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This Happened When I Added Milk Shake to My Hair Care: A Beauty Blogger Reviews

Jul 06, 2022Scott Peers

It can sometimes be exciting to try new things. When it comes to hair care though, the risks can feel huge. Nobody wants to ruin their look with unflattering cuts, unappealing colours or harmful hair products. Those fears are what stopped me from venturing beyond grocery-store shampoo and conditioner for years. At least cleansers banish grease, right?

Enter the Milk Shake hair care range. As the name suggests, the hair care brand Milk Shake has a connection to dairy. This protein-rich ingredient strengthens and nourishes the hair from the inside. Bonus additions like blueberries, apples and lemons also provide benefits.

Trying Milk Shake should have been a no-brainer, except I was nervous about deviating from my routine. I created a perfectly good one, thank you very much.


Once a week, I wash my hair with my usual shampoo and conditioner, and I comb the product through so each strand is coated. Using a comb created some big improvements. My traditionally dry and frizzy hair was softer, shinier and more manageable.

Yet, there were weeks when even this routine didn't appease my high-maintenance tresses. When I was offered the chance to try the Milk Shake range, I took some time to accept. I finally reasoned that sampling different products couldn't hurt. Truthfully, I wasn't expecting to improve my hair in such a colossal way, except that's exactly what happened.

Follow along as I review three products: Milk Shake Incredible Milk, Milk Shake Argan Oil and Milk Shake Leave-In Conditioner.

Is Milk Shake A Good Brand?

The name Milk Shake is undoubtedly compelling. Surely a company with such an interesting name has an equally compelling story. I did some digging, and what I discovered made me smile. Let's dive into the details.


Milk Shake emerged from the culturally-rich country of Italy. This particular part of the world is known for innovative hair care products, and Milk Shake only adds to that reputation. Their parent company is called concept and was founded in 1999.

For over 20 years, concept has been a hair care powerhouse. Their research process is motivated by quality formulas, and their blend of milk and fruit emerged after strenuous research. However, the brand wanted its products as optimised as possible.

Milk Shake gathered a host of natural and organic ingredients to nourish the hair. Not only that, but the ecosystem is at the forefront of their considerations. That's why recyclable packaging is used whenever possible, and even plastic bottles are made of 50% recycled material. Additionally, all their paper packaging is acquired from sustainable sources.

Reviewing Milk Shake Incredible Milk

Milk Shake Incredible Milk is basically hair care royalty. This all-in-one formula has won a bazillion awards, such as Best Hair Treatment in the 2016 Beauty Short List Awards and Best Leave-In Conditioner in the Hair Magazine Awards.

It's hardly surprising Incredible Milk is a #1 bestseller - there are over 12 benefits packed into one bottle. Incredible Milk shields against UV rays, heat damage and fading colour. Plus, it detangles, shines, volumises and minimises frizz. If you're wondering how one product is so effective, the secret lies in the ingredient list.


As the name suggests, the hero ingredient is milk protein. Any of our dairy-adverse readers can stop cringing. Milk protein acts as nutrient-rich food for the hair by strengthening the internal structure and promoting hair growth. This means less breakage at home and the salon.

Additionally, no Milk Shake product would be complete without a cornucopia of fruit. So, Incredible Milk is filled with vitamin-packed blueberries, raspberries, papaya and mango. These can boost hair growth, shine and overall health. As someone who struggles with dry hair, I was eager to see the results. It was time to find out if the hype was accurate by reviewing Incredible Milk.


First Impressions of Milk Shake Incredible Milk

I always appreciate eye-catching packaging, so the fluorescent orange bottle was an easy win. there is no need to carefully hunt through a forest of white bottles because Incredible Milk stands out, which is a boon for busy salons.

The packaging has more benefits, too. Incredible Milk is semi-transparent, so you can monitor your product use (and purchase another bottle before running out). The spray dispenser also makes application a dream, easily distributing the fruit-scented product.

My first impression is positive, so let's hope the trend continues throughout my Milk Shake review.

Directions & Care Instructions

For such a deeply intensive product, the instructions are ridiculously simple. That's always a boon because how can anyone possibly unwind when they're trying to remember 15-step instructions? 

When using Incredible Milk, I washed and towel-dried my hair. Then, I sprayed it evenly. There was no sticky or heavy sensation after use, and the product dispersed seamlessly. I was so excited to see the difference, I used my dusty, old blowdryer to speed up the process.

MilkShake Incredible Milk before and after

The Results

Soon after applying Incredible Milk, I felt my hair responding. Each strand became softer and silkier. Even the body of my hair improved for a fuller appearance without frizz. Due to my wavy texture, tangles are my constant companion, but they have been surprisingly absent since application. it's hard to believe the power of one product, but this award-winning spray seems to be genuine!

With such easy directions, Incredible Milk is a no-brainer for any salon or bathroom.

I Love Milk Shake Incredible Milk Because:

  • The product is an award-winning bestseller.
  • The spray application is quick and easy.
  • The orange packaging is easily identifiable.
  • Frizz and flyaways are controlled.
  • Shine is added to the hair.
  • Split ends and breakage are controlled.
  • Troubled hair is detangled.
  • Body and volume are boosted.
  • It's about $35 for over 12 haircare benefits!

I Disliked Milk Shake Incredible Milk Because:

  • My favourite part of reviews is always the savage critique, but I honestly couldn't think of any negative experiences with Incredible Milk.

Reviewing Milk Shake Argan Oil

Almost everyone has heard of argan oil, right?

The 'liquid gold' is derived from the fruit kernels of the argan tree and contains considerable benefits. Like so many beauty staples, it was once used as a home remedy until the secret became public. If you missed out on this PSA, let's give you a quick overview here.


