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Kryolan Product Range - The Best of Costume Makeup for Daily Use

Nov 12, 2019Scott Peers

The Origin of Kryolan Makeup

Kryolan Makeup is a professional quality makeup line. It's been heralded as the makeup made by professionals for professionals. 

The company was founded by a brilliant man by the name of Arnold Langer. His admiration for the theatre and his educational background as a chemistry student was a perfect combination for starting a makeup company.

Post world war 2, when theatres were re-opening, Arnold was inspired by the glitz and glamour of 1920s Berlin. He wanted to combine his passion for the creative arts with his background in science to create something the world has never seen before.

Langer figured out that there was a missing gap in the market for a product that artists and actors of that era can use to withstand the elements and longevity of working in the theatre. So he endeavoured to develop a groundbreaking makeup line catered for professionals.

Thus, in 1945 Berlin, Germany, Kryolan Makeup was born. A professional range of makeup products perfected and developed with dynamic colours, unique formulations and manufacturing like no other. From then on Kryolan has built an incredible empire to spread in all parts of the world giving us the best and most innovative makeup from the original makeup house.

Kryolan Makeup Products

Kryolan makeup blends like a dream and is so easy to work with. You can be confident that you are getting the highest quality of makeup with Kryolan.


A Primer is a barrier that sits in between your skin and makeup. Primer is used to predominately make makeup last longer and smooth out the skin's surface before foundation application. In order for your foundation to look immaculate in a porcelain matte or dewy finish, you must have the right primer.

Kryolan brings us the cream of the crop for the perfect base in these three amazing primers.

I have personally used the HD Micro Primer and I adore it. The primer utilises silk proteins to regulate the skin's moisture levels. while blurring fine lines and minimising pores, drying to a matte velvet finish. It feels hydrating without the sense of an obvious film over your face.

Ultra Underbase is a thinner lightweight solution compared to the HD, it feels cooler to the touch. It feels super hydrating that will help with a dewy type of foundation look giving extra radiance. This primer also has a pleasant lotion type of mellow fragrance.

With Perfect Matte Gel, using a pea-sized amount of this will go a long way. This silicone based matte gel is ideal for combination when used on oily skin. It dries to a soft matte finish and is adept in absorbing oil, maintaining the longevity of foundation and concealers.


Makeup lovers and pro makeup artists here are spoilt for choice in choosing their favourite high-end Kryolan makeup foundation. You can choose from your liquids, creams, and compacts.

There are so many different colours you are bound to find Kryolan foundation shades to match your complexion.

Kryolan Ultra fluid foundation is a lightweight fluid foundation for building coverage in a matte finish. Combine it with your favourite moisturiser to form your own tinted moisturiser that will be perfect for spring and summer.

TV Paint Sticks

Specifically, the tv paint stick foundation is what the Kryolan foundation range is most renowned for. Used specifically for theatre, film and TV because of its flawless application, 90% coverage, beautiful opacity, supreme durability under hot lights and perspiration with a demi-matte finish. 

In addition to using it as a base, the TV paint sticks are also used for contouring and highlighting as well. Here is a guide on how to use the Kryolan Tv paint stick. A favourite amongst drag performers as it withstands their demanding jobs of being high-energy performers.

More about the very popular TV Paint Sticks later.

Dual Finish Powder Foundation

Dual finish powder foundation, this magnificent baby comes in a compact foundation with a handy mirror. It is usually used with a powder puff dry. However, the dual finish can also be applied to the skin wet like a cream or liquid foundation. The best of both worlds. Light coverage with a pressed powder or for building coverage, apply wet.

Applying Kryolan Shimmer Event Foundation on the body will give extra luminosity. Key body parts to apply will be on the decolletage and the shoulders. Add into other Kryolan foundations for a dewy glow or on top of the skin as a highlight. Coming in Golden Beige or Silver to complement yellow or pink undertones.

