Thinning Scissors

Hair Thinning Scissors

Almost all haircuts ask for thinning and texturising techniques you won't be able to pull off without a good pair of hair thinning scissors. Most of the fashionable hairstyles and barber styles require using a hair thinner.

You can read more about the use of thinning scissors in our ultimate guide on how to use thinning scissors. Thinning may seem like a challenge but with the right tools, it can be the most pleasurable part of your work that creates smooth edges and seamless curves.

The illusion of a new volume that reshapes thick and coarse hair makes you feel great. Additionally making oomphs finer hair can completely transform your client’s facial features. As such, thinning scissors are an essential part of your kit in addition to your hairdressing scissors.

What Makes a Good Pair of Hair Thinning and Texturising Scissors

Hair thinning scissors are usually manufactured in blade lengths. Covering the range from 5" to 7" or 13 cm on average is what you can often expect. However, if you need to stock barber thinners, you will need to consider shorter scissors that fit nicely in your hand.

This helps to work around the sensitive areas around the mouth and the nose. The length is important, but what is even more important is the number of teeth. Teeth produce that thinning or texturising effect on cut hair. It's because they cut through different lengths in smaller hair sections created with one comb hold.

Solid Hair Thinners Are an Investment

Scissors with wider teeth are used for texturising. Hair thinning scissors with more than 33 teeth are among the best hair thinners. Some out there have 46 teeth or more for even finer thinning. What type of teeth density you will be using depends on the hairstyle but you will most probably need two separate pairs. One for thinning and another for creating texture.

Think of adjustable screws and durable materials that will remain sharp after repeated use. Hand-crafted thinning shears and scissors can last for years. They will be one of the best investments you have made in your hairdressing salon or barbershop. If you are also looking for thinning and cutting scissors you can shop our full range of professional scissors here.

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