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RedOne Aqua Hair Gel Wax Full Force Violetta 150ml

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Benefits & Features

All Hair Types

All Hair Types

Straight Hair

Straight Hair

RedOne Violetta Aqua Hair Gel Wax is the perfect combination of gel and wax. This combination is the hair throughout the day easily kept in shape and get it while a radiant shine.

RedOne Violetta Aqua Hair Gel Wax leaves no residue in the hair and features a blueberry scent. This gel wax keeps the hair flexible, allowing all day restyle through will be possible.

  • Combination of gel and wax

  • Creates a radiant shine

  • no residue

  • blueberry scent

  • Restyling is possible

Apply a small amount of wax to hair and style as desired, this product wont create stiffness in the hair and can easily be removed by combing.

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