Loose Powders

Baking, the newest thing following contouring is the art of baking. Baking is the term used to set your cream concealer by dabbing your powder puff, makeup wedge or beauty sponge into loose powder and dabbing it onto the cream/liquid makeup to set it for longevity.

Baking would normally be done while moving onto another feature of your face like lining your lips. This isn't recommended for those that have dry skin. A light dusting will do the trick for "quick baking" setting prowess.

The Kryolan Translucent Powder is a finely milled and blended powder that has a matte shine. The powders contain a handy sifter to control how much product you want to use. Available in two colours.


The Kryolan Concelaer Wheel has six shades in one makeup product!

It's definitely bang for your buck. It will camouflage away your blemishes and imperfections. Brighten the centre of the face, and conceal and hide dark circles and eye bags.

This concealer wheel will be your go-to, to create that perfect base before and after your foundation. The concealer wheel is a must for any professional makeup artist, the best skin corrector in town.


The eyes are the windows to the soul, so make them pop even more.

Whether you want to do a variation of smokey eyes, halo eyes, cut creases or a simple sweep of one eye shadow colour, look no further to the Kryolan Eyeshadow compacts that offer smooth, pigmented, buttery and high-quality eye shadows. The colours are easy to apply and blend well. A little goes a long way and they come in a variety of matte and metallic shades to get that perfect eyeshadow look.

Liquid eyeliner in the Kryolan Skinliner. It will be an awesome component for personal use. The pointed felt tip will give you that razor-sharp wing. Available in two shades, black and terracotta. If liquid eyeliner is a little scary try using the Kryolan HD Cream Liner, this is the most acceptable way of using eyeliner in between clients to avoid cross-contamination.

Achieve the winged liner of your dreams that glides on smoothly and is as opaque as the midnight sky.

Kryolan Jean dArcel High Definition mascara increases the volume and intensity of normal lashes. The mascara brush comes in a tapered shape to get into the smaller inner corner of the lash line. This mascara holds up for 10 hours and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact wearers.


Achieve perfect brows and arches with the Kryolan eyebrow products. The Kryolan Eyebrow Forming Gel is a colourless gel that will tame any stray eyebrow hair to give it a defined and groomed clean look and the Kryolan Eyebrow Powder is a soft powder suitable to achieve that natural brow look.

Blush and Highlighter

Kryolan offers the blush and highlighter you need to give yourself blushing cheeks or glowing beaming skin of the Gods.

Kryolan Glamour Glow Blush comes in assorted shades to cater for cool-toned and warm-toned boys and girls. Pigmented and buttery a little of this will go along. Apply on your apples or sweep softly from your cheekbones to your temple for a naturally flushed look.

Let your face gleam from Earth to the stars. Kryolan Illusion is a creamy based product that can be used on the skin as a highlighter or on the eyelids. Top this up with a powdered highlighter like Kryolan Satin Powder to set the cream. Or use either on its own for a natural glow.


Whether you want a gloss, smudge-proof stain, matte lipstick or some plumping power. We have you covered with your Kryolan lip needs.

Lip Stain, coming with a doe foot applicator, is a liquid lipstick that will dry to a matte finish providing smudge-proof longevity. The more layers of liquid lipstick the more opacity. Pat on the lips with the fingertip for a naturally flushed healthy lip colour. Be sure to work quickly with the lip stain for a softer look.

High Gloss, is a lip gloss that will create a shiny sheen on the lips. Wear on its own or on top of another lipstick to emphasise the colour as well as the illusion of plumper kissable lips. Available in clear, metallic and pearlescent glosses in different colours.

Kryolan lipsticks are rich and vibrant tubes of lipstick that have a velvety smooth formulation that glides on with each application. Infused with vitamin E to leave lips supple with a satin finish.

Faceliner is a triple threat of an all-rounder makeup product for the face. Used as an eyeliner, lip liner or even a brow pencil you are definitely getting your money's worth with this amazing pencil. This item will be handy to have in the purse instead of having to carry around three items in your bag. So pigmented and comes in assorted shades.

