How to Remove False Eyelashes Safely At Home

How To Remove False Eyelashes
May 4, 2020

Rachael Grant

Right now would be an excellent time to learn the basics of removing false eyelashes. Since you won’t be always able to visit a salon and have your lash extensions removed by a professional, you might need to do it yourself. Above all, grown-out lash extensions don’t look good. You won’t be able to maintain them in the same neat, shiny, elongated shape and condition as in the beginning. Eventually, they will start to fall off. If you do the removal right, you won’t be left without your natural virgin eyelashes. You will still have a solid base for renewing your extensions. There are several ways in which you can remove lashes, including professional eyelash gel removers which have the most effective consistency to do the job harmlessly. The good news is that removing fake eyelashes is easier than putting them on. If you want to know how to remove fake eyelashes with coconut oil, baby oil, or a makeup remover, read on. 

How to Remove False Eyelashes with Coconut Oil

Blessed be the coconut oil — it is a true saviour for great nails, skin, and hair. But has it crossed your mind that you can use it to remove your fake lashes? Not a big secret for those who use it as a gentle makeup remover, coconut oil is a welcome surprise for first-time lash fans. 

Coconut oil is one of the safest, hypoallergenic substances for almost every type of skin. As a natural product, it won’t cause a skin rash or ruin the sensitive area around the eyes.  Therefore, you can use it as an alternative for at-home lash removal. To remove your false eyelashes with coconut oil, do the following:

  1. Soak a cotton pad or a piece of cotton wool into coconut oil (preferably organic) and place it over your eyes. Leave it for at least 3 to 4 minutes. 
  2. Use the time to rest and gently press on your eyelids to help the oil dissolve the glue and separate the fake extension from the natural lash. 
  3. Don’t rush — the lash should be easy to remove. If you pull too strongly, you may mess up your natural lashes. It is always advisable to wait a few more minutes or choose another face cleansing product than to use force. 

Extra tip: If you have makeup on, you can soak a cotton towel in oil and cover your whole face, letting the coconut oil act as a makeup remover, too.

Taking off Lash Extensions with a Makeup Remover

Certain makeup removers have a warning that they are not to be used by persons who have lash extensions. This warning is placed for obvious reasons: they will dissolve the lash adhesive and remove eyelashes unintentionally when you clean your eye makeup. However, if you do want to remove false lashes along with the makeup, you can choose an all-purpose makeup remover that will take off the eyelashes as you remove your eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. 

Keep in mind that not all makeup removers will be adequate for use on the eyes. Be it because they are only intended for the face or because they do not have the necessary ingredients to take off the glue. Additionally, ensure that a product is right for you first by doing a test patch.

When you consider new DIY lash extensions, look for kits that include a remover, too. This will facilitate the whole process without causing unnecessary headache from thinking you may end up lashless.   If you don’t have a steady hand, consider single-use false eyelashes. This is much easier to attempt on your own and offers similar results with low maintenance.

How to Remove Fake Lashes with Baby Oil or Petroleum Jelly

From the previous methods, it is evident that easy-does-it when you have to take off fake lashes by yourself. Products you typically keep at home for other purposes, such as baby oil or petroleum jelly can also be used for eyelash removal. 

Baby Oils

Most baby oils are manufactured to soothe sensitive baby skin so they are least likely to cause adverse skin reactions.  Did we mention they are both the safe and the cheap alternative? 

Make sure to check the ingredients if you have sensitive skin because there is a reason baby oils aren’t the product of choice for adults. Added baby fragrances may irritate your eyes.  Test the product first on your forehead or cheeks. If redness occurs, you may need to rely on eyelash removers specialised for the delicate eye skin.

Use tweezers to pull the lashes gently. Instead of a pad, you can use an old mascara brush to distribute the product.

The Good Old Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is another affordable alternative you can use to take off aged eyelash extensions. The process is more or less the same as with other products. 

  1. Make sure you have removed all makeup before you go for the eyelashes. Steaming your face also helps at it will soften the glue and break the bonds more easily. Alternatively, place a warm moist towel for a few minutes over your face. Use hot water or a microwave to warm up the towel and sanitise it. 
  2. Soak a cotton gauze or a pad in jelly and leave it over closed eyes. When you use petroleum jelly to remove eyelashes, don’t let it get into your eyes:  it is denser than regular oils and will be unpleasant for your sight. 
  3. If your lashes are persistent, take a shower and use the remaining bathroom steam to wipe over your eyes with vaseline several times until it completely breaks down the glue.

Some celebrities swear in petroleum jelly. Jennifer Aniston smears vaseline under hey eyes each time before she goes to bed. If this is the secret she looks the way she does, we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t use the jelly as an eyelash remover.

Extra tip: Be careful with essential oils since many of them aren’t suitable for rubbing into the eyes or applying them on your eyelids. Under certain conditions, they can even scar the eye tissue.   

Regardless of the product you choose or have at your home to remove false eyelashes, go soft and don’t rush. You may find out that some methods don’t work for you despite doing wonders for others. When you meet your face in the mirror afterwards and notice your natural thinner eyelash line, don’t panic. You have probably got used to your curvy, voluminous false eyelashes and now nothing else would do. Guess it is time for extending your lashes again! 

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