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LashXcel Ellipse Mixed Tray C Curl 0.15

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Benefits & Features

The success of the Ellipse flat lash is its wide base and center groove, which allows for a greater surface area to bond with the natural lash and lock it in place. Along with longer staying power, LashXcel's flat lashes have less weight and create a more voluminous look. Lock your lashes in with our cutting edge Ellipse lashes.

Ellipse flat base lashes lock in place on natural lashes, giving longer lasting lash adhesion time.

A .15 lash, has the weight of a volume 0.07 lash which means they’re lighter on your clients lashes.

The tips are split, giving them instant volume.

Among our most popular lashes that are blackest black and silk

Row length are

9 x 1

11 x 2

12 x 4

13 x 4

14 x 1

Use: Professional use only.

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