Pure Brazilian Keratin Treatment Steps

Pure Brazilian Keratin Treatment

The Pure Brazilian Treatment is a 90-minute salon service that can transform your client’s hair to be silky, smooth, frizz-free and manageable.

Follow along for what you will need to offer a Pure Brazilian Keratin Treatment and a step-by-step guide for getting the best results. A PDF summary is available for download on this page below the treatment instructions.

The Pure Brazilian Treatment is not permanent and it is not a relaxer. It is a smoothing process that coats hair with a protective barrier of amino acids, making it stronger, much softer and more manageable.

Before & After Photos

Hair Before Pure Brazilian Treatment
Pictured above - Hair Before Pure Brazilian Treatment

 Hair after Pure Brazilian treatment has been applied

Pictured above - Hair After Pure Brazilian Treatment


Advantages of Pure Brazilian

  • The treatment lasts approximately 3-5 months, provided you are using the Pure Brazilian home care line
  • Blow dry time is cut in half
  • Colour “Pops” as the cuticle is sealed
  • Works well on hair extensions
  • Washes out in the salon so no downtime
  • Can be used over relaxers, perms, Japanese treatments and colour
  • The Pure Brazilian can be customised to suit your clients desires in terms of curl and wave retention
  • This service is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the health of their hair


Before You Start - You Will Need

Gather the following tools and products.


  1. Fine tooth comb
  2. Gloves
  3. Clips
  4. Bowl
  5. Chemical brush
  6. Towels
  7. Blow-dryer
  8. Round/paddle brush
  9. Professional flat iron (able to heat to 450 °F or 230 °C)


Pure Brazilian Products:

  • Pure Brazilian Anti-Residue Shampoo
  • Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution
  • Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Masque
  • Miracle Leave-In Conditioner Spray


Pure Brazilian Shampoo & SolutionPure Brazilian MasquePure Brazilian Leave in Conditioner

How to Apply Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution

Step 1

Diagram of hair being washed

Open the cuticle. Wash hair with Pure Brazilian Anti-Residue Shampoo. Let sit on hair for 5 minutes to penetrate the cuticle. Repeat if necessary until hair has a “squeaky clean” feeling. Focus on the hairline, nape of neck and mid-shaft to end.



Step 2 

Towel dry hair diagram

Towel dry the hair. Hair should be damp, but not “too wet” or “too dry”. Use a blow dryer if needed.





Step 3

Hair divided into 4 sections diagram

Divide the hair into 4 sections using clips. You will start applying from the nape to the top. Measure 1 ounce of Pure Brazilian Reconstructor

(Step 2) Solution into your colour bowl. Add more if necessary, but this is usually enough



Step 4

Applicator brush on hair diagram

Starting at the nape, using ¼” to ½” subsec- tions, use an applicator brush to lightly dust the Reconstructor onto a section of hair. Apply root to end but do not apply directly to the scalp. Comb through with a fine tooth comb to remove excess product. Apply evenly to each section until all hair is coated.




Step 5

Blow dry hair diagram

Blow-dry hair 100% using a round brush or paddle brush. Get the hair as smooth as possible.





Step 6

Flat iron on hair diagram

Section the hair into 4 sections. Depending on the condition of the hair, the flat
iron’s temperature should range between 380-450°F (190-230°C). Using 2-3 inch sections, flat iron from root to end using consistent pressure. Pass over 5-6 times.
If the client desires a straighter effect, pass over 6-8 times.



Step 7

Rinse the reconstructor diagram

Rinse the Reconstructor
Solution from the hair for 2-3 minutes using lukewarm water. (No need to shampoo, just rinse.)




Step 8

Apply masque diagram

Apply the Pure Brazilian Deep Conditioning Masque liberally.
Let sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse.




Step 9

Apply masque diagramSpray Pure Brazilian Miracle Leave-In Conditioner evenly through hair.





Step 10

Blow dry hair diagram

Blow-dry using fingers. Then style as desired.





Step 11

Home hair care products diagram

Be sure your client uses the Home Care products to optimise treatment and ensure long-lasting results!





Important Notes

a. “Less is more” with product usage. A little goes a long way!
b. Each step is important and can affect the whole process.
Take your time and be meticulous with each step

* Note: These instructions are for the ORIGINAL Reconstruction Solution. Directions for the Express Blowout and CLEAR Solution slightly vary. Please refer to the back of the bottle for specific instructions.

Treatment Instructions PDF (Download)

Download a PDF summary of the Pure Brazilian Treatment Instructions.

Pure Brazilian Vs Brazilian Blowout

Pure Brazilian is a different brand from Brazilian Blowout and while they are both protein treatments, Brazilian Blowout is technically not a keratin treatment. 

Both treatments get impressive reviews and you can learn more about Brazilian Blowouts in this review.

With the correct use of After Care products, the Pure Brazilian treatment is reported to last between one and two months longer than a Brazilian Blowout.

Product Alternatives & Recommendations

For expert recommendations on the best products for keratin treatments to offer at your salon, please have a chat with our friendly team.