Setting Spray

For a full face of makeup to last all night use the Kryolan Ultra Setting Vaporizer as the finishing product to ensure your beautiful makeup application sits still. The fine mist in an aerosol can lightly set the makeup and dries quickly for a matte effect. This is perfect for high-definition looks on TV/film and cameras. It is even smudge and water-resistant.

Kryolan Makeup Review: Pros and Cons

Theatrical and professional makeup differs from everyday beauty products. With only a dab of colour, you will achieve the same look that might otherwise require copious brushstrokes with your regular makeup.

There are several cons and pros of using such pigmented colours all over your face.


Given the general opinion shared in Kryolan reviews, Kryolan makeup is not your easy-breezy, standard makeup. When you use it every day, it can saturate the skin with excess ingredients, preventing it from free-breathing. Issues like dry skin or breakouts can occur as a result. To avoid such risks, consider using Kryolan makeup partially.

This can be done on a part of your face you find is in the most pressing need of transformation. For example, this can be face contouring or eyebrow filling. Or just use things like using foundation for special events that require your makeup to be durable.


Professional makeup artists may disagree with the overall stance of Kryolan reviews. This is simply because professional makeup requires different attributes that cannot be found in regular commercial kits.

  • Many clients prefer makeup that stays, especially for celebratory events.
  • You cannot underestimate how durable makeup complements social media. Cameras love it. Apply shimmer, translucent powder, and whole-day matte lipstick - and you score the latest catwalk looks with ease. Don't forget to add that bit of highlighter too for extra glam.
  • Costume makeup is great for defining and blending contours, as well as for covering skin imperfections.
  • It can be used to conceal tattoos - Perfect for job interviews.
  • Finally, if you want to turn your face into a canvas, the strong pigments in Kryolan makeup are made for that.

How to Choose the Ideal Kryolan Foundation

Do you usually spend a fair amount of time experimenting until you find what works for you the best? We all know the outcome of makeup trends when expertly layered on a cleverly chosen appropriate foundation. No blotching, smearing, or insufficient coverage - just perfect blending and radiance that lasts for hours.

With the abundance of choices offered by the resourceful beauty brand comes the difficulty of deciding which item to pick.

Firstly, think about which foundation is appropriate for your skin type or fits the occasion. To avoid the time and effort spent on makeup testers, we've created a selection of the best Kryolan foundations for different skins and occasions.

1. Kryolan Perfect Matt Gel

Prep before putting on makeup is all about clear and matte skin. For a good solid base that will help the makeup stick on greasier skin, use this matt gel before you apply the Kryloan foundation.

Removing any impurities and smoothing out the skin will create a welcoming surface for foundation application, which is a common beauty trick used by makeup artists. Now that you know the secret, you can achieve the same by yourself.

2. Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation

Use it on its own to variate medium coverage that's perfect for normal to combination skin. You can also combine it with one of the Kryolan foundations with a shimmer effect to make your face glow.

Due to its lightweight formula, it's ideal for frequent use. The ultra-fluid foundation may become a staple Kryolan product in your bag for a long time to come.

3. Kryolan Ultra Cream Powder Foundation Compact

Pressed Kryolan Ultra Cream Powder Foundation with a powder puff will do the magic when you don't want to have your hands all stained. The ultra-cream powder foundation by Kryolan can be used as solidified bottle makeup, providing a velvet finish. It is perfect for touchups throughout the day when you commute, are out for a coffee, or are at work.

Bonus: it includes a mirror, so it will free extra room in your purse on nights out and save you bathroom trips only to use the mirror.

4. Dual Finish Powder Foundation

The perfect foundation doesn't ex...

Until you discover dual finish. To achieve a double goal with a single compact foundation, consider getting the 2-in-1 pressed Kryolan foundation. It works as a liquid base when applied on wet skin or as a compact powder for daily touchups and corrections if applied with a brush on dry skin.

