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Nailed It Corn Blades 10Pk

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Benefits & Features

Are you tired of dealing with aggravating and uncomfortable corns? Thankfully, Nailed It Corn Blades 10Pk will remove these hardened layers of skin with extreme gentleness. The blade works by cutting away hard skin to reveal the fresher layer underneath. You do not need to worry about unappealing feet when Nailed It Corn Blades 10Pk is in your arsenal.

Keep in mind you should only target corns with this blade. Although their appearance can vary depending on the person, they are smaller and deeper than calluses. Corns also have a hard centre surrounded by swollen skin, and they may be painful to press. Common growth areas include the top of the toe, the outer edge of the small toe and between the toes.

Ultimately, the success of this product is no surprise. Nailed It specialises in nail care, and they offer an enormous collection of products. Our recommendations are Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm, Nailed It Edgecutter, Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair, Nailed It Pedi-Paddle Foot Smoother 1Pc, Nailed It Orange Stick Point And Bevel 10Pk and more.

Key Features:

  • A pack of 10 corn cutters.
  • Remove hardened layers of skin gently.
  • Cut away hard skin or cuticles.
  • Only use this cutter on corns.
  • Identify corns by their smaller and deeper size.
  • Common growth areas are on the toes.
  • The brand specialises in nail care.
  • Pair with other products, such as nippers, edgecutters, separators, smoothers, point and bevel sticks and more.

Is Nailed It Corn Blades 10Pk For You?

  • Create cleaner and fresher skin.
  • The cutter is quick and easy to use.
  • Made by a reliable brand.

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handy 10 pack

should last me a while