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ANDIS Cutting Comb Grey

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Benefits & Features

ANDIS Clipper Comb on sale is a high-quality clipper comb perfect for fading, tapering and flat tops.

The haircutting combs are great at enabling you to perfect your clipper over/scissor over comb technique, allowing you to blend short hair into long hair. It is flexible yet sturdy.

The hair clipper comb measures 8 and a half inches long and 2 inches wide. This Andis cutting comb has long teeth that allow you to cover a large surface area for better and faster results. Its thin nature facilitates cutting when measuring the length of the hair. It is perfect for fading, tapering, and flat tops.

This Flat topper combs from Andis allows hairdressers to express their skills and get the best out of each cut. It is not only easy to use but works best for both professional and amateur hairdressers. The comb has the ideal length and width to fit into most hair cutting tools. The flexibility of the comb also adds to its ease of use, making it one of the most preferred cutting combs in the market today.

Key Features:

  • It measures 8 1/2 in length and 2 inches in width
  • Long teeth on comb save time as it can cover a large surface area
  • Sturdy, lightweight, thin - making it very easy to carry
  • Easy to handle, allowing you to hold the hair in place while you cut.

Is This Product For You?

  • Perfect for flat tops, fading, tapering, and flat cuts.
  • Thin and flexible, it allows cutting when measuring the length of the hair
  • Works excellent at blending clipper cuts
  • Great at clipper over/scissor over comb techniques
  • Can be used for yourself or as a gift to family or friends

How to use the ANDIS Clipper Comb:

  • Hold the comb against the head to use as a guide when clippering over the comb
  • Remove hair from comb after use and always disinfect after each use.

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