Barber Chairs

Barber Chairs For Comfort And Style

Barber chairs is one of the first things a client will notice when walking into your establishment. Everything from style to comfort, you'll be heavily assessed on the furniture items you've selected. Customers will spend a good proportion of their time seated in one of these chairs, so ensuring their comfort is essential. Firstly, make sure your chair has all the features essential for providing the best experience for your clients.

Features Of Modern Barber Chairs

Traditional barber chairs were very limited. Their big and bulky design meant that it was difficult for them to be moved easily. Once put together, they were unable to be moved or adjusted. Today, the design is based around practicality. The modern barber chair allows you to recline, to allow for comfort when shaving. Adjustable and removable headrests make cutting easier, as does the ability to adjust the height with pumpable action. The swivel feature will also make it easier to move the client around, to ensure the best cut or shave with no spots missed. Did we mention that they look fantastic too?

Designing Your Service Using Barber Chairs

There are a number of styles and designs you can pick at AMR for barber chairs. Our chairs have all the modern features but in a classic design, to help create that traditional feel. Select from an assortment of colours from faded brown leather to greens, whites, reds and traditional black chairs. Many come in a polished chrome finish made of steel. The shape of the chair comes in a squared-off look or rounded and oval for something different. Furthermore, you can select from varied material patterns. Pick from smooth, vine design, pressed or lined patterns. You'll be able to find the perfect chair to go with any salon design you choose.

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