Natural Look Paraffin

Natural Look Paraffin

Are you ready for the ultimate spa experience? 

Natural Look Paraffin is a collection designed for the face, hands, feet and more. Each paraffin is placed in a large heater, then smoothed over the skin. The resulting warmth will open the pores and allow the magic to begin almost immediately. Every use will improve softness, blood circulation, stiffness and discomfort. Plus, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

It's certainly hard to resist the allure of Natural Look Paraffin!

Get Started: Facials, Manicures, Pedicures & Heat Therapy

There are plenty of options in the Natural Look Paraffin collection. Each one offers unique benefits for the skin, which means you should explore each one closely before making your final choice.

  • Natural: Do strong scents make your nose itch? This pure double-filtered paraffin is the solution. After the first application, all skin types are left feeling supple, soft and nourished. 

  • Lavender: Do you prefer an aromatic experience during spa experiences? If the answer is "yes," then you need to stockpile plenty of lavender paraffin. 

  • Peach: Here is another aromatic option. Compared to the sophisticated scent of lavender, peach is playful and fun — perfect for younger clients or clients who are young at heart.

  • Tropical: Be transported to a tropical paradise with this luxurious paraffin. It becomes easy to moisturise, nourish and refresh using a blend of vitamin E, argan oil and fruity fragrance.

  • Tea Tree: Did you know paraffin could be sanitising? This tea tree version contains natural antiseptic to treat fungal problems, which is perfect for hand and foot ailments. The tea tree scent is also delightfully refreshing.

  • Mineral Detox: Finally, there is this mineral detox version. You can easily replenish and recharge the natural functions of the skin with every application. 

Is Natural Look Paraffin Ethical?

It's time to relax knowing Natural Look is Australian-made and Australian-owned. This means you can expect the highest standards with every purchase.

Natural Look is not only cruelty-free, but they are committed to reducing their environmental impact and are active members of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC).

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