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Proraso Beard Oil Review + Essential Guide to Beard Oils

Sep 18, 2019Scott Peers

Proraso beard oil review will help you to make the right choice when selecting a beard oil. There's plenty of craze around the Proraso range. Maybe it is about the Italian mafia vibe the bottle has which is often seen in old-fashioned barbershops on film.

Or, maybe it is about the unique quality of Mediterranean essential oils included in the ingredients.

How come this beard oil remains top of its class even after eight decades of existence? There must be something to it. We are here to explore and uncover at least a part of its secrets.

Then we will discuss the ins and outs of beard oil and why you might want to get some.

The Most Common Questions People Ask About Proraso Beard Oil

You must admit that putting an unruly beard in order is not that simple. Beard is similar to hair, and still, it is not exactly like hair. A beard is one extra thing to care for, but it is so special, that you won't ever risk leaving that proud mug ornament unattended.

You can allow for bed hair - it looks sexy and cute. But a beard with too many strays out of the way gives the appearance of a not-so-smooth criminal. We'd all like to avoid that unless you can make the stubble look good, as Prince Harry does:


For royalty, many sins are forgiven, which is not the case with us, mere mortals. We must wash, trim, and nourish beards regularly (ourselves). 

Truth is some men take care of their beards in a better way than they do for their hair. And that is the way it should be - it is facial hair after all, which is more sensitive and delicate than the rest of the head and scalp. It is on your face and a regular shampoo won't do the work.

You cannot use the usual styling products as you do in your hair. So if you want to know how to tackle the somewhat messy hair on your cheeks and chin to maintain an expressive countenance without leaving it to chance, maybe you haven't considered Proraso beard oil in all its glory. This is the oil for beards that are not kidding.


Why is Proraso Brand So Popular?

Proraso has always had a sense of its customers. That sense helped the manufacturer to keep up with the changing tides of men's grooming. The brand has a tradition of over 80 years, which makes it a long-standing choice, not some temporary or novel product that will last for a season or two.

As facial hair trends transcend an era, so does Proraso, not only for beard oil but also for all other facial hair products from the same line.


Proraso beard oil has always been around, even when carrying a beard was more or less uncommon. Needless to say, the packaging and the ingredients were and are on a constant improvement curve. For example, modern Proraso oils are made as a blend of natural and healthy man-made ingredients, without parabens, silicons, and mineral oils.

Today, there is more than one type of Proraso beard oil, depending on the beard texture, as well as scent. There is no stopping to implement the discoveries made by listening to customers.

Proraso will always remain the trusted product for taming a bold beard, regardless of personal preferences.

What Natural Ingredients Are Included in Proraso Beard Oil?

Oils should be all-natural, right? Some oil brands cost a bit more than others and contain healthy stuff both for your hair and the environment.

Cheaper prices for certain brands can equal a not-as-benevolent composition. Therefore, having concerns about beard oil is expected and justified.


If you take a look at this Reddit thread about Proraso oil ingredients, you may understand that many people share the same concerns. For example, people wonder why are there unnatural names and abbreviations for nature-based products, such as Proraso beard oil.

Among the many well-known and good enough to eat oils, including sunflower, avocado, macadamia, and walnuts.

But why is there BHT or Tocopheryl Acetate?

Although they have weird chemical names, these ingredients are not harmful or toxic when appropriately dosed. BHT is an antioxidant which, in small amounts, is even allowed as a food additive.

Tocopheryl Acetate is a form of E vitamin used in skin and hair products, which provides many benefits to hair, such as that healthy glossy look and is great for scraggly beard management.

On the other hand, menthol, eucalyptus, and cypress are not edible but are nevertheless divine for topical application. Oh, did we mention they smell nice, too?


Therefore, if you are dumbfounded by the Latin nomenclature, just keep in mind that it doesn't always mean a red sign. Some of the ingredients are there to extend shelf life as is the case with most skincare and haircare commercial products.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Proraso Beard Oil?

There are many fellow beard enthusiasts who use only Proraso beard oil and nothing else. Others go for completely different brands. To make a long story short, the most common reasons for choosing Proraso (or not) over other brands include:

Scent variety

After all, it's an essential oil product. It is supposed to make and brighten, and not ruin your or your partner's day with the scent it offers. You can find Proraso beard oil in wood and spice packages to satisfy the deep spicy aroma-loving fans, and in refreshing variants for those who prefer lighter, fresher smells, for example, the Azur lime line. 


Value for money

Proraso has the quality of a luxury brand and the price of a more affordable one. Maybe that's the number one reason to stay high on users lists. It's difficult to beat that ratio of a mid-price beard oil product.

A whole product range

There is Proraso beard oil, Proraso beard balm, and a specialised Proraso beard wash. There are also accessories - shaving tools, dispensers, and badgers, as well as soaps, foams, and creams that are practical and elegant enough to make any barbershop look good. If you consider becoming a barber, this may be among the ranges you try for sure.


Grows thick hair and keeps it tidy

Proraso is known to suit thicker, bolder beards, which doesn't mean that thinner, finer chops won't be able to use it - it's as much for the skin as it is for the hair. If you have stubble or finer hair, just limit the amount to a tiny few drops.

In contrast, you may need to use it a couple of times a day for long, thick beards to maintain the same effect. And thanks to the nourishing Omega-3 in sunflower oil, the thin hair may just start looking much better.

