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Nailed It

Nailed It Edgecutter

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Benefits & Features

Have you been dreaming of incredible nails? Nailed It Edgecutter will make all of these dreams a reality. This helpful clipper is designed to cut nail tips to the perfect length and style, which is particularly useful when dealing with acrylic nails. Nailed It Edgecutter will become essential when used during services in your salon or even your bathroom at home.

One of the major perks of this clipper is the attention to detail. Nailed It Edgecutter is made from durable metal to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of a busy salon. The spring handle is also made to last. Plus, you will not strain your hands or fingers when squeezing the clipper closed. Nailed It Edgecutter will be easy to use by both professionals and nail enthusiasts at home.

Nailed It is an affordable brand known for specialising in nail care products. They always focus on high-quality and reliable performance, which means they are adored by their customers. We recommend pairing Nailed It Edgecutter with other incredible products from the brand, such as Nailed It Cuticle Nipper 8mm, Nailed It Nail Wheel Round 18 Colours, Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair, Nailed It Manicure Bowl Black, Nailed It Dappen Dish Glass and more.

Key Features:

  • An edgecutter clipper for nails.
  • Suitable for both salons and bathrooms.
  • Designed to cut nail tips.
  • Will deliver the perfect length and style.
  • Perfect for dealing with acrylic nails.
  • Made from durable metal material.
  • The spring handle is made to last.
  • Avoid straining your hands and fingers.
  • Made by an affordable and reliable brand.
  • Pair with other products from Nailed It, such as nippers, separators, manicure bowls, dappen dishes and more.

Is Nailed It Edgecutter For You?

  • A durable, reliable and effective nail clipper.
  • Acrylic nails will look elegant and uniform.
  • Take your work to another level.

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