Pink hair colour ideas, inspiration and FAQ

20 Pink Hair Colours: Ideas & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jun 21, 2024Sharnee Rawson

Are you ready to add a splash of colour to your hair?

pink hair colour makeover is one of the most fashionable options on the market. From soft pastels to bold hues that demand attention, there is a shade for every personality.

Below, you can explore ideas and inspiration to help achieve the perfect look. There are also answers to common questions in our FAQ section, which covers everything from how to maintain pink hair colour to whether it's suitable for different skin tones.

Say goodbye to boring hair and enter a world of pink possibilities!



1. Platinum 

An icy blonde base is a striking backdrop for a hint of rose. Whether in natural light or under the glow of city nightlife, this platinum pink hair catches the eye from every angle.



2. Light Pink

Take inspiration from cherry blossoms!

This light pink colour is achieved by bleaching the hair a very light blonde or platinum base before applying a small amount of pink dye.

Afterwards, your appearance will project a sense of whimsy, romance and femininity.



3. Classic Pink

Here is what you imagine when you hear the word "pink."

You can show off your energetic, playful and confident personality by rocking classic pink hair. This cheerful pop of colour is a showstopper in any environment.



4. Neon 

You cannot get more adventurous than neon hair.

This fluorescent choice makes heads swivel, especially when it's paired with either sleek haircuts or voluminous textures that accentuate the boldness of neon hair.



5. Purple-Pink

Are you torn between purple or pink hair? Well, it's actually possible to choose both colours at the same time.

Expert Tip: Keep in mind purple-pink requires an experienced hairdresser to successfully straddle the line between the two colours.



6. Rose 

Are you someone who is obsessed with roses?

If you can't get enough of this popular flower, it's time to infuse a touch of rose into the hair. As a bonus, add a spritz of a matching perfume or essential oil to complete the effect.



7. Dark Pink

Get ready to join the dark side!

This devastating dark pink is perfect for anyone with brown or black hair who doesn't want to rely heavily on bleach, which can cause intense dryness, damage and weakness over time.



8. Shadow Roots

Are you a low-maintenance girl who loves dye?

With shadow roots, you can embrace regrowth and remove the stress of constant retouches. Locating an experienced hairdresser will make sure the pink and natural hair blend seamlessly to prevent a sloppy-looking appearance.



9. Money Pieces 

By now, everyone has heard of money pieces.

This popular social media style describes lighter and brighter sections of hair around the face. In this instance, they are transformed into an eye-catching shade of pink, which will stand out on every online platform.



10. Split

Are you split between two different hair colours?

There is a simple solution  adding dye to either side of the hair. Our top suggestions are pink and black, pink and purple, pink and orange, and pink and green.



11. Pink Tips

Prepare to add a touch of playfulness to the hair.

This is suitable for anyone who doesn't want to commit to 100% pink. Dyeing the tips will certainly elevate your appearance without the need for a full-on transformation.



12. Peekaboo

This is a popular choice for anyone wanting to add a twist to the hair without completely departing from a natural base.

Peekaboo is strategically placed underneath layers of hair to reveal flashes of colour with the slightest movement. Feel free to experiment with hairstyles to either showcase or conceal the colour underneath.



13. Pink-Purple Ombre

Like split, this is the chance to experiment with two colours at once.

Double ombre is a seamless transition from the roots to the ends of the hair. The pink and purple gradient will complement a wide range of hair lengths, textures and skin tones.



14. Pink Ice Ombre

There is another alternative if pink-purple ombre isn't the solution.

This type of ombre involves infusing pink into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Strikingly, there is a transition to white around the face, which creates a frost-kissed appearance.



15. Triple Ombre

If you want to take ombre a step further, there is another option.

Triple ombre involves adding three different colours to the hair at once. Above, you can see an example of an unbelievable pink, white and purple gradient.

Expert Tip: Due to the number of colours, we recommend triple ombre for someone with medium or long hair.



16. Watermelon

Meet a pink, green and black masterpiece!

This hairstyle mimics the dramatic colours of a watermelon. The green represents the outer skin of the fruit, and the pink represents the sweet interior. Black accents are even added to symbolise the seeds, creating contrast against the pink and green backdrop. 



17. Strawberry Swirl

Unleash your inner Strawberry Shortcake with a pink and white combination. 

This berrylicious colour demands an experienced hairdresser for the vertical streaks of dark pink, classic pink and platinum pink. These need to be blended together seamlessly to leave behind the signature creamy appearance. 



18. Pink Lava

Most people would not naturally pair pink and orange together. However, the unexpected match has recently been gaining traction in the fashion world due to the sheer intensity of the union.

We recommend either peekaboo, ombre or money pieces to promote the iconic lava-like appearance.



19. Winter Sunset

Are you an opacarophile who is obsessed with sunsets?

If so, you understand winter sunsets are one of the most incredible variations of the year. The shades of pink, yellow and indigo will lay the foundation for a fire-and-ice magnum opus. 



20. Pink Rainbow

Rather than a traditional rainbow, this version uses three different colours.

The pink serves as a harmonising element  tying together the touches of purple and silver. The result allows for endless styling possibilities, whether worn in cascading waves, intricate braids or playful updos. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before committing to a wild colour, most people have a number of questions about pink hair. Common concerns are about potential damage, maintenance, fading and suitability.

Below, discover the top three questions about pink hair.


Which Skin Tones Work Best With Pink Hair?

Thankfully, all skin tones are suitable for pink hair.

The trick is simply choosing the correct shade. For instance, fair skin and pastels work together beautifully. Meanwhile, darker pink will "pop" most intensely against medium to deep skin without overpowering the complexion.

The options are endless if you have a colourist who understands your goals.


Is Pink Hair Damaging?

It's time to take off the rose-coloured glasses. 

Although pink hair looks incredible, the risk of damage can be high, so you should always use a hair professional for the best results.

Anyone with medium or dark hair needs bleach to create a clean slate, and that is definitely a job for the professionals. Then, the chosen dye can be applied. A hair colour professional can advise you on how to best maintain the healthiness of your hair with bond-builders and other restorative treatments.


Does Pink Hair Fade Nicely?

Most fashion colours fade quickly, and pink hair is no different. However, you will be relieved to hear pink hair looks incredible even when the pigments have lightened. 

Keep in mind if a brighter result is desired then regular reapplications are required. 


Want to Know More?

AMR offers salon quality hair colours from top brands including Limitless, De Lorenzo, Muk and Goldwell. Our hair colour experts can help answer your questions about what hair colours are best for your clients.

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