15 Understated Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas for Brunettes and Blondes

December 6, 2020

Rachael Grant

Do you lack chocolate brown hair ideas? That can’t be true! Considering how luscious healthy brown hair looks when dyed in chocolate shades, it never gets boring. There is a good reason blondes with highlights come back to a natural chocolate brown to restore brilliance: its shine is unparalleled. Moreover, a simple change towards darker tones can make you a completely new person. Even if you are a natural brunette, colouring your hair a couple of shades darker or adding highlights can be just the shift you needed in your life. 

Benefits of Transitioning to Chocolate Brown Hair: Ideas to Inspire You  

Chocolate brown hair comes with a few extra perks, too:

  • Dark roots aren’t that noticeable
  • Unwashed hair doesn’t look so down-and-out
  • You can wear bold makeup (heavy eyebrows included)
  • Outfit colour combos take a lot less time (you can pull off almost anything). 
  • There is not one bad hair day.
  • Fibres appear thicker and voluminous.
  • You’ll spend less on hair products.

It is time to look into some sophisticated chocolate brown hair ideas that have become classics. Fans of unusual hair colours, fear not: there is a choice for you, as well. From light to dark chocolate, the ideas below are as scrumptious as they are practical.   


Light Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas

When you combine black and blonde, you get chocolate. If you have your suspicions about doing blonde foils on black hair, this is your proof that you can absolutely pull it off. 


Isn’t it nice when you can jumpstart your hair volume by adding just the right amount of warm sun-kissed red-brown tones? Take a chance on this dimensional balayage with smudged roots for an easy upkeep hairstyle dyed in a dominating toffee shade. 


This super long golden brown hair resembles natural highlights that are just fading from the sunlight effect. Sweet enough for fall vibes and early spring, this is a light chocolate brown idea that will lift your mood as days become longer and warmer.

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas

Although ultra-dark, almost black brown can make you look more serious, its unprecedented shine is worth the sacrifice. Frame the front with subtle highlights to create playfulness and a casual vibe. 


This low-maintenance, practical bob shag in deep chocolate brown can produce massive hair envy in all its shining glory. If you don’t mind regular haircuts, then, by all means, give it a go! 

It is time to deliver on the promise for unusual chocolate brown hair ideas. Make things get more interesting by dying your natural hair dark chocolate brown and adding lilac/light blue balayage highlights.  


Sometimes the simplest colour makes the most impact. Make sure to use permanent chestnut coffee brown dye for lasting results. 


Milk Chocolate Brown Ideas

Chocolate brown hair in the medium range doesn’t need to be a déjà vu. Play it inventively by combing a middle part and lightning the ends with ashy brunette highlights. The transition from dark to light is not new, but when you pair it with a cheeky smile and nude makeup, your style points go up and up. 


A lob doesn’t need to be a blonde balayage to be gorgeous, as witnessed by this warm brunette tone. Waves are optional but add that extra va-va-voom to keep things exciting and naughty.   



Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Caramel naturally complements chocolate, in food and hair. For a more striking hairstyle with added highlights, ask your hairdresser to go 4 to 5 shades lighter. This chocolate brown hair idea is almost 90s-like, but if you don’t want to share your look with everyone else, this caramel brown is a delightfully inventive choice.    


There is plenty of ways you can do the colour melting technique, working with separate colour mixes on roots, ends, and the middle. The contrast on the rich copper brunette below is fascinating, yet soft enough to classify the ends as rose blonde. Colour melt magic at its best! (Maintain with copper shampoo.)


Here is another rebellious brown hair idea achieved with red colour melting. This one includes auburn, red, copper, and chestnut tones. The beauty in wearing chocolate brown hair with red highlights is that you can go lighter in just a few months, provided you use semi-permanent colours.  


In case you are not happy with the state of your hair, dark chocolate brown hair has proven its brilliance. Add keratin treatment to boost the shine even further and shorten locks to remove any split ends. A textured asymmetrical bob is a plus for healthy hair.  

Achieve subtle brown hair transformation by adding elusive reddish-blonde highlights. A delicate shade which can grow into a head-turner when paired with lots of volume and a professionally executed haircut.    

How to Choose the Right Chocolate Brown Hair Tone

There is no need to get confused by a hue that looks simple and overwhelming with the choice. Questions to ask when picking a flattering deep brown shade for your hair include:

  • What is my skin tone (warm or cool, gold, rosy, or olive)?
  • What is my base hair colour?
  • How much effort do I want to invest in maintaining it?
  • Am I looking for a lasting change or a short-term refreshment?
  • Do I want a DIY chocolate brown or I require professional services?

Chocolate brown hair is among the most rewarding choices. It is tough to make a massive mistake with it. The most likely area to pose a challenge is constant bleaching due to going lighter and lighter. Still, with professional products and timely care and attention, no brunette hairstyle is unachievable. 


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