GHD Reviews

GHD reviews
November 27, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

GHD Reviews

The GHD will forever be a household name when it comes to hair straighteners. GHD has set the standards for many straighteners and every girl has once owned or used one. However, with the growing market comes an influx of competition, from Cloud9 to H2D to Silver Bullet… the list goes on. So how does the GHD rate on the market now?

We can’t deny that the competition has caught on and raised the bar. The good news for GHD is that there are so many loyal supporters who have never stopped using a GHD. Why? Simply because of the results it has proven to achieve each and every time, and the longevity of the product. GHD has a reputation for being a trusty and reliable straightener, and people know they can’t go wrong. You can see it in the GHD reviews to follow.

GHD Reviews from our customers

You wanted it, we’ve got it. Tested and approved GHD reviews from our trusty customers:

“When I was gifted the GHD IV Original styler by my boyfriend I knew all about the hype of the brand and honestly, I was sceptical about it, however, truth be told the raving reviews proved true and I was astonished to see how sleek and smooth my hair was after one clamped stroke. I have extremely long hair (past my elbows) so I was surprised at how quick the GHD IV Original styler took to straighten my full head of hair.” – Ophelia

“I love using my GHD because I reckon it is one of the best products that doesn’t damage your hair. I can straighten, wave and curl my hair with this one amazing tool and it is super-efficient too. Despite myself being a mum of two boys under the age of three and having thick hair I can do my hair in a flash. And I love the styling products that GHD offers too when I use these guys with my GHD my hairstyle lasts me all night.”- Nezar

“My hair is naturally frizzy, so I love how beautifully straight my hair looks after using it, another bonus is that I don’t have to wait around for ages for it to heat up, it heats up so fast.”- Kate

““I have been using the GHD for over 13 years now and absolutely love it for everyday use and especially during the wedding and formal times for my clients. It is so versatile, and I would be lost without it. My personal favourite would have to be the Original styler”- Carly

“I had a GHD for 8 years and it worked perfectly – until the day it wouldn’t turn on anymore (saddest day of my life). It was amazing; easy to use, fast to heat up, and straightened my hair without making the ends fizzle as so many of the others do. When it came time to buy a new one, I went straight out and bought the newest model and have remained in love with the brand – and always will!” – Gabby

“I like using my GHD because it doesn’t damage my hair as the iron plates smoothed it instead plus I love how it curls my hair very well. It is so easy and fast to use. I love how quickly it makes my bob so straight.”- Prachitta

“I love how it’s a double whammy of a tool, for straightening and curling, it’s so handy. Oh, and I love the time off factor too.” –Hue

“I was first introduced to GHD around five years ago after hearing fantastic reviews from my sister who is a hairdresser. I was hesitant to purchase one at first because I was worried that I was paying for an overpriced straightener when I could purchase something cheaper of the same quality. I decided not to buy one and purchased an alternative from Big W. In that one year, I went through three straighteners! I then made the switch to GHD to see what everyone was raving about and it was the best decision of my life. I have the original styler and it is still is heating like brand new, four years on. It’s amazing to use for both straightening and curling, I use it daily. As much as I love it, I wish it would die so I had an excuse to buy a new one GHD in rose gold.”- Rachael

“I like how it heats up quickly and is so easy to use. A bonus feature what I like about it is that it shuts off by itself too which works out so good as I can be forgettable sometimes.”- Jenny

“I absolutely love my GHD, when it comes to my hair I’m so uncoordinated that curling my hair never works for me, I find the GHD so easy to use it glides through my hair and GHD provide great videos on how to get curls in my hair by using the straightener on their Youtube channel, so I have learnt how to do it, it’s so simple.”- Giselle

“The only straightener I will use is a GHD nothing beats it, as a full-time hairdresser I use the GHD constantly and never lets me down so easy to use when creating curls and waves I get positive feedback from my customers that their hair lasted all night long. I’ll never use anything else.”- Mia

“I find the GHD not to be heavy at all, I loved the lightweight design of it and how effortlessly it made my thick hair straight, which others took forever. An added bonus I found was that it heated up fast too because I am always on the go. And I am proud to say that my current GHD has lasted me four years so far.”- Stacey

“I love my GHD because I love how quick it heats up, being a busy mum on the go all the time. I’ve also noticed that when I have those days when I am rushing and when my hair is a little damp after a shower it doesn’t singe my hair like most straighteners.”- Amine

There you have it, most GHD reviews have been positive and people seem to love it. Sounds like a winner. How can you go wrong with a GHD? And if anything does go wrong, GHD offers a 12-month warranty so you will never have to worry!

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