Note: Some men find beard oils too strong for frequent use because they leave the beard glossy, almost wet-looking. If that's the case, consider using a balm before oil. Otherwise, the Italian Olio Da Barba can become your beard's best ally.  

Beard Oil: The Quintessential Product for Badass Facial Hair

Even if you are the worst when taking care of your beard, you must admit that an unruly mess is not a pleasant sight. Moreover, it's not a pleasant feeling either!

If you're thinking of just letting loose of the trimmer and growing a beard that tells its own story, you should stop right there. How about considering some extra care in order to make your beard the spectacular style statement it was meant to be? Beard oil, for example. 

Did you know that beard oil is among Australia's most used products in barbershops and hair salons?

Let's find out why.

Here's Why You Need Beard Oil

If you love your beard neatly cut, combed, styled, and saturated with the good stuff, beard oil is a helpful companion to grow it healthy in all its shine, without dandruff and flakiness. 

For those among you who are used to applying beard balms, the beard oil will be a surprising and welcome refreshment. You won't want to leave your barbershop without getting that final oil treatment! 

Even if you are an at-home hair and beard master, you will be pleased and amazed at how quickly beard oil is absorbed into the facial skin and the facial hair at the same time. The effect is a matte one, without the greasy residue which can sometimes accompany a poorly chosen beard balm. While we are at self-mastery, check this guy's impressive styling skills and the winning face he puts on after putting a few drops of his favourite beard oil to complete the look.

If you are like most people, you probably have difficulties choosing the right products for your beard. Unless your barber recommends something, or you have a real beard enthusiast as a friend, you will stick to the first product from your local drug store. 

If a problem occurs, or if you no longer want to suffer from constantly scratching your dry face, especially from a newly grown beard, you may consider asking for some expert advice.

We hear your woes, and to help you, we have prepared an overview of the quintessential qualities of the best beard oils in Australia.

Is Beard Oil the Same as Beard Balm, Wax or Clay?

Above all, don't confuse the effects of beard oil with those of a beard balm, clay or wax. Beard balms are often convenient to nourish and protect shorter just-out-of-the-oven beards. A balm may work wonders on stubble, like Chris Hemsworth's, for example:


Clay, on the other hand, has a more matte appearance and will be a great match for those with oilier skin or if you want to keep an extravagant style in place. 

Keep in mind an important point: beard oils go with almost any other facial hair product, as they can be applied before or after the balm for maximum activation of the nurturing ingredients contained inside the bottle. And they can be plenty - from mint and lavender for a refreshing effect, to bergamot for calming and soothing cut skin, all the way to argan oil for protection and growth. 


That's right - there is a way to support your beard on its way to long awesomeness and if you want it big, you should take care of it in its infancy. Unfortunately, that sexy lumberjack look is not always a gift from the heavens.


When and How to Apply Beard Oil

The best time to put beard oil on is after you get out of the shower. It can be in the morning, which means you can apply the oil daily. However, you can also do it every other day or twice a week.

Find your own frequency.

Of course, you can also drop some oil if you feel the beard getting too coarse, regardless of the time of the day. Right after getting your haircut is also a great time.


Don't put it on fully wet hair. The beard should be damp. Use a towel or a dryer to remove the extra humidity before application. Now comes the big secret of effective beard oil application. You can go overboard. 

Little goes a long way for beard oils

Start with one or two drops, put it on your palms and spread it evenly by rubbing your palms against each other. Then just loosely pass with the fingers through your hair, making sure you cover all areas, the front, sides, as well as underneath. Don't forget to caress the moustache, too.


Since the beard oil needs to get to your skin, you're not done at this point. 

Use a comb or a brush 

Aa comb usually works better to distribute the oil close to your skin. Avoid combing the oil to the hair tips. Massage the skin with the comb to help it absorb the oil faster.

You can consider yourself all done!

Beard Oil Types and Their Benefits

Australian beard oil brands come in many varieties. Such richness of choice can make your decision complicated.

When brawling with the bottle ingredients on a full supermarket shelf, keep in mind the healing properties of most popular beard oils:

  • Mint oil: cooling, antimicrobial, antiseptic, relieves dryness and supports hair growth. (Proraso Beard Oil Refresh).
  • Lavender oil: anti-inflammatory (removes redness), calming, mood booster. (Ned Beard Oil The Lavender One)
  • Bergamot oil: improves circulation and alleviates pain (good for those small shaving cuts!)
  • Argan oil: restores, softens hair and keeps it elastic, stimulates growth.
  • Lime (citrus) oil: treats dandruff, smooths hair, relieves stress and enhances oxygen supply. (Proraso Beard Oil Azur Lime)
  • Sandalwood: promotes hair growth, coos down the face and smells fantastic.

Obviously, it is not only your beard that will say thank you when you use beard oil. You will get additional benefits for your skin, your mood, and even your respiration! 

Then again, some people choose to live without beard oils and seem to be hopping along nicely. The most important thing to remember is that beard primarily targets your facial skin, and only then your facial hair.

Depending on your beard style, you may choose to drop the oil and stick to your pomade or cream.

However, for a face mane that leans towards the long, voluminous style, beard oil is a saviour - it will keep your hair in place and those curious looks coming without too much hassle.

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