Brasil Cacau Product Guide

Brasil Cacau Keratin Instructions

Here is a step by step guide for applying the Brasil Cacau Treatment Process. The following instructions have been summarised from the PDF available for download at the bottom of the page.

Step By Step Instructions

Before You Begin

Brasil Cacau Keratin treatments are not recommended for use while breastfeeding or pregnant.

Also worth noting is that on some grey and blonde hair types, yellowing may occur. In some cases, hair may fade up to 4 shades. That's why testing is recommended on a discreet section of hair prior to a complete treatment process. 

Should you choose to use Brazilian ECOkeratin on Blonde or Grey hair, it is very important to follow all guidelines and instructions provided by Brasil Cacau.


Testing is recommended on a test strand of clean, dry hair. 

Apply Brazilian ECOkeratin treatment as per the following instructions and dry into hair.

Preheat a hair straightener (flat iron) to 170 degrees. Select the test strand of hair & pass the iron through as per instructions. After each pass, examine hair for any unwanted tonal change (e.g. excessive gold tones).

The iron should pass freely through the hair, giving off an acceptable amount of steam. If the iron does not glide freely and there is no tonal change, increase the temperature by 5-degree intervals and continue to observe any tonal change.

Ideally, the iron should glide freely through the hair and there should be no change in hair tone.

If treatment has proven to be safe and effective, it's time to begin the treatment.

Step 1.

Prepare the hair – clarify TWICE with Anti Residue Shampoo.

Step 2.

Working in sections, dry the hair in a downward direction with your fingers to approximately 75-80% dry. Very porous hair can be left slightly damp.

Step 3.

With a heat-resistant comb section the hair into clean quarter sections. Secure with sectioning clips. Pour a measured amount of Brazilian ECOkeratin into a plastic tint bowl. 30-40ml should be sufficient for shoulder-length hair.

Step 4.

Taking very fine secondary sections, apply the product sparingly and work it through to the very ends. The formulation should slip through the hair effortlessly. Comb through the hair from roots to ends. Complete the entire head using this procedure. Using gloves is optional.

TIPfor extremely resistant hair and porous hair you can let the product soak into the hair for up to 30 mins.

Step 5.

When the application process is complete use a hair dryer on a reasonable heat. Take sections of hair and use a downward motion to dry the hair 100%.

TIP – take small handful sections of hair at a time - this will cut down your time and keep you working in an organised manner making sure all areas of the hair are dried 100%.

On some hair types and textures a hot tube/bristle brush may be used.
Take into consideration the hair is in a brittle state so do not overstretch.

TIP – a nozzle on your dryer will help you achieve a smoother result on the hair.

Step 6.

With the hair 100% dry, section the hair again into quarter sections with a heat-resistant comb. Secure with sectioning clips.

Step 7.

Preheat your iron to the appropriate heat for your client’s hair.

Hair Type Passes & Temp Guide

  • Fine Hair  6-10 Passes (Approx) at temp of 150º-200º
    • Double Processed
    • Sensitised Hair
  • Fine-Medium Hair 6-10 Passes (Approx) at temp of 150º-220º
    • Previous Chemical History
  • Medium-Coarse Hair 8-10 Passes (Approx) at temp of 170º-230º
    • Previous Chemical History
  • Coarse Wiry and Virgin Hair 10-20 Passes (Approx) at temp of 180º-230º
    • No Chemical History
    • Virgin hair requires extra passes as it is more resistant and there is no chemical damage to the cuticle

Stronger/resistant hair requires a higher temperature than delicate/fragile hair.

Step 8.

Take very fine secondary sections with a heat-resistant tail comb - iron these sections thoroughly from the root area to the ends. Each section should be ironed approximately 8-10 times - depending on your client’s hair.

TIPThe hair should appear silky and shiny when this is completed correctly.

Step 9.

Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water in one direction. Do not rough the cuticle. Rinse until the water is clear.

TIPon thicker hair you may have to rinse for a longer period of time to remove excess product.

It is advised to not use demi colours or any colour that may contain ammonia on the day. These types of colours are suitable 7-10 days after the treatment.

Step 10.

With a towel, gently squeeze the excess water from the hair and do not rough the cuticle. Apply a generous amount of Brasil Cacau Deep Conditioning Mask to the hair, ensuring it is well saturated and then comb through with a wide-tooth comb.

Leave 5-7 minutes then rinse.

Step 11.

Brasil Cacau recommends applying the Brasil Cacau Leave-In Primer to the hair and then proceeding to dry the hair completely.

TIPkeep the nozzle on the dryer and use your fingers to blast dry the hair. If needed, a vent or paddle brush will assist your finish. It’s entirely up to you whether you finish with a flat iron or leave a natural frizz-free finish. The hair will now be frizz-free, smoother, shinier and more manageable.


Can You Do the Brazilian Ecokeratin Treatment After Colouring/Highlighting?

It is advised to wait until one week after treatment for colouring. If the hair has recently had a colour service, the hair may fade 1-3 shades during the process but can be refreshed one week after.

DO NOT use colours that require an activator, colour shampoos or mousses to tone the hair on the same day as the treatment.

Can You Do the Treatment on Previously Chemically Treated and Virgin Hair?

Yes, the Brazilian ECOkeratin can be used on virgin hair and previously chemically treated hair. Both require slightly different attention. As the keratin levels aren't as depleted with a virgin head of hair, it is harder to penetrate the treatment into the cuticle.

As such, a higher amount of passes through the hair and a higher temperature on the iron is required. It is also advised after the application of the product to allow an absorption time for a period of 20-30 minutes. As the hair will naturally resist the treatment, this gives the product more time to penetrate prior to the drying step.

Can You Swim in a Salt/Chlorine Pool or the Ocean After My Treatment?

Yes. It's recommended you apply a generous amount of Brasil Cacau Leave-In Primer before and after you enter salt/chlorine water. This will aid longevity and provide optimum results.

How Long Does Brasil Cacau Treatment Last in the Hair?

The treatment is designed to last up to 6-8 weeks depending on the hair texture/porosity etc. Brazilian ECOkeratin has no re-growth.

How Frequently Can Brasil Cacau Treatment Be Applied? 

Every 4-8 weeks. Brazilian ECOkeratin is a cumulative reconstruction treatment; therefore the more it’s done the healthier the hair becomes and the longer the results last.

Download the Product Guide PDF

All the information above plus more can be downloaded in this Brasil Cacau Product Guide PDF.