The best curlers For short, long, thick & fine Hair. Plus, find the best hair curler wand, cordless hair curler and cheap hair curler.

The 22 Best Curlers For Short, Long, Fine & Thick Hair

Dec 26, 2023Sharnee Rawson

Do you know curlers aren't one-size-fits-all?

The correct choice makes hairstyles easier and better than ever. To get started, first consider your hair type to find the appropriate size, mode and temperature. 

Hang in there if this sounds overwhelming. We have created a comprehensive list to guide you through your decision. You can discover the best curlers for short, long, fine and thick hair. You can also explore the best wands, cheap curlers and cordless curlers for under $100.

No matter what you need, there is a curler for you!



Best Curler For Short Hair

One of the most important decisions when choosing a curler is the size. 

When working with shorter haircuts, you will need the smallest option on the market. This will allow you to effortlessly wrap your hair around the barrel.

To make your life easier, we have listed all the best curlers for short hair ranging from 13mm to 19mm.

  • Silver Bullet City Chic Black Curling Iron - 13mm:
    For ultra-short hair, try this advanced curling iron. The 13mm barrel will heat up without damaging hot spots or temperature spikes. There is even ceramic technology to prevent unsightly frizz and flyaways, which often appear after heated styling.

    Price: $65.95.

  • BaBylissPRO Mighty Mini Crimper Blue - 6":
    How about the crimped look of the 80s and 90s? With temperatures of up to 210°C, you can create long-lasting waves. These will not result in the traditional "fried" look as the 
    ceramic and titanium plates leave your hair smoother, shinier and healthier-looking. 

    Price: $32.95.



Best Hair Curler for Long Hair 

Like short hair, remember to consider the size of curlers when dealing with long hair.

A lengthy barrel will allow plenty of room to twist or clamp, which ultimately means greater speed. We recommend aiming for a range of 32mm to 38mm for the best results.


  • Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Marcel Iron 32mm:
    With the flick of your wrist, this advanced curling iron creates all types of curls and waves. The non-spring action makes sure there are no creases, and the temperature control ensures there is consistent heat. What more could you need?

    Price: $220.

  • Mermade Hair Waver Pro Pink 32mm
    This powerhouse makes big and bouncy waves in seconds by clamping down on the hair. In addition to speed, there is ionic ceramic technology to seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and add shine. 

    Price: $155.55.

  • BaBylissPRO Ceramic Gold Curling Iron - 38mm:
    Meet the biggest and baddest curling iron on the list. With the 38mm barrel, you can style the longest types of hair without the usual fuss. There are even 25 different heat settings to choose from, including temperatures up to 190°C.

    Price: $114.95.

Best Curler for Thick Hair

Everyone wants thick hair, but the reality means plenty of challenges. 

Anyone with this hair type knows maintenance is difficult, especially when it comes to curling. Some curlers cannot handle an intense amount of thickness, which means half-hearted curls are left behind. 

To style thick hair, you need the most dependable curlers  perhap ones with multiple heat settings and interchangeable barrels to take back control.

  • H2D X3 Professional Curling Wand Black:
    If you can’t choose a size, you will love this customisable curling wand. There are three interchangeable barrels: 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. Get started by picking the barrel, selecting the temperature on the LCD digital control and waiting for infrared to heat your hair from the inside out.

    Price: $295.

  • H2D x5 Professional Curling Wand:
    If three barrels aren’t enough, don’t settle for less. Check out this wand with five barrels: 19mm, 25mm, 25/19mm reverse conical, 32mm and a bubble attachment. It's likely H2D x5 Professional Curling Wand will become your new favourite curler for thick hair.

    Price: $345.

  • Mermade Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush:
    Are you tired of needing 1001 styling tools for thick hair? Mermade Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush offers three heads to meet your needs. There is a drying head to remove excess water, which is perfect for slow-drying thick hair. There is also a 60mm volume head and a 32mm curling head to take your styling abilities to new heights.

    Price: $159.



Best Hair Curler for Fine Hair

Although thick hair is challenging, the opposite end of the spectrum isn't easy.

Fine hair demands delicacy. Due to the small diameter of the strands, damage and breakage is extremely common. You will need curlers with ionic and ceramic technology to maintain the health of your hair.

  • Mermade Mini Hair Waver Pro Pink 25mm:
    Meet the little sister of Mermade Hair Waver Pro Pink 32mm. The smaller version creates waves in just a few seconds, which means less chance of frying your hair from over-exposure. The ionic ceramic barrels also seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and create shine. 

    Price: $155.55.