5. Kryolan TV Paintstick

You don't have to become a professional in the industry to use the precision of painting and showcase the power of makeup transformation, at least when it comes to simple application with the Kryolan TV Paintstick.

Alongside concealers, foundation sticks can quickly become your best ally for quick, smooth application. They provide full-face coverage, as well as corrections on smaller facial surfaces.

6. Kryolan Shimmer Event Foundation

Although some consider them festive or occasion makeup, light-reflective products are not necessarily that limited. Available in bronze, amber, golden beige, and silver, the Kryolan shimmer event foundation can illuminate your face to a greater extent. This can be done when you apply it all over or emphasise certain high points on your face.

Apply it gently under bright sunlight for the ultimate sun glow. The sunscreen factor is included, so there is no need to worry, as far as skin health is concerned. Bonus for that Australian sun!

7. Kryolan Satin Powder

More of a finishing touch than an essential Kryolan foundation, the satin powder is a solution for superbly light and fine coverage when used on its own.

It can also be used to illuminate your already well-covered face with an extra iridescent layer. Carefully pat it on typically highlighted features - cheekbones, temples, brow bones, the bridge of the nose, and the Cupid's bow for best results.

8. Kryolan Translucent Powder


Sometimes, mattifying the skin needs to be done after you apply the foundation of your choice. Use the finely-milled translucent powder by Kryolan which comes in cold and warm hues to polish the skin to perfection. It covers shiny areas without suffocating the face with overly dense foundation layers.

9. Dermacolor Fixing Powder

Kryolan Dermacolor range is famous for its high-pigmented products for extremely good camouflaging. Needless to say, makeup artists love it when doing professional makeup with a long-lasting effect.

Products from this range not only last for hours, but they can also cover skin imperfections such as discolouration, uneven pigmentation, disfigurements, scarring, and tattoosThe fixing powder for this range is lighter and intended for waterproof makeup to prevent smudging under hot weather, rain, or crowded bars and clubs.

10. Kryolan Erase Stick

You cannot do high-quality makeup without a good concealer. The name of the Kryolan Erase Stick says it all: if your face is the canvas to create stunning makeup looks, you need to start from a neutral base. Do this by eliminating all shadows, darker areas, or problematic spots before you choose the matching Kryolan foundation texture and beautify with colours. don't confuse the erase stick with the TV paintstick - the latter is more used as a foundation, while the first is used to cover tiny blemishes and is this available in a wider range of colours. 

One of the most cherished benefits of Kryolan products is they can be used on the body, too. Many Kryolan foundations, especially those with high-density pigmentation are ideal for body marks correction. Therefore, when you make your choice, consider what is your primary use and go for the product that is likely to tick most of the boxes.

The Kryolan TV Paint Stick is a versatile cream foundation with a thick base you can use on your face and your body. You can easily replicate some of the moves of professional makeup artists many of which already use the stick. 

Regardless of the type of coverage or makeup, Kryolan always offers tons of shades. Therefore, you need to find your shade depending on what you are using it for - and you can use it as a foundation, a concealer, a highlighter, as well as for bodily coverage. Darker Kryolan shades can be used as bronzers or for contouring. It all depends on how much of the product you blend in and the application technique. The result you are going to get will vary. 


How to Use Kryolan TV Paint Stick as a Foundation

Slightly twist and turn the Paint Stick to let it out of the container. The next step is to choose the application technique depending on how much coverage you want.

Thick, Creamy Coverage

Apply the creamy content directly to your face by rubbing the stick up and down. In this way, you get lots of the product on your face at once. Use a sponge or a medium-sized brush to blend the foundation into your skin. If you have acne-prone skin or intend to use the Kryolan TV Paint Stick for media, this will be a more suitable way. Use the brush to go over the lines to blend in well. 

