H2D Hair: Professional Styling Tools

H2D Hair is an offbeat Aussie brand for manufacturing, distributing, and selling hair wands, irons, and straighteners. Styling tools can always be more perfect than they were yesterday. Straighteners and curls are a must-have for so many modern hairstyles even if you make them at home. Furthermore, hair curling and hair straightening tools are essential for salon owners. Most hairstyles require the final touch of a good hair wand, be it to create soft waves, remove static and frizz, straighten shiny locks, or for keratin application. Ask all hairstylists, and most of them will tell you that the quest for the perfect tool never ends.

Versatile H2D Hair Curlers

Having to use more than one hair styling tool is a common problem for most hairdressers. Drawers and salon cabinets are full of two, three, four or even more styling tools with a single functionality. They take space and make work more difficult than necessary. Although you indeed need to skill up if you want to create boho chic waves, loose beach-style curls, or balayage nonchalance with ease, more than half of a good job is up to the styling tool you use. If you are an amateur hairstylist and do your hair at home this becomes crystal clear when you visit a professional salon. It’s next to impossible to achieve the curl style your hairdresser did and not only you miss a side mirror. Replaceable and removable heads in H2D tools are a solution for all styling problems.

H2D Hair Straighteners

As much as versatility is prerequisite for curling tools, safety and heat protection are important for hair straighteners. Sometimes, you don’t even assume that a hair problem may be caused by the straightener you use. That is why H2D researched typical hair challenges hairdressers face in the area of straightening and designed the ideal smoothing tools for easy use, heat protection, and a safety system. Complete styling tools with H2D brushes, driers, and combs, and you can take your studio on any location with just one bag.


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