  • Silver Bullet XOXO Auto Hair Curler:
    Automatic curlers are perfect for anyone with fine hair who wants maximum efficiency. There will be no more over-twisting or over-heating. Simply add a section of hair to the barrel and press the arrows to customise the direction. The last step is holding and waiting for the beep. 

    Price: $214.95.


  • Silver Bullet Platinum Curling Iron - 25mm
    The new "clamp and go" curlers are incredible, but it's hard to give up the classics. This iron is perfect if you want to create curls by twisting and holding the hair in place. It's also impossible not to love t
    he instant heating technology to get you styling sooner, and the digital display to keep you informed. The tourmaline and ceramic-coated barrel leaves your hair healthier too.

    Price: $129.95.



Best Hair Curler Wand 

Sometimes, the best curler is simply the one you know how to use!

Curling wands are one of the easiest options on the market. To start styling, wrap a small section of hair around the barrel and hold for several seconds until the curl is set in place.

There are no complicated clamps, springs or multiple barrels to worry about when using curling wands. You also won't miss state-of-the-art technology.

  • GlamPalm The Magic Wand 25mm:
    With a twist of your magic wand, you can summon curls without heat protectant. The secret isn't actually magical  it's the advanced technology. You can enjoy the micro-computer, which uses thermal sensors to automatically adjust the temperature. There is also a healing stone barrel to add shine to the hair.

    Price: $300.

  • GHD Curve Wand Creative Curl
    Easy instructions and futuristic technology? No wonder GHD Curve Wand Classic Wave is so popular. The 28mm-23mm barrel is designed to create natural-looking curls and deep waves. Plus, the 185°C curling temperature remains consistent thanks to the ultra-zone® technology. 

  • Price: $525.

  • GHD Curve Wand Classic Wave
    If you want GHD Curve Wand Creative Curl with a bigger barrel, try this version. The 38mm-26mm size is perfect for longer hair or anyone who wants a looser look.

    Price: $525.



Best Cordless Hair Curler

We've all been frustrated by curler cords. They tangle together, restrict movement and hinder progress  sometimes all at once. If you can't deal with them any longer, it's time to explore an alternative.

Cordless curlers are becoming increasingly popular because they offer ultimate freedom and flexibility. Just imagine walking around the house while curling your hair!

Let's dive into the options.

  • Mermade Mini Travel Curl Tong:
    This miniature model proves good things come in small packages. Mermade Mini Travel Curl Tong will finish charging in only 90 minutes, and the runtime lasts for over 35 minutes. Although the 25mm barrel offers temperatures of up to 150°C, the ceramic ionic technology maintains a healthy appearance. 

    Price: $69.



Best Cheap Hair Curler - Under $100

The cost of living crisis is taking a massive toll, and we don't blame you for seeking a bargain. In fact, you can save money and time by browsing these five cheap hair curlers under $100. 

There is certainly no need to empty your bank account to look fantastic.

  • Mermade Double Waver - Pink:
    If you find triple barrels intimidating, what about a double barrel? This 25mm icon makes styling compact, lightweight and easy. There are also ionic ceramic plates to nurture the hair and anti-scald technology to reduce the amount of heat on the exterior.

    Price: $99.

  • Mermade Aircurl - Pink:
    Mermade Aircurl - Pink offers transformations using the power of air. The lynchpin is the 32mm barrel with 360-degree vents for faster drying. 
    No matter what three temperatures you choose, the ionic technology will maintain the wellbeing of the hair. Not bad for under $100!

    Price: $99.

  • Silver Bullet City Chic Black Curling Iron - 25mm:
    The City Chic collection is designed for affordability, but you won't miss advanced technology. You will recieve fast heating, dual voltage, a 360-degree swivel cord, a heat-resistant handle, a cool tip and more.

    Price: $65.95.

  • Silver Bullet City Chic Conical Wand 19mm-32mm:
    If you love tapered curls and waves, this conical model is your new superstar. The wider base will leave large curls near your scalp and smaller curls at the ends of your hair.

    Price: $79.

  • Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Tong 32mm
    Big curlers and big price tags are synonymous, but this 32mm model bucks the trend. Silver Bullet City Chic Curling Tong is perfect for anyone with long hair and anyone who wants looser waves. All for under $100!

    Price: $79.


The Verdict: Did You Choose Curlers For Short, Long, Fine Or Thick Hair?

There are countless types of curlers on the market, but we hope this article made your decision a little easier.

Let us know in the comments whether you picked a curler for short hair, curler for long hair, curler for fine hair or curler for thick hair. You may have even selected curler wands, cordless curlers or cheap curlers for under $100.

Don't forget to visit the AMR Hair & Beauty website for more options.

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