Lightweight Coverage with More Blending Control

To achieve lighter coverage, instead of directly applying the stick to your skin, take a brush, get some of the product on it first, and then use circular motions to apply it on your face. If you find that the foundation is too firm and doesn’t get on your brush easily, use your hands to warm it. After a minute in touch with your body temperature, the Kryolan TV Paint Stick gets a creamier consistency and is easier to apply with this blendable method. 


Extra tip: Because Kryolan foundations have a thicker consistency, it's important to moisturise your face before application well. If you want, you can also use a primer because this will help the Paint Stick stick and you will use less of it.

Applying Kryolan Paint Stick with a Wet Sponge

This is another easy-to-apply technique. Use a wet sponge to apply a speck of the creamy foundation on your skin and use a dabbing motion to blend it in. This method also gives you a bit more control over product usage and provides seamless blending. In the end, your favourite application technique will depend on how comfortable you are with each one and what you have at home. 


Intense Concealer Coverage

The Kryolan TV Paint Stick can be used to cover small spots, breakouts, or under-eye dark circles. Use a smaller brush and apply the foundation to specific areas. Blend it in with your finger. 


Because it is so versatile, you can use the same product for so many different purposes. However, you will most likely need to get at least two shades:

  • A lighter one, to use as a highlighter and a concealer
  • A darker one, to use as main coverage or for contouring

Naturally, you will get better contouring and strobing results if you have some more colour variations at your disposal. Regardless of what's your preferred application method, use a large brush to blend it all in in the end. This will help wrap up the look with a sheer effect despite the heavier base of the foundation. 

To make sure what range of colours is right for your complexion, look for Kryolan TV paint Stick samples and test swatches in your local store or online.

Tattoo Camouflage with Kryolan TV Paint Stick

You can use the powerful coverage properties of the TV Paint Stick to mask tattoos - that is how strong it can be. 


In essence, the tattoo coverage makeup is identical to applying a heavy coverage base foundation. However, it requires using a larger brush and more of the product.

You will need to pick up a different, usually darker, more orangey tone to cover tattoos on your body because most people's body skin is darker compared to the one on the face.

Step 1. Apply one coat of the Kryolan TV Paint Stick directly to the tattoo area.

Step 2. Use a powder foundation and a brush to help the first coat stick to the skin.

Step 3. Repeat steps 1 and step 2 if the tattoo is still visible.

Make sure to use enough fluorescent powder between coats to seal each coat of foundation.

Travel and Social Media

Kryolan TV Paint Stick is very travel-friendly (sigh!) because you basically get all-around coverage in just one package that is sturdy, it doesn't unscrew by itself and stays closed until you open it. Additionally, it's also very popular on social accounts with many reviews!

The Makeup of News Anchors

It didn't get the name TV Paint Stick for nothing: its excellent long-hours coverage under heavy studio lights is widely appreciated on news channels, by professional makeup artists, as well as people who do stage makeup.

Glamour, Stage, and Drag Artist Makeup

If you are wondering how makeup wizards achieve those impressive transformation results when painting whole landscapes and fairytale characters of people's faces, it's thanks to Kryolan on many occasions. 


Known for accomplishing flawless precision, you can use the product to create a canvas on people's faces which you can use to fashion mesmerising Halloween or New Year's Eve drawings. 


The Kryolan TT Paint Stick is the choice for drag makeup, too. When the skin is coarser or includes facial hair remnants, you have to use a creamier foundation to design a smooth, flawless base and do makeup wonders. 

And thanks to its blendable versatile texture, you can use the Paint Stick foundation on oily and combination skin that frequently suffers from product breakdown in long working hours. Its camera-ready efficiency makes it the ideal choice for on-screen video makeup. 

There you go - if you are tired of carrying several makeup bottles in your bag and still losing coverage throughout the day, you may just find your perfect solution in the Kryolan TV Paint Stick.

Buy Kryolan Makeup with AMR

If you are ready to try some Kryolan makeup products for yourself, you can buy Kryolan Makeup online with AMR and delivery is available Australia-wide!

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