How to Get Rid of Wrinkles: Reverse the Signs of Aging

May 11, 2017

Samantha Bun


Aging is a natural process and can appear in the form of wrinkles. I know a lot of women dread their first signs of aging and want to do whatever it takes to reverse the signs. There is a negative stigma attached to wrinkles in our society, however, it is important that we learn to embrace such a natural process of life and not be so harsh on ourselves when they do show up. Here at AMR, we are all about promoting beauty in every shape and form. There are treatments out there that can help assist in slowing down the process and reducing the appearance of wrinkling, however, there is no way to get rid of wrinkles completely unless undertaking more invasive procedures. It is important that you know the facts before buying into products as there are so many products on the market that claim to have anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.

Types of wrinkles

Wrinkles can be divided into two categories:

  1. Fine surface lines (caused by ultraviolet light)
  2. Deep furrows (caused by muscle contraction)
Feeling wrinkly? Time to feel young again!

Generally, wrinkle treatments are more effective for finer lines. Deeper crease wrinkles will require more invasive treatments such as injection of fillers or plastic surgery, which will not be discussed in this article. Topical treatments are more effective for fine lines on the surface.

What causes wrinkles?

Some factors influencing the development of wrinkling include:

  • Degree of natural skin pigmentation
  • Exposure to the sun and ultraviolet
  • Hereditary traits
  • Loss of fat under the skin
  • Smoking

Based on this, there are also causes of wrinkles that are beyond our control, but also a result of lifestyle choices.

How to get rid of wrinkles

Medical and topical treatments only

There are many products out there that will help improve the signs of wrinkles. These products will commonly contain:

  • Vitamin A acid (Tretinoin)

Tretinoin is widely used in anti-ageing products and is one of the most successful in treating ageing skin and fine lines. It causes the cells of the skin to grow and die more rapidly, and therefore increasing the renewal of cells and reduce some wrinkles.

  • Alpha-Hydroxy acids

Alpha-hydroxy acids are derived from fruit and sugars, such as sugar cane, apples, pears oranges, lemons, grapes and milk. They work mainly as an exfoliant and cause the cells of the epidermis (outermost layer of your skin) to come off, allowing for regrowth of new skin. They can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. They have a special ability to penetrate the skin and is most effective at a concentration of 5 to 8 percent and at a pH of 3 to 4.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants assist the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells. It helps reduce signs of aging by calming inflamed skin and tightening or toning. Antioxidants can help plump out the skin and make it appear more youthful. Vitamin C and E are especially beneficial to wrinkled skin.

  • Bee Venom

In 2013, Dailymail released an article titled: “The new buzz in cosmetics? Bee venom creams that fool your face into thinking it’s been stung for more youthful looking skin” Bee venom was the latest craze used by the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall and celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kylie Minogue and Michelle Pfeiffer after cosmetic range Rodial launched a new skin care line using bee venom to improve the damaging effects of menopause. Honey bee venom was tested on 14 women aged between 50 and 59, improving the texture of their skin, and reducing lines and wrinkles. How the product works is by fooling the skin into thinking it has been stung with the toxin melittin. The body will react by sending blood directly to the area and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen is what helps give skin strength and elasticity, as well as replacing dead skin cells. Elastin helps your skin return to its original position when it is poked or pinched. Bee venom can have some relaxing properties and has widespread popularity in Korea. The commercial use of bee venom also does not harm any bees; the bee’s lance remains in its body and a valuable light brown powder is collected.

AMR product range for: How to get rid of wrinkles


The Byotea Anti-age range contains most of the essential ingredients.

Byotea Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Hyaluronic Acid 50ml

Byotea anti-Wrinkle Cream is for preventing early wrinkles using Hyaluronic Acid. It is an anti-age professional plumping cream with low molecular weight and stimulates the physiological production of Collagen and Elastin. It helps the skin look immediately fuller, radiant, toned up and supple, wrinkles are reduced and facial contours appear mode defined. The formula prevents free radical formation and protects the face from sunlight related ageing.


Byotea Anti-Age Draining Eye Contour Gel Hyaluronic Acid 30ml

Byotea Anti-Age Draining Eye Contour Gel performs a draining action that ensures deep hydration and effectively attenuates the signs of tiredness and the fine lines. It makes the eye contour look healthier and smoother, while the decongesting action of Sweet Clover drains eye bags and reduces dark circles, for a fresh, bright and radiant look.



The Bee Venom range in Byotea incorporates many of the essential ingredients listed in this article. Here are the products in the range and what they do to help to get rid of wrinkles.

Byotea Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Serum 50ml

The Byotea Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Bee Venom is enriched with Collagen and Royal Jelly prevents photoaging by relaxing and attenuating wrinkles. The elastic action makes the face more toned and younger looking.

Byotea Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Bee Venom 200 ml

Byotea Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream with Bee Venom is enriched with a concentrated formula that effectively regenerates, tones and firms the skin. It makes the face toned and firm, thus gradually reducing wrinkles. It nourishes and moisturises in depth, leaving the skin looking particularly fresh, firm and youthful.

Byotea Breast-Decolleté Firming Cream 200ml


This bust cream enhanced with Royal Jelly and Peptides stimulates skin-firming action, improving tone and elasticity. It restores the skin volume hydrating it in depth and leaving it visibly more compact.

Byotea Anti-Blemish Face Serum Bee Venom 50ml

Byotea Anti-Blemish Face Serum Bee Venom has an anti-wrinkle action which leaves the skin smoother, brighter and more even. The soft, light consistency helps prevent and reduce variations in pigment, limiting the formation of new blemishes.

Byotea Anti-Blemish Face Cream Bee Venom 50ml

Byotea Anti-Blemish Face Cream Bee Venom with an anti-wrinkle action is a special formulation which helps reduce brown blemishes and uneven colour for a more even, compact and healthier skin.

Byotea Anti-Blemish Face Cream SPF 50+ 50ml

Byotea Anti-Blemish Face Serum Bee Venom has an anti-wrinkle action which leaves the skin smoother, brighter and more even. The soft, light consistency helps prevent and reduce variations in pigment, limiting the formation of new blemishes. More  skin care here:

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