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De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Novacolor AB5.36 Dark Auburn Blonde 60ml

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Aussie Made

Aussie Made

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free



Inspired by nature, De Lorenzo Novacolor AB5.36 Dark Auburn Blonde 60ml is a magnificent hair dye. It is a part of the prestigious NovaColor range of products.

NovaColor is a professional hair dye suitable for the Australian climate. The hot sun and harsh weather prove to be very effective in making hair lose its shine and lustre. However, a combination of complex proteins and plant extracts from flora found in Australia comes as the answer to frizzy, dry hair. It is by design, natural and created to last longer than most products on the market.

The low ammonia content of De Lorenzo Novacolor gives your hair that shiny, long-lasting, dark, auburn blonde beautiful hair sheen, with little to no adverse effects. For professional use only, no dangerous practices were used in its production. It comes in a 60ml tube.

With 30 years of experience serving Australians, its quality and suitability cannot be denied.

Key Features

  • De Lorenzo Novacolour AB5.36 Dark Auburn Blonde comes in a 60ml tube
  • low ammonia: pose no adverse side effects
  • Complex proteins: Protect the hair to eliminate fizziness, breakage, and hair dryness
  • De Lorenzo Novacolour protects the hair from the adverse effects of harsh weather and climate conditions
  • Made from natural plant extracts from plants native to Australia
  • Professional use only

Is the De Lorenzo Novacolour AB5.36 Dark Auburn Blonde for you?

  • Low Ammonia content and makes hair shiny and hydrated with no adverse effects whatsoever.
  • De Lorenzo Novacolor protects the hair from harsh weather and climate conditions in Australia
  • Wash hair and rinse properly
  • Apply the De Lorenzo Novacolour AB5.36 Dark Auburn Blonde to your customers hair in sections.
  • Use your gloved fingers to work the dye into your customers hair.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

A good quality product with a great price. It is vibrant and pigmented. I will recommend this.

Nice product

It is safe and easy to use and does not irritate the scalp. It also make the hair shiny and hydrated. Will surely buy more.

It works.

This is a good quality product. It protects the hair from drying and breakage. It looks so natural and it works great. Will recommend this.