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How to Get Wavy Hair (Without Heat) + Wavy Hairstyle Ideas

Aug 28, 2023Sharnee Rawson

As a child, I always remembered asking my mother to plait or braid my hair after a shower and I would sleep in it till the morning after and take it out so that I could have pretty wavy mermaid hair that looked like soft zig zags strands. Little did I know, I was doing my hair a huge favour when I opted to do this in the natural and less harmful way by treating my hair organically. So how to get wavy hair without heat?

Isn’t it fascinating to know how far we have come in today’s age where we can just plug in an electronic device and have the sleekest straightest hair or the most luxurious and bounciest of curls? However, with all the fun and fuss of electronic appliances such as hair straighteners comes heat, and with overuse of heat, there comes damage to the hair.

The overuse of heating products can cause breakages, split ends, snapping and dryness of the hair. Back in the olden days, the closest thing to a heating device was a Marcel curling iron. Before that invention, what females used to do was to wrap their hair into rags and sleep on it overnight and surprisingly the curls would last several days.

How To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat – Your Complete Guide

If you want to save your hair from the damage caused by heating tools, down below are some new modern ways to get your desired curl without heat.

How To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat – Beachy Wave

Youtuber Vivian V shows us how to get her signature wavy everyday hair without heat. You will need only two things to get the lazy girl’s guide to effortless beachy tresses.


You Will Need

  • Hairspray
  • Hair ties

How to Do it

  1. Your hair must be air-dried for this to be effective. Ensure that your hair is not too wet as the no-heat wavy look will not hold in the hair properly.
  2. Part your hair in half and take the top layer of your hair. Split that in half and then cross it over and then start twist-braiding your hair.
  3. Once you have reached just below your ear, you have two options:
    • Option 1: Continue twist braiding until you get to the end and secure that with a hair tie, or...
    • Option 2: What Vivian does once she gets below her ear, she rolls the rest of her hair into a simple bun that she coils behind her ear and secures that with a hair tie.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the hair.
  5. So you should have two twisted braids on either side below your earlobes. Sleep in it overnight or leave it in for six hours maximum.
  6. Unravel the hair bun and twisted braids by gently taking them out and separating the curls with your fingertips. Add some hairspray for staying power and to flip your hair back and forth to create volume.

Tip: Do no brush the hair as this will make your no-heat waves frizzy and not defined.

Inebrya Style-in Total Volume

Glammar Hair Ties in Black

How To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat – Bantu Knot Curls

For short hair boys and girls do not fret, you can achieve tight heatless curls with this gorgeous look done by model and Youtuber Chantal Jeffries.


You Will Need

  • Brush
  • Spray Bottle
  • Hairspray
  • Hair serum
  • Detangler
  • Alligator clips
  • Elastic hair bands
  • Silk Cap/Silk scarf

How to Do it

  1. Apply a detangler cream in your wet hair to ensure your hair is free of tangles and brush that out with a brush.
  2. After your hair is semi-damp, take a small amount of hair serum and rub that into your hands. Work that in at the ends of your hair to not dry out your hair.
  3. Take a small section of your hair (clip the rest of your hair away from that section that you are currently working with, with your alligator clip) and spray that section with the water spray to dampen the hair and begin to twist your hair from the root.
  4. Continue twisting it all the way down to the end of your hair.
  5. Once you have twisted that strand of hair you will then lift it up to coil it up against your scalp to create your bantu knot and secure that with an elastic hair band. Repeat this step throughout your whole entire scalp. Ensure the knots are all the same size as you want the curls to come out looking the same size.
  6. After you have tied up all the bantu knots, sleep in it overnight wearing a silk cap or a silk head scarf to hold the knots in place and to protect them from coming undone. But if you wish to do this look early in the morning and want to wear it out for the evening, leave it in for 10 to 12 hours.
  7. Unravel your bantu knots and they should shoot out like springs. Further, separate your spring-like curls with your fingers. Hold your hair up with one hand and use the other hand to enter at the centre of the hair near the root, then spread your index finger and thumb to pull apart the curls. This will make the finer curls appear. Do this to all of your springy curls.
  8. Once all your knots are out, your hair is now curly. You will notice that where your roots are, your hair will be straight and flat, so what you would want to do to liven this look with oomph is to run your hair through your roots and brush through it with your fingers to tease your roots. Pull out any extra curls outwards for more volume.
  9. Be aware that your hair will look extremely poofy at the start but rest assured that it will drop slightly within two hours. Once your hair is at the desired volume, spray hairspray on it to set the look.

Tip: When it comes to sectioning off your hair, loose curls call for bigger sections of hair, and smaller sections of hair call for tighter curls.

How To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat Using Drinking Straws

Brunette beauty YouTube sensation Keren AKA beautyklove is known for her DIY hair experiments on her incredibly amazing long hair with useful and everyday items that you can find in the home.


You Will Need

How to Do it

  1. Damp your hair with the water spray bottle and comb your hair to ensure that there are no tangles in it, as this will give you a smoother non-tangle curl.
  2. Take a straw and wrap your hair around the straw, bend the straw in half (it should look like a tong or a skinny “U” shape) so that you can secure it to your scalp and fasten it with a bobby pin.
  3. After you have done your whole head, spray a light amount of hairspray to set the hair. A light coat of hair spray will ensure your straw curls are looser and more natural-looking. This look is not needed for an overnight job, you just need four hours maximum to achieve this look.
  4. Take out all of your bobby pins and unwrap your hair from the straws to reveal a beautiful non-heat waterfall-like cascading curl.

Tip: Do not go crazy with the hairspray as that will give your curls an unnatural look. Less is more.

