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How to Put On Fake Eyelashes

Mar 25, 2020Rachael Grant

A false lash tutorial is something you will definitely need if you are just starting to experiment with fake lashes.

To be successful, a little practice is required. You can't start from scratch without having a clue about what lash types are there or how to put fake eyelashes with or without glue.

How to Put on Fake Eyelashes With or Without Glue

Self-adhesive eyelashes are an easier variant for beginners. Convenient and available at a drugstore, no-glue cheap eyelashes with adhesive bands can be a safe choice. However, they quickly lose their appeal once you discover they are disposable. You cannot reuse them.

Individual lashes, lash flares, and lash clusters may be reused but it depends on the quality of the glue you are using and the lash material.

By purchasing quality fake eyelashes you may be able to extract the most joy of them by wearing them on multiple occasions.


If you have had lash extensions that extend on your natural lashes done at a salon, you won't be able to use them ever again. They will fall off as your natural eyelashes grow, and you probably won't even notice that they are gone. This short durability is not something to dwell on because the time limitation comes second to their exceptional effect.

Lash extensions can look from most natural to most spectacular, drag-queen-like, and are well worth the investment.

Self-Adhesive Lashes Tutorial

Be gentle with the application. Treat the lashes like the fragile feathers they are from opening the lash container to admiring the outcome and putting your dress on.

  1. Apply your makeup before everything else. It will not only protect your lashes from getting covered in makeup dust but it will also help them interlock with the natural lash line.
  2. Measure the width of the fake eyelashes. See if they fit your eye shape. If they are too wide, shorten them carefully at the ends.
  3. Use your clean fingertips to grab the highest middle point of the lash with one hand and remove the protective top strip with the other hand.
  4. Depending on how dense your natural lashes are, attach the false lashes starting one-third or one-fourth from the inner corner of the eyes to blend in. This will prevent your lashes from looking over the top unless you want to accomplish just that, in which case, be more generous with the lash width. Make sure you follow your lash line.
  5. Press gently but confidently to let natural and fake lashes come together in a single flare.


Choose adequate makeup that won't ruin your lashes. All that eyeshadow, primer, and eyeliner will eventually stick to the glue strip and make them unusable.

Certain thrifty brands lose adhesive power after two or three applications. They simply won't look as composed as the first time you applied them. However, no-glue lashes do come in latex-free versions so if you are allergic to either latex or glue, this may be your preferred choice.

How to Apply False Lashes With Glue

Glue sounds messy but it doesn't have to be if you have the right tools. You'll need tweezers - the thinner they are at the end, the better. Now you know how professional lash stylists are able to pull through the magic they do!

Hold the fake eyelashes at the tips and apply a thin layer of glue to the root strip line. If you need to cut down the length, do so from the ends. Don't cut in the middle because it will mess up the curve which is naturally more voluminous in the middle part of the eye. Stick the lashes in the middle, then use the fingers to press gently at the inner and the outer corners of the eyes.


The advantage of fake lashes with glue is that you can remove the glue and clean them for reapplication. However, you still need to be careful to prevent the slough effect that will make your eyes look smudgy.

Even if you learn how to put on fake eyelashes quickly, it will take some time to get used to wearing them. Not to worry though - that weird feeling that you have something in your eye is gone shortly.

Become a Master of Eyelash Application

By far the most mesmerising and natural effect for fawn-like eyelashes is achieved with lash extensions. Expertly done eyelash extensions don't even look fake. Individual lashes that come in different lengths provide maximum versatility that suits most eye shapes and their lash ideals.


You won't get to the top level of expertise in one day, but if dedicate your time, it may take no longer than a week to acquire some serious eyelash skills.

Start by practising on yourself and your friends. That's the least painful way. Hopefully, your friends will forgive you if make a mistake or two.

Individual Lash Extensions

The technique for applying lash extensions is almost the same as using full strips. But you will need to be painstakingly calm and collected.

You will also need a good light and a magnifying mirror and leaps and bounds of patience - at least until you successfully put on your first set of fake eyelashes.

  1. Clean your eyelids well.
  2. Put a small drop of glue to a tin foil. Recap the glue container to prevent drying.
  3. Grab the tweezers and dab each lash into the glue until it gets sticky.
  4. Start from medium lashes. Stick longer lashes in the outer corners and shorter ones in the inner corners.
  5. Put the lash extension on top of one of your natural lashes coming from a downward angle.
  6. Use the nail or a light-coloured surface to hold the lash from below and see where it comes on your natural lash.
  7. Leave 1-2 mm between your false eyelash and the eyelid.
  8. Take a look and correct any unnatural gaps and droopiness by pressing the lashes upward with the tweezer from one and your fingertips from the other side.

Don't get disappointed if the results are less than awesome - there is always a difference when extensions are done professionally.


Maintaining Your Eyelash Extensions

You can wash your face with extensions, but you can't use your typical rub-and-scrub routine to the delicate lashes. Use adequate products.

Removing eyelash extensions is another trick you might want to have up your sleeve. There are several ways to do it, including gentle eye makeup remover and eye pads, lots of olive or coconut oil, and cotton sticks.

As gentle as you have been with applying and maintaining your new lashes, be twice as gentle with removing them. You don't want to pull off your natural lashes.

Let the oil and the makeup remover dissolve the adhesives, then use the cotton stick to remove the lash.

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