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Nailed It

Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm

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Benefits & Features

If looking at overgrown fingernails and toenails makes you shudder, you need to trust Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm. This powerful tool will trim away unwanted growth and leave a tidier appearance behind. With the 8mm jaw, you will get exceptionally close to the cuticle and the skin. A precise and easy transformation is possible with Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm.

Another perk is the high-quality material inside this tool. Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm is made from strong and durable metal, which means you can rely on incredible performance every time the cuticles are trimmed and the appearance of nails is tidied. In addition, the metal can be cleaned and sanitised far more easily than plastic.

Finally, you can rejoice because Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm was designed by a reliable brand. They specialise in all types of nail care products and tools. Other favourites include Nailed It Cuticle Pusher Double Sided, Nailed It Nail Wheel Round 18 Colours, Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair, Nailed It Nail Clipper and more.

Key Features:

  • A professional-grade cuticle nipper.
  • Trim away unwanted growth close to the cuticle and skin.
  • You can make the most of the 8mm jaw.
  • The nipper is precise and easy to use.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • The metal is durable and easy to clean.
  • Pair with other products from the brand, such as clippers, cuticle pushers, nail wheels, toe separators and more.

Is Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm For You?

  • Create a fresher appearance.
  • Using the nipper is easy.
  • Made by trusted nailcare brand.

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Customer Reviews

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G Reynolds

Broke first time using , probably why it was on sale

perfect size

sharp, small and perfect for cuticles