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Mermade Hair

Mermade Hair Towel

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Benefits & Features

What better way to feel pampered than with Mermade Hair Towel? This supersized and super-absorbant material is designed to soak up moisture quickly. There is no need to tolerate wet hair hanging down your back, and there is no need to spend hours waiting for hair to dry. Mermade Hair Towel will get the job done in no time.

Rather than rough cotton, Mermade Hair Towel uses microfibre to gently absorb water after baths and showers. This minimises damage and frizziness during drying. There is also a soft elastic strap to hold the hair securely in place without pulling, tugging or ripping. With so many incredible features, you might even want to wear Mermade Hair Towel when your hair is dry!

Don't worry about tying complicated knots or bows in your hair. Simply tilt your head forward and place the strap of Mermade Hair Towel at the back of your head. Gather your hair inside the towel and twist into a tight coil. Then, secure the end with the elastic strap.

Once you're finished with the towel, you can secure the hair with the matching microfibre scrunchie.

Key Features:

  • A supersized and super-absorbant towel.
  • Prevent hair from hanging down your back.
  • Do not spend hours waiting for your hair to dry.
  • The microfibre material will soak up moisture quickly.
  • Minimises the risk of damage and frizziness.
  • A soft elastic strap will prevent pulling, tugging or ripping.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • Includes a matching microfibre scrunchie.

Is Mermade Hair Towel For You?

  • A charming pink colour.
  • Pair with other Mermade products.
  • Made by a trendy brand.
  1. Mermade Hair Towel is intended for use on damp hair.
  2. Start by tilting the head forward and placing the towel with the elastic strap at the back of the head.
  3. Gather the hair inside the towel and twist into a tight coil so all the hair is covered.
  4. Secure in place by tucking the end of the towel into the elastic strap.

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