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AMR Professional

AMR Professional Aluminium Foil Silver 100m


Benefits & Features

AMR professional aluminium foil is a silver-coated modern foil available in both 100m and 300m. This use of foil during hair colouring/ bleaching makes all the difference. The smooth texture of AMR Aluminium foilallows for even dye application, lowlighting and highlighting.

The reason for foiling could range from preventing colour or bleaching from reaching a certain part of the hair, as foil attracts heat this will help maintain the heat that is naturally produced from the scalp to process the colour faster. Use this hairdressing foil to separate the coloured part to ensure no wastage of colour or bleach.

The foil retains heat thanks to its aluminium material. Applying heat during the colouring or lifting process makes the final colour obtained more vibrant. Heat also ensures the lift is better and faster, saving time used during the whole styling process.

Key Features

  • Moderate thickness (15microns), ensuring heat-trapping is optimum
  • Comes in 12cm x 100m 
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect for bleaching and colouring processes
  • Available in two sizes, 100m, and 300m
  • Attractive silver coating
  • Suitable for professional hairdressers

How to Use AMR Professional Aluminium Foil Silver 100m

  • Dry hair (The level of moisture you leave on the hair depends on whether you want to bleach or colour. Colouring is best done when hair is dry.
  • Cut foil into strips of manageable sizes depending on your hair length (10-13cm wide and 20-30cm long is advised)
  • Section of the part you want to colour or dye
  • Place foil underneath the section of hair 
  • Apply colour or bleach
  • Wrap the foil
  • Allow colour or bleached hair stand
  • Remove foil and wash hair

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