SNS Nail Dip Powders

Premier Dip and Glow Dip are the two most popular lines by SNS, available in hundreds of shades. It is impossible not to find the colour you most desire, either in vivid, fluorescent shades or in more subtle, pastel nuances. For the most gentle, translucent effect, try the
Pink and White dip powder line. SNS Collections is season-related to inspire you for a fresh nail renewal as the season changes or as a special moment requires your special attention.

Bases and Sealers

SNS is invested in making beautiful nails in a healthy way. Without causing harm to your natural nail structure, bases and sealers by SNA do just the opposite; they include vitamin E, oils, and calcium for stronger nails that grow fast. With the ingredients they include, these products are most likely to resemble your natural nails.

SNS Nail Kits: Home and Salon

Beginners with home use and in a professional nail salon, get all essential products in one neat package. Also, there are also
student kits available!

Gels and Polishes

Sold in pairs of 2-in-1 nail polish and a UV gel, the gel-polish duo is an affordable option to immediately revamp nails with love;y gel colors and get your nails in top shape for at least three weeks.

SNS Nail Art & Accessories

Ombre, marble or matte effect? No texture is off limits with SNS nail products.

For perfect nails, accessories are equally important as the dip powders, gels, and polishes. Find replacement brushes, armrests, UV lamps, and nail colour swatches to complete any nail look.


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Showing 1–12 of 602 results

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