10 Haircuts and Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

It is the incarnation of style without effort - wavy hair is envied by both extremely curly and straight hair owners because it has that "I didn't spend hours on my hairstyle and I'm still cool" vibe.

We have seen so many different curling techniques and so many haircuts for wavy hair that fill out the pages of beauty magazines that it seems it is the only hairstyle that matters at the moment. And why shouldn't it? With the right cut, curly hair can complement any face shape and any hair texture.

Add a flattering colour and you can totally transform your look and even take your personality up a notch. But how can you tell what's the best choice for your particular hair texture, hair quality, and lifestyle?

It's true that it takes some tough hairdressing skills to emphasise the best in bumpy, twisted hair. Make the wrong turn or, better to say, trim, and the bounty of voluminous beach loose waves may end up going in all different directions or just make your hair seem like it's let off the hook.

Improperly treated curly hair can end up looking dry and damaged, with no possibility of immediate recovery unless it grows back for the next cut. Nonetheless, the final results of these celebrities hairstyles are really worth the effort to start experimenting with new haircuts for wavy hair. 

To make the choice easier for you, here are ten of the most versatile haircuts for wavy hair that you can test and try in the months ahead.

1. Soft Curls

Follow the example of the Hollywood duchess Meghan Markle and you can't go wrong with this waved hairstyle classic. To achieve that soft, romantic look, ask for a straight hair blow-dry with twisting hairbrush moves (watch video below) away from the face.

This hairstyle for wavy hair will require a few drops of anti-frizz serum such as 12 Reasons keratin serum if you have naturally curly hair that tends to lock in moisture. The good thing is you can play with side partings and centre partings without substantially messing up your basic hairdo.

2. Two-Coloured Waves

This bumped hairstyle is all about the contrast between the two colours. The sharp cut at the ends really makes the double waves pop up. It suits well a variety of textures, but at its best, you'll need to blow dry the hair first.


Use a hair straightener (a curling wand may be tricky) and start curling your hair at the last two-thirds next. As for the colour magic, we recommend visiting a professional!

3. Natural Ringlets

Alisha Boe is best known for her incredible role as Jess, in 13 Reasons Why. A lovely face gets even more beautiful when crowned by a halo of natural ringlets. This haircut for wavy hair creates an impression of all-over curls.

It can sometimes take a bit of work to discipline such a voluminous mane, followed by special hair products for curly hair. Let those natural curls fly free!

4. Mega Side-Flip

Eva Mendes's hair is good enough to eat. That side part with most of the hair tossed to one side creates an illusion of volume and naughtiness but also speaks sophistication.

We cannot deny that Eva's hair is so spectacular because of the carefully cooked combo of caramel nutty highlights and the gorgeous face. However, if you are the romantic boho type with naturally wavy hair you'll love this one as it won't require frequent re-colouring except for a colour intensifying mask - it blends well with natural brown shades.

5. Broken Waves

We've seen her in all sorts of waves, from iconic 40s to a true curly mane and a temporary pixie but this latest Nicole Kidman no-fuss hairstyle is simple, yet oh-so-desirable. Ask for a softly layered haircut, support it with a fixing spray such as a hair lacquer and the hairdo will be good to go during the day.


You can achieve the no-frizz smoothness with attentive drying - twist your hair in a towel instead of rubbing all over, apply a gentle curling cream, and don't go overboard with the hairdryer - use the lower temperatures and use the diffuser. 

6. Choppy Bangs With Blunt Razor-Cut Bob

Taylor Swift knows how to play with her hair - she is the master of choppy bangs. This haircut for wavy hair will need a bit of a volume if you want it to look perfect.


The next thing you need is a great hairstylist who will know how to chop the hair and the bangs at all the right places and a texturising wax like Natural Look texturising wax to maintain its restless attitude for hours. The best part of this look is that it's meant to be messy, yay!

7. Smart Face-Framing

J Lo needs to thank the excellently gimmicked shorter strands around her face for hair that looks stunning. Both when tied up in a no-hassle low ponytail and when left to flaunt its natural exuberance, brushing her shoulders in a long wavy waterfall.

You have to be willing to invest some more time to extract the juice from the shorter layers around the face. Get ready for a feathered haircut to achieve the bob-like updo.

8. Heavy Fringed Bob

Fab redhead Emma Stone has the solution for a hair that's neither straight nor wavy. This haircut for wavy hair will look magnificent even when it's not in red.


The side-parted heavy fringe fits heart-shaped faces beautifully and creates an illusion of a volume even if you're not blessed with rich hair. However, it won't work great on frilly or very curly hair. 

9. Delicate Lob Waves

Not only is she an inspiring actress, but Jennifer Lawrence is also famous for strutting some of the trendiest lob and bob haircuts for wavy hair in the last couple of years. 

If it is so easy to get that look (apart from the great haircut with shorter around-the-face-hairs), we don't see why you shouldn't use it as much as possible to get this laid-back look. Use a light hairspray after curling your hair to get this stunning look.

10. Vintage Veronica Lake

You can go from full-blown natural curls to this sleek wavy wonder. Just ask your hairstylist about Zendaya's hairstyling secrets.


Although we are strong believers it's more about the skilful drying and styling than it is about the haircut, you can't get one without the other. To tone down misbehaving strands in your natural curls, use an anti-frizz conditioner like Paul Mitchell Anti-Frizz Conditioner and you can go back in time for a timeless glam look with ease.


And there you have it guys! I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please feel free to leave a comment below on how you went with these DIY how-to no-heat wavy looks.

We would love to hear about your own tricks on how to get wavy hair without heat.

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