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Salon Shelves For Storage

There's lots of thought that should go into your decision when selecting salon shelves. Although some shelves are purely for display and decoration, others are used for storage. Firstly, consider what the shelves will be used for? Will they be used to store towels and other useful spa and hairdressing necessities, or are you going to display retail items? What's the maximum weight they need to hold? Considering these factors alongside design will help you to select the perfect shelves for your space.

Design With Salon Shelves

Firstly, thers a variety of salon shelves you can pick from at AMR. Mostly shelves come in a black or white design in an assortment of shapes. One of the most popular designs is the round towel rack. As suggested, it's used for storing towels that are rolled up. Furthermore, it'll make them more accessible from the basin if you didn't want to clutter the floor with storage cabinets and stands. Others even use the round towel racks to display featured products. It's a nice way to frequently change the design of your salon without a lot of effort. Additionally, you can use it for stock too.

Stocking Your Salon Shelves

As mentioned earlier, most of the shelves are stacked with salon essentials. Towels, hand towels and even sometimes sheets are stored on these shelves. They combine practicality with style. You'll even find some salons using these to store colour tubes! Add your favourite shampoo, conditioner or pack to the shelf for your clients to see. Allow the shelves to help create a space uniquely suited to you.

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