How to Get the Perfect Summer Skin

January 5, 2018

Samantha Bun


We are entering the second month of summer, so most of you should have your summer skin by now. But I know it may have been a bit harder for some of you due to the miserable overcast we experienced this Christmas, or some of you are workaholics – ditching Double Bay for double pay. If you’re still looking to get your tan on, we have all the right tips to make you glow, glow, glow! First of all, you need to prep your skin and let the tan soak in. The preparation for the tan occurs four days before your major event. I know this sounds tedious, but this is how you will achieve the perfect summer skin.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Before you apply any tanning products, always exfoliate! This is to remove any dead and dry skin cells so that your skin is nice and clear for the tan application. This is best done four days before your main event, which is two days before your tan application. For example, if you have an event on Saturday, start your exfoliation on Tuesday. The reason being is exfoliation and waxing will open up your pores, so you want to do this in advance so you give your pores time to close up before applying tanning solution. Otherwise, you will get tan in your pores and it will appear as little dots.

Exfoliation is key and there are some sure ways to get this right. Make sure you grab a really good body scrub and some exfoliating gloves.

bondi sands
Bondi Sands

You can’t go wrong at all with any of the Bondi sands range or anything B.Tan! These ranges are premium that won’t leave your skin, dry, patchy or orange! Did I mention that they work really fast? You might find one brand works better for you than the other. Personally, I’m a B.tan girl myself but you can’t go wrong with either option.

The other option which I love also is the B.Tan Coffee Scrub. I basically jump in the shower and wet myself a little bit then turn the tap off and start applying the coffee scrub and spending a solid ten minutes just rubbing it all over. The smell is delectable if you’re a coffee lover and it makes your body feel like silk afterwards. It gets quite messy but is totally worth the clean up afterwards if you’re not in a rush to jet.

          Lycon Apple and Cranberry Sugar Scrub

The other option is to go for professional salon grade exfoliator that is commonly used in salons when you get your pedicure, like the Lycon Sugar Scrubs. It effectively buffs away dead skin cells, boosts circulation and moisturises at the same time without leaving an oily residue that causes skin clogs and breakouts. They come in different scents like Apple and Cranberry, Lavender and Chamomile, and Coconut and Vanilla.

Any of these products will give you a beautiful exfoliation to prep you for the next step.

Step 2: Waxing or Shaving

This process is done right after exfoliation. Out of these two options, I prefer waxing – simply because I have made the grand mistake of skinning myself whilst shaving. It took a world of pain and bleeding and a long time to heal. So waxing it is!

Waxing larger surface areas:

For bigger areas of body waxing, it is best to go for strip wax. Strip wax has extra strong grip which makes it good for thicker and less sensitive skin, such as arms, legs, shoulders and back. A thin layer is applied and hair is removed using a calico or non-woven strip, pulled against the hair grain (up towards you). The only downside to strip waxing is the pain factor and only covering bigger areas.

Calico Roll
                       Glammar Wax Heater

Waxing smaller and more sensitive surface areas:

For smaller and more sensitive surface areas, use hot wax. This is for more short and stubborn hair on the face and body. You simply melt the wax and spread it along the skin. It should dry within seconds, then you lift the corners with your fingers and pull it against the hair grain. The benefit of hot wax is that it promotes skin hydration with all its natural and soothing ingredients and reduces skin reddening. This is perfect for face, bikini line and underarm.

Read here for more tips on pain-free waxing.


Again, wait until the end of your shower when your skin is soft and supple then lather up. This was exactly why I hurt myself – not lathering up and pressing far too hard on the razor. I promise you that this was not fun. It was a bloody massacre. Lather up using a shaving cream and go against the grain of your hairs. Work in small strokes to prevent cuts and then clean the razor in between shaves. Bend your knees while shaving to avoid cutting yourself in this area. When you’re done, moisturise!

Arko Shaving Foam

Read here for more tips on shaving.

Step 3: Tanning

Tanning is to be done two days after waxing or shaving, and two days before your main event. The reason why your tan should be applied before your event is so that you give the tan time to settle and lighten to your desired colour.


Grab your tanning product of choice and tanning mitt. First apply the product onto the larger area of your body so you get most of the product spread around this area, then use the remaining product left on the mitt onto smaller body parts. For instance, if you are spreading tan on your torso, fill this area and use remaining product left on the mitt to your face and neck for a more even and blended tan. Don’t forget to fill in your body creases, also!

Next, wait for your tan to develop. While you are waiting, we would highly recommend you wear a black tanning dress so that your clothing doesn’t stain. I love these Little Tanning Dresses with cute quotes at the front. Avoid contact with water and doing anything that will cause you to sweat as the tan will drip with your perspiration.

Once developed in the recommended time frame, you can have a shower and gently wash away the tan residue. This can be done with plain water and no soap. Pat your body dry instead of rubbing so you don’t strip the tan away. You can then moisturise your face and body with a lotion that does not have tan stripping ingredients.

Read here for more tips on how to stop your tan going patchy.

Byotea Suntastic Sun Milk Spray SPF50+

And there you have it – the tips on how to get perfect summer skin. However, if you are not keen on fake tanning and getting a real tan, make sure you slip, slop and slap. We really recommend Byotea’s SPF 50 + for ultimate protection and beating the Aussie sun! Enjoy your summer skin, guys.

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