of the product. GHD has a reputation for being a trusty and reliable straightener, and people know they can't go wrong. You can see it in the GHD reviews to follow.

                                GHD Reviews from our customers

                                You wanted it, we've got it. Tested and approved GHD reviews from our trusty customers:

                                "When I was gifted the GHD IV Original styler by my boyfriend I knew all about the hype of the brand and honestly, I was sceptical about it, however, truth be told the raving reviews proved true and I was astonished to see how sleek and smooth my hair was after one clamped stroke. I have extremely long hair (past my elbows) so I was surprised at how quick the GHD IV Original styler took to straighten my full head of hair." Review by Ophelia

                                "I love using my GHD because I reckon it is one of the best products that doesn't damage your hair. I can straighten, wave and curl my hair with this one amazing tool and it is super-efficient too. Despite myself being a mum of two boys under the age of three and having thick hair I can do my hair in a flash. And I love the styling products that GHD offers too when I use these guys with my GHD my hairstyle lasts me all night." Review by Nezar

                                "My hair is naturally frizzy, so I love how beautifully straight my hair looks after using it, another bonus is that I don't have to wait around for ages for it to heat up, it heats up so fast." Review by Kate

                                "I have been using the GHD for over 13 years now and absolutely love it for everyday use and especially during the wedding and formal times for my clients. It is so versatile, and I would be lost without it. My personal favourite would have to be the Original styler." Review by Carly

                                "I had a GHD for 8 years and it worked perfectly - until the day it wouldn't turn on anymore (saddest day of my life). It was amazing; easy to use, fast to heat up, and straightened my hair without making the ends fizzle as so many of the others do. When it came time to buy a new one, I went straight out and bought the newest." Review by Gabby

                                "I like using my GHD because it doesn't damage my hair as the iron plates smoothed it instead plus I love how it curls my hair very well. It is so easy and fast to use. I love how quickly it makes my bob so straight." Review by Prachitta

                                "I love how it's a double whammy of a tool, for straightening and curling, it's so handy. Oh, and I love the time off factor too." Review by Hue

                                "I was first introduced to GHD around five years ago after hearing fantastic reviews from my sister who is a hairdresser. I was hesitant to purchase one at first because I was worried that I was paying for an overpriced straightener when I could purchase something cheaper of the same quality. I decided not to buy one and purchased an alternative from Big W. In that one year, I went through three straighteners! I then made the switch to GHD to see what everyone was raving about and it was the best decision of my life. I have the original styler and it is still is heating like brand new, four years on. it's amazing to use for both straightening and curling, I use it daily. As much as I love it, I wish it would die so I had an excuse to buy a new one GHD in rose gold." Review by Rachael

                                "I like how it heats up quickly and is so easy to use. A bonus feature what I like about it is that it shuts off by itself too which works out so good as I can be forgettable sometimes." Review by Jenny

                                "I absolutely love my GHD, when it comes to my hair I'm so uncoordinated that curling my hair never works for me, I find the GHD so easy to use it glides through my hair and GHD provide great videos on how to get curls in my hair by using the straightener on their Youtube channel, so I have learnt how to do it, it's so simple." Review by Giselle

                                "The only straightener I will use is a GHD nothing beats it, as a full-time hairdresser I use the GHD constantly and never lets me down so easy to use when creating curls and waves I get positive feedback from my customers that their hair lasted all night long. I'll never use anything else." Review by Mia

                                "I find the GHD not to be heavy at all, I loved the lightweight design of it and how effortlessly it made my thick hair straight, which others took forever. An added bonus I found was that it heated up fast too because I am always on the go. And I am proud to say that my current GHD has lasted me four years so far." Review by Stacey

                                "I love my GHD because I love how quick it heats up, being a busy mum on the go all the time. I've also noticed that when I have those days when I am rushing and when my hair is a little damp after a shower it doesn't singe my hair like most straighteners." Review by Amine

                                There you have it, most GHD reviews have been positive and people seem to love it. Sounds like a winner. How can you go wrong with a GHD? And if anything does go wrong, GHD offers a 12-month warranty so you will never have to worry!

                                GHD Stockists - AMR

                                AMR Hair & Beauty is one of the authorised GHD stockists of Hair Straighteners and Stylers. With AMR delivery is available Australia-wide and you can buy your GHD now and pay later with several pay-later options.

                                Why We Love GHD

                                Well, it is simple, of course!

                                We love the GHD brand because it has been a long-standing powerhouse for over 20 years. Since starting in 2001, GHD has become the first company to be committed to introducing high-quality ceramic-plated flat irons to the market. Because of this, they are the most recognised brand for their achievements in innovation, their premium products and sophistication in technology.

                                Users of the GHD hair straightener have also fallen in love with their other thermal tools and hair product range, too. Funny what a hair straightener can do, right? Bedazzle the gloomiest of horrible hair days and transform your hair to look catwalk runway ready.

                                GHD is an acronym for Good Hair Day and has been the first hair tool sponsor for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2013 and 2014. They have supplied their hair styling tools to get model-hopefuls photography ready for Australia's Next Top Model in 2010.

                                Also, many A-listers in showbiz partner up with them as they are such a renowned global brand. Some of these A-lister names include Victoria Beckham using GHD products in her Autumn/Winter Fashion Collection in 2016, Lady Gaga being primed, prepped and hair styled by Frederic Aspiras for the 2017 Grammy Awards using GHD hair styling products, and of course Katy Perry as the face and ambassador of their global brand GHD in 2011 and was one of her big named sponsors in her California Dream 2011 Tour. 

                                Not only do they partner up with the rich and famous, but they also give back to the community and this is in the form of charity and non-for-profit organisations.

                                The GHD family have collaborated with The National Breast Cancer Foundation Charity by developing a limited edition pink hair straightener annually called the Pink Drive and proceeds of that go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For the past 19 years, they have reached over $4 million so far.

                                When you buy a GHD from AMR Hair and Beauty, you receive their multi-year manufacturer's warranty and will be guaranteed Australian stock designed for use in Australia. Please be wary of imitations and fake imposters. 

                                If you are serious about taking good care of your hair with getting the best, long-lasting sleekness, and Victoria Secret-esque curls, then look no further than to buy the GHD from us here at AMR Hair & Beauty Supplies, one of your authorised GHD stockists.

                                The Verdict - Which Hair Straightener Brand Should You Buy?

                                Because most brands today have a unique touch on how they approach products, it is hard to make simple comparisons and final decisions about which stylers top the chart. As you can see, you need to consider dozens of characteristics. 

                                What suits you may not be someone else's priority, looking at GHD and Silver Bullet Reviews will hopefully help. 

                                It is not a question of rivalry between Cloud Nine, GHD, and Silver Bullet. It is about uniqueness, and the search will end once you understand what makes your needs unique. They are all quality brands. AMR is pleased to stock products from Silver Bullet and GHD that have been tried and tested by our experts and also reviewed well by our customers.

                                Time to get to know yourself!

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