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Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair

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Benefits & Features

Remove complications from nail treatments using Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair. This helpful tool will help to separate the toes during salon appointments or even home makeovers. You can perform impeccable pedicures: removing dead skin, softening hard skin and treating the toenails. You can even use Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair to paint the nails a wide variety of incredible colours.

Stabilising and separating is trouble-free with this tool, especially because of the quality of the materials. Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair is made from soft foam. This means users will be more comfortable during appointments, and removing the separator is easy. You will be happy to hear there are two inside this pack to fit onto each foot.

Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair is made by a reliable brand, which means you do not need to worry about compromising the standards of your salon despite the affordable prices. Shop bestsellers like Nailed It Edegecutter, Nailed It Pedi-Paddle Foot Smoother, Nailed It Corn Cutter Plastic Handle, Nailed It Pedi-Liners 50Pk and more.

Key Features:

  • One pair of white toe separators.
  • Perfect for salon appointments or home makeovers.
  • Stabilise and separate toes with ease.
  • Perform incredible pedicures and paint the toes too.
  • Made from soft and high-quality foam.
  • Users will be comfortable during appointments.
  • Removing the separator is easy.
  • Pair with other products from the Nailed It collection, such as edgecutters, pedi-paddle foot smoothers, corn cutters, pedi-liners and more.

Is Nailed It Toe Separators White 1 Pair For You?

  • Keep toes comfortable and clean.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Made by a popular nail care brand.

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