Coloured Hair

Coloured Hair Care

Maintaining coloured hair requires extra care and attention. When you apply dye, the cuticle is opened to allow pigments to be deposited. This can lead to dryness and damage, which is difficult for normal products to repair.

In this collection, you will find the most popular shampoos, conditioners and masks to improve the health of the hair. These will also help to maintain your desired colour too. 

Rejuvenation After Hair Dye

From Natural Look to K18, there are plenty of top brands to try. You will find powerhouses from around the globe, including products infused with wholesome Australian botanicals. Anyone battling with the effects of hair dye will love the chance to create a healthier-looking appearance.

  • Natural Look Colour Art Trio Pack 1L: You can regain healthier hair with these Australian shampoos, conditioners and masks. The combination of botanicals will help to cleanse, condition, hydrate and nourish at the same time.
  • K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask 150ml: How about a patented bioactive peptide treatment? This scientific formula will restore up to 94% of original elasticity and restore up to 91% of original strength. This is perfect for reversing the damage caused by hair dye.
  • 18 In 1 Professional Shampoo 1LAMR loves to support Australian-made hair care because of their reputation for excellence. This shampoo is one of our favourite examples. There are 18 unbelievable benefits packed inside every bottle, including repair and hydration.
  • Dumb Blonde No Yellow Duo 1L: Anyone with blonde hair will appreciate this shampoo and conditioner. You can neutralise yellow tones, moisturise, strengthen and nourish in no time at all.

                  Expert Advice

                  Remember to contact our experts if you are uncertain about the best products for coloured hair. We are here to help. In addition to our recommendations, we are happy to provide advice to allow you to enjoy coloured hair for longer. 

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