ColdBrush™ By BabylissPro: Cryotherapy For Your Hair

September 9, 2020

Rachael Grant

Addicted to hair straightening but find it drying on your hair? We do too, that’s why we are so thankful for the latest innovation when it comes to styling! BabylissPro has been hard at work creating their latest innovation! This new technology isn’t like your traditional straightener, blowdryer or brush though, this design is a game-changer. The ColdBrush™  will be your new best friend, especially if your style your hair daily using hot styling tools normally!

So why’s it so great?

The answer in short: Cryotherapy. Never heard of it before? We hadn’t either. It’s been around for a while, just not applied to hair so we forgive for being new to this. Let’s discover what cryotherapy is and why you need this in your life!

BabylissPro ColdBrush™ –  Cryo Care Overview

Cryotherapy in simple terms can be translated to cold therapy. It uses freezing or near-freezing temperatures for several applications. Traditionally, it’s been used for treating skin conditions, reducing swelling and relieving muscle pains. In recent times, it’s been utilised as a beauty therapy treatment, especially for facials. So how can this be applied to your hair?

They’ve done the research and backed it with science.

The ColdBrush™ was designed using the Peltier Effect which is a thermoelectric effect. In layman’s terms, heat (or in this case cold) is transferred from one side to another, creating a temperature difference. The brush has two ceramic insulated plates with two types of semiconductors. When electricity then flows through the module, heat is transferred away, and the cold is absorbed instead. So heat is effectively removed and replaced with cooling instead to give a sleek and straight appearance.

Benefits Of The BabylissPro ColdBrush™

Firstly, think of how often you straighten your hair? Most people will use a straightener every two to three days. Drying right? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Rather than braving the frizz, you could switch to the “cool” alternative. This means you don’t have to compromise on looks or the condition of your hair. Rather than drawing out moisture as heated styling tools do, this brush is engineered to rehydrate the hair while conditioning it too.  Moisture is transferred from the air and into the hair shaft, aligning each strand.

Your hair will be left feeling amazing, but it will also look healthier too. You’ll see the increased shine, softer hair and overall more manageable results. Also, did we mention fewer flyaways?

You’re welcome!

It’s important to note that you won’t get the same results as with a traditional straightener. This product is more focused on smoothing the hair and minimising frizz.

BabylissPro ColdBrush™: Specs & Performance 

Some of the key features that caught our attention were the 90 metal bristles it uses to help detangle the hair while you straighten it. The plate is also coated with nano titanium, which makes it glide through your hair effortlessly. We’ve mentioned a few times that it gets to freezing temperatures and we weren’t kidding, it comfortable works at 0 degrees!

Key features:

  • Designed using the Peltier Effect
  • Brushless motor for longer life
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • 360-degree swivel cord: Makes movement a breeze!
  • Reduces frizz and increases shine
  • Cools to an efficient 0 degrees


How often should you use the brush? 

Unlike heated styling tools, the BabylissPro ColdBrush™ is safe to use daily!

Can you use the ColdBrush™ with extensions? 

Since there is no heat involved, you don’t need to stress about the glue melting or it damaging your chemically straightened hair. Just use it like you would a regular hair brush! To be safe, we’d still use a thermal protectant on it and use a detangling brush prior.

Can it be used on wet hair? 

Damp hair, yes. It’s safe to use but we would recommend not jumping straight from the shower and grabbing it without towel drying it first.

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Are there other ColdBrushes™ on the market?

BabylissPro has uniquely designed and patented this technology. It’s the first on the market but we are sure with its success, others will try and create similar ranges!

Are special hair products required when using The ColdBrush™? 

You can use your regular shampoo and conditioner when using this product. You can consider getting a thermal spray but it won’t need the protection as it does with heat. To help reduce frizz, use in conjunction with other products from the BabylissPro brand, or invest in professional shampoos, conditioners and masks!

Tried The ColdBrush™ yourself? We’d love to know your experience! Comment below.

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