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Schwarzkopf BLONDME Lift&Blend Biscuit 60ml

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Benefits & Features

BLONDME Lift & Blend is the unique combination of lifting & colouring. The new BLONDME Lift & Blend provides up to 4 levels of lift while creating a perfectly balanced colour blend in 6 different shades.

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lift & Blend combines the
established Bonding Technology with a Collagen-BiotinComplex to cater for the specific needs of mature blonde hair while minimizing damage – for most iconic blondes irrespective of your age!

Key Features:

  • 6 intermixable shades
  • Cool, neutral tone directions
  • Mirroring Blonde Toning & Blonde Lifting for holistic approach
  • Base 6 and lighter with 30% or more white hair

Always intermix BLONDME Bond Enforcing Lift & Blend 1:1 with BLONDME Premium Developer. For levels 6 and 7, BLONDME Premium Developer 12%/40 Vol. For levels 8 and lighter, BLONDME Premium Developer 9%/30 Vol. Apply onto dry hair, do not shampoo beforehand. Apply the mixture in fine sections immediately after preparation. Use a generous quantity of the product in order to ensure the best possible lifting result.

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