Argan oil is so potent because it's filled with two components: fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. Fatty acids intensely moisturise the hair shaft and maintain optimum hydration levels. This reduces frizziness and increases shine for a more sophisticated appearance.

Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties mean scalp health is improved. As an added bonus, you can also use argan oil to protect against styling, colouring and sun damage. All of these benefits are found in raw argan oil, but what about Milk Shake Argan Oil?

One of the main ingredients inside Milk Shake Argan Oil is (you guessed it) argan oil, but the brand has taken the formula even further. You can enjoy cleansing, conditioning and restorative benefits. I've never tried argan oil before - so I was yearning to review the Milk Shake product. 

First Impressions of Milk Shake Argan Oil

Milk Shake Argan Oil first presents itself in a simple white box, but inside is a golden elixir. With a handy pump applicator, the oil can be dispensed with ease. it's another fantastic first impression.

Directions & Care Instructions

After a quick shower, I towel-dried my hair until the strands were damp. This helped spread the product evenly, especially as the recommended amount was only a few drops! The oil felt feather-light on my hair and did not stick unnecessarily to my hands (a quick rinse in cold water removed the product). It even smelt great, with a musky, natural aroma.
MilkShake argan oil before and after

The Results

Admittedly, I wasn't expecting too much from argan oil. I had listened to many positive reviews, but there was only one main ingredient. Surely a plain oil couldn't compete with intricate formulas?

Yet, Milk Shake Argan Oil seemed the most nourishing of the three products!

This is a tad subjective, but my opinion rests on the combination of the earthy scent and immediate results. My hair drank the oil eagerly, and each strand quickly began to glow with renewed lustre. Again, my dry and frizzy hair had been transformed into soft, smooth waves. Milk Shake Argan Oil is never leaving my bathroom!

I Love Milk Shake Argan Oil Because:

  • The golden liquid looks like magic.
  • The pump applicator means no fuss.
  • Argan oil is a main ingredient.
  • A feather-light feel on the hair.
  • Hair is intensely hydrated.
  • Build-up and pollutants are cleansed.
  • Hair is conditioned for a softer texture.
  • Split ends and breakage are repaired.
  • Hair is left with a radiant sheen.
  • A natural scent after each use.
  • The price is affordable.

I Disliked Milk Shake Argan Oil Because:

  • Like all oil-based products, distribute the product carefully as too much leads to an oily residue.

Reviewing Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner

Everyone loves leave-in conditioner. A regular conditioner is perfectly fine, but the convenience of a leave-in formula is almost unbeatable. For days when you need quick haircare, a quick spritz does wonders. Nevertheless, it's critical to choose quality options when treating your hair. That's why I was excited to try Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner.

The conditioner promises a heavenly experience. Unlike other sprays that stink of chemicals and leave a crusty layer behind, this product has a creamy liquid base. Plus, it smells delightful. Perhaps the strawberry or papaya listed in the ingredients?


Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner specifically targets dry or damaged hair. According to the product description, the end result is manageability and hydration, which is possible due to nutrient-rich ingredients. Milk protein makes another appearance to strengthen the internal hair structure and encourage growth. Added vitamin E locks in colour, and extra nourishment emerges through strawberry, papaya and sunflower seed extracts. If that wasn't enough, the unique Integrity 41 ® formula creates shiny, vibrant and sturdy hair.

First Impressions of Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner

Like the two previous products, Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner is aesthetically pleasing and practical. The milky yellow liquid and orange dispenser would be a much-appreciated addition to any bathroom or salon.

Directions & Care Instructions

To ensure the product could be distributed, I washed my hair and gently towel-dried. Then, I used the applicator to spray Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner evenly throughout my hair. Like the instructions requested, I targeted the most damaged areas. For me, these were the ends of my hair, which consistently appear dry and weak. The spray settled nicely onto each strand and did not have an unpleasant residue behind. I actually struggled not to intentionally inhale the scent because I relished the natural, fruity aroma. You'll understand if you buy your own!

Milk_Shake Leave in conditioner before and after

The Results

After the product had dried, I reached up to feel my hair and was instantly blown away by the softness. Each strand felt hydrated and healthy without the usual dryness and frizz. I had to look in a mirror.Sure enough, Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner had transformed my damaged hair into manageable and shiny locks. There was even the subtle scent of fruit streaming from my hair, which means Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner will definitely be a go-to on bad hair days.

We Love Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner Because:

  • The milky gold liquid settles nicely on the hair.
  • Application is quick and easy using the pump.
  • It's made specifically for dry and damaged hair.
  • Hair is left manageable and hydrated.
  • Shine and health are improved.
  • Softness is boosted.
  • A natural fruity scent with each spray.
  • Ingredients like milk protein, strawberry, papaya and sunflower seed extracts.
  • Only about 30 bucks for an intensive leave-in spray.

We Disliked Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner Because:

  • The bottle would not last especially long. Each spray reduces the amount noticeably.

So, Is Milk Shake Haircare Worth Buying?

I was first drawn to Milk Shake because of their unusual premise: dairy and milk in haircare. However, as you can tell from this review, the brand is more than just a gimmick. I reviewed three of the bestselling Milk Shake products: Milk Shake Incredible Milk, Milk Shake Argan Oil and Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner.

All of these products intensely nourished, hydrated and illuminated my hair. Plus, the fragrances were amazing!

However, if I had to pick a favourite, you might be surprised by my choice. I had never tried argan oil before, but I'm so glad I began with the Milk Shake rendition. The product instantly soaked into my dry hair and left each strand silky smooth. It was the most dramatic difference of all the Milk Shake products.

Your favourite may be different depending on your haircare needs.If you want to try these for yourself, you can browse Milk Shake products on our website or perhaps even in-person at our stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra.

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