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Limitless Applicator Bottle 200ml

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Benefits & Features

Limitless Applicator Bottle is the perfect addition to your salon. You can use this product for any type of chemical or general washing service. However, Limitless Applicator Bottle is most suitable alongside the Limitless Illuminates Colour range. Simply fill with your desired liquid and apply to the hair. It`s as simple as that.

Limitless has a reputation for high-quality products, and Limitless Applicator Bottle continues the trend. The product has been designed for comfort and convenience during the process of applying product. In addition, the material is strong enough to withstand the stress of a busy salon.

One of the best parts of Limitless Applicator Bottle is the brand. The product has been created by Limitless, which has become a growing force in the world of professional hair colour. Their mantra is colour creation without boundaries, and Limitless Applicator Bottle helps this becomes a reality.

Key Features:

  • The perfect addition to any salon.
  • Use with other brands or with Limitless Illuminates.
  • Simply fill with liquid and apply to the hair.
  • Designed for comfort and convenience.
  • The material is strong and durable.
  • Enjoy colour creation without boundaries.
  • Made by a trusted company.

Is Limitless Applicator Bottle For You?

  • An essential product for any salon.
  • Made with performance and convenience in mind.
  • Created by a growing force in the industry.

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