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Celebrity Tricks For Lipstick + How to Remove Lipstick Stains

Jul 27, 2018Sharnee Rawson

Pouty lips, cherub lips, juicy lips, trout pout or duckface. Whatever you want to call them, the beauty world is fascinated with lips. Yet, some people are not blessed with natural showstoppers like Scarlett Johansson, Priyanka Chopra, Kerry Washington or Angelia Jolie.

When you want to draw attention without using injections, here is the list for you.

We will dive into the incredible world of lip plumper, ombre lipstick and even how to remove lipstick stains from carpet, clothes and skin. 



Lip Plumpers

In the 90s, you would receive raised eyebrows if you openly admitted to having work done to your lips. Thankfully, getting your lips plumped nowadays isn’t such a taboo. You can certainly turn to surgery if you want, but another reliable way to achieve fuller lips is by using visual trickery.

Here is how to get an incredible look the natural way using this easy-to-follow technique.


How To Get Plump Lips Naturally

  1. First and foremost, apply Modelrock Lipscrub With Lipstick Remover Vanilla Sunset all over your lips. The next step is taking a cloth and scrubbing the residue away to create a smooth surface to work with.

  2. With concealer or foundation on a beauty sponge, cover your lips to knock out your natural lip colour.

  3. Take a powder or liquid highlighter, then brush or dot with your finger onto your cupid’s bow. This will allow the light to catch the highlight and give the appearance of your cupid’s bow popping out more.

  4. Now, take a lip pencil and liquid lipstick in colours that will complement one another. Just keep in mind one shade must be darker than the other. For example, you could use a soft but deep red plummy tone for your darker shade and a light pinky nude colour for your lighter contrast. 

  5. For the top lip, sharpen your pencil again and overdraw the top lip starting on the outer corner of the lip. Feather in small strokes in a curving motion to reach to the cupid’s bow area. Using the feathering technique will control your drawing and minimise mistakes rather than trying to draw one continuous line above your lips. When you reach the cupid’s bow, round out the edges as the curvatures will make lips appear poutier. Straight lines would make your outline angular.

  6. When you are happy with the overdrawn shape, colour in the lips with the same pencil or use a retractable lip liner crayon in the same colour if the lip pencil is too sharp. Go dark around the inside edges of your lip, but use a lighter hand for the centre.

  7. With a lighter matte liquid lipstick, you can dot the colour in the middle of your lips. Taking a brush, you want to blend using patting and dotting motions to fuse the two colours together. This will give a slight ombre effect. 

  8. Once your blending is done, use concealer or foundation to crisp up your new lip line. This will clean smudged pencil edges and give the illusion of a protruding lip too. You should ensure your concealer brush is clean as there is nothing worse than having the whole look ruined with one swipe.

  9. You can leave this alone if you want a matte pouty look, but keep reading if you want bee-stung lips with sheen and shine. After the matte liquid lipstick is dry, you can apply gloss on the inner part of your lips only and dab it out towards the edges to fade it out. Putting the gloss on the edges of overdrawn lips will show people where you have drawn your false lip, so apply in the centre only. This helps you achieve plumper-looking lips with lip plumpers!

  10. Set the area around your lips with a powder to give a matte finish.

  11. Finally, use matte contouring powder or matte bronzer to lightly draw a small curvy line underneath the centre of the bottom lip to create a shadow. This will make your bottom lip jut out even more. Voila! Your natural lip-plumping pout is done. 



What Are Ombre Lips & Why Are They So Trendy?

From ombre hair to nails, the beauty world has been taking full advantage of this incredible trend. We even have the new and improved beauty trend of ombre lips. 

By using a range of common makeup products, you can provide a dark to light faded look with ease. The darker shade starts from the outside of the lips and becomes lighter towards the centre to attract all the right attention. This technique even gives the illusion of lips looking fuller and fabulous. 

How To Get Ombre Lips

Prepping Lips:


    How To Perform Ombre Lips:

    1. Go over lips with foundation or concealer to cancel out the natural pigmentation of your lipsticks. You can use a brush or beauty sponge, whatever is your preference.

    2. Choose a dark shade of lip liner and ensure the tip is sharp enough to get a precise line around the lips. Colour in the corners of the bottom and top lip to provide the faded look, but do not go in the centre. 

    3. Now with lipstick in a lighter shade, apply to the centre of your lip and blend the colour out using a swiping motion on the top and bottom of your lips with a lip brush. Be patient and blend, blend, blend.

    4. When you are satisfied with the gradient, use dark lip liner around the edges to define even more.

    5. If you see you have coloured outside the lines, clean up by using a concealer and concealer brush to accentuate the lips.

    6. Not only does cleaning up around your mouth improve poutiness, you can add extra oomph by applying a gentle dab of shimmer highlighter or shimmer eyeshadow in the centre of your lips. Blend so it melts into the centre and that’s it!


    The Korean Trend Of A Reverse Ombre Lips

    Why not try the Korean version of the Ombre lip trend too? Their interpretation is adding the darker shade in the centre of the lip and fading outwards for a natural flushed look. You can show off a youthful and freshly bitten strawberry aesthetic.

    To make Korean ombre lips look even juicier, apply a clear gloss on top. 

      How To Perform Korean Ombre Lips:

      1. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or lip balm, then apply foundation or concealer over the lips to neutralise your natural colour. You can use either a brush or beauty sponge as long as you can blend.

      2. With this lip look, we want something more soft and cute, so choose colours in any shades of pink, soft red or coral. Apply in the centre of the lip.

      3. Now with your ring finger or lip brush, diffuse the strong colour at the centre of the lip outwards, ensuring you’re using a side to side but outward motion. This can mean swiping or dabbing technique to disperse the colour.

      4. If you happen to be too heavy-handed with the blending of the centre colours, apply foundation or concealer on the perimeters of your lips. Blend inwards ever so slightly to give yourself the opposite gradient effect.

      5. Remember, to get the juicy and shiny finish, apply a clear gloss on top.


      Tip: If you just simply can’t get the gradient effect going, colour your entire lips with a soft stain or tint predominantly in the centre of your lips. Then, “tuck” in the centre or middle of your lips, giving yourself a turtle lip kind of look as you’re exposing the outer edges of your lips. Powder or brush on the foundation on top of the colour to get that easy gradient without meticulously blending.



      How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Skin & Lips

      Not everyone can afford to buy expensive high-end makeup removers, but drugstore options can struggle to remove lipstick. Dark coloured lipsticks are especially challenging, such as red, brown or even black. They can still leave a stain or underlying pigment that smears unattractively during removal attempts.

      Thankfully, there are other solutions that are effective and accessible. We want to introduce olive oil and coconut oil! These pantry classics even have some nourishing properties that condition on the skin.

      Don't just trust our word. We will be testing coconut oil and olive oil with two different types of lipsticks: Palladio Herbal Lipstick (wax-based) and Model Rock Liquid Matte Lipstick (pigment-based). Let's see the evidence below.

      3 images showing lipstick and human hands with lipstick stains on top

      Middle: Palladio Herbal. Right: Model Rock Liquid Matte.

      Micellar water being applied to cloth and lipstick stain on hand after wiping

      Palladio results after three wipes with Micellar Water. 

      Olive oil being used on cloth to wipe lipstick stailn off hand

      Palladio results after three wipes with olive oil. 


      Coconut oil being used to wipe lipstick stain off hand

      Palladio results after three wipes with coconut oil.


      Hand showing what's left of lipstick stains after three wipes of various removers

      Model Rock results in the same order (left to right) after three wipes of each product.


      The Final Verdict

      Out of all three products, coconut oil proved the most effective in lipstick stain removal.


      How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothing

      Uh oh, so you got some lippy stain on your favourite t-shirt. Before you start smearing lipstick even more by rubbing and scrubbing, just stop! There are some effective professional stain removers, but also some effective home remedies to fix this problem.

      It is always best to get stains out as quickly as possible before it sets. First, try removing the excess by using a blunt knife or another tool. The next step is blotting as much of the stain away as possible using water and a cloth. Remember to work your way gently from the outside of the stain towards the middle.

      Steps To Remove:

      1. Put the item stain side down onto a paper towel or a normal towel that you don't mind getting dirty.

      2. Dab a bit of your chosen solution onto the back of the stained area and into the towel you have beneath it. Avoid rubbing the solution onto the stain and spread it even more.

      3. Using another paper towel or towel, press on top of the garment so the stain will press onto the towel below.

      4. Change the position of the towel below or get a new one to keep absorbing more of the stain without re-staining your garment.

      5. Once the stain is removed, rinse the garment and wash as usual. 


      Some Remedies You Can Use:

      • Solvent: A liquid that dissolves substances.
      • Rubbing alcohol: Also useful for putting back together broken blushes and bronzers. 
      • Stain Remover: A stain remover can help break down and lift the stain more easily.
      • Ammonia: Ammonia is a very effective home cleaner, although a lot of you perhaps do not use ammonia because of its unsafe properties. Start by blotting away as much as you can using water, then with a cotton swab moistened with ammonia, dab at the stain. Wash the shirt by hand in warm soapy water.

      We decided to compare the products in this experiment in the following order:

      A range of household cleaning products

      First we stained a plain old T-shirt:

      Lipstick stains on a white tshirt

      Left: Lipstains with Palladio. Right: Lipstains with ModelRock.

      Grid of 4 photos showing products removing lipstick stains from white shirt

      We applied the same technique in the instructions on the T-shirt using each product (top left to bottom right) 1. De Solv It 2. Alcohol 3. Vanish 4. Ammonia.

      What's left of lipstick stains on white shirt after cleaning

      Top row: Palladio. Bottom row: Modelrock. Left to right = De Solv It, Alcohol, Vanish, Ammonia.


      The Verdict

      The best result for both lipsticks was Vanish - trusty thing! This is before popping the shirt into the wash with most of the stain already lifted.


      How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Upholstery

      On carpet and non-washable fibres:

      1. Apply a sponge or a dampened pad onto the area with a solvent. Then, blot over the stain with an absorbent pad.

      2. Continue to sponge and blot until the stain is removed. If the stain spreads, apply more solvent to loosen the stain.

      3. Let the solvent evaporate and then sponge the area with water.

      4. Apply a few drops of white vinegar and spot away with a wet cloth. Blot frequently with an absorbent pad. Wipe with water and allow it to dry.


      Lipstick stains on upholstery
      Vinegar being used to clean lipstick from upholstery

      The Verdict

      This method was very effective, although our final result still shows some pigment. If we kept going for a bit longer, it would have shown better results. 

      How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Hard Surfaces

      The best solution to removing lipstick stains on hard surfaces is warm water and lots of soap suds. Rinse the stain away and wipe it dry. We thought this one was quite straightforward, so no demonstration or comparison was needed! 

      We hope you have learnt something new. Share your own tips and tricks in the comments!

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