Introducing Fanola’s Styling Tools

August 7, 2018

Samantha Bun

Fanola is the brand that brought to Australia the wondrous world of colours and fabulous No Yellow when first launched in 2011. They had also then introduced their first styling range called T-Force, but they have since taken on board customer feedback regarding improvements. They discontinued T-Force and spent years reinventing their styling range with new and innovative technology.

The wait has well been worth it as Fanola have really upped their game in their latest release: Styling Tools. With new and improved technology, ingredients and fragrances, the Styling Tools range ensures maximum performance and protection. The biggest improvement and game changer for Styling Tools is that all products have built-in thermal protection, designed to minimise damage on hair whilst styling with hot tools. The packaging is also more appealing and professional looking, altogether making it worthy for use in your salon or at home.

There are 19 products in Styling Tools that are separated into two ranges: red and white.


The red range contains products that are used for fixing the hair. With a fix strength of 3-5 out of 5, this range consists of all the stronghold products.


The white range is for control and brightness of the hair. It is lightweight and hence more flexible than the red range. It also has products to add gloss and shine to the hair.

The best way to categorise the products is by what they do and their strengths:


What stands out most about Styling Tools hairsprays that they not only provide maximum hold for the hair, their technology is also built-in with humidity resistance which protects hair from heat in the process, keeping it shiny and healthy.

Power Style

Styling Tools Power Style

The Power Style is an extra strong hold spray at a level 5 fix. It is weightless, but for more well-defined styling.

Eco Spray

Fanola Styling Tools Eco Spray

The Eco Spray is an extra strong ecological lacquer that gives defined hold at a level 4 fix, restores shine and elasticity. The formula contains a vegetal resin base that allows a quick drying and humidity resistant action, protecting hair from thermal and mechanical stress. It doesn’t leave a build-up and can be easily removed with a simple brush of the hair or shampooing.

Tip: Get the ‘Wet Look’ with Eco Spray. Create stiff looks and wet-look styles with hair combed back, apply a generous amount of product to damp hair and leave to dry naturally.

Power Volume

Fanola Styling Tools Power Volume

Power Volume is a hairspray with a more weightless controlled hold at a level 2 fix. It creates a light and elastic look while also protecting the hair.


People often neglect the importance of using heat protectants on their hair, but it is one of the most essential hair rituals you can perform to maintain the health of your hair when exposing it to heat and UV rays. This especially applies if you have coloured hair and use hot styling tools regularly as the heat can affect your hair colour and quality.

Thermo Force

Fanola Styling Tools Thermo Force

Thermo Force is the stronger thermal protectant at a level 3 fix, supporting styling with precision and definition. It allows you to come up with creative looks using high-temperature styling tools and leaving hair soft and glossy without weighing it down or leaving residue. The heat protection factor protects the hair and the cosmetic pigments from heat and drying out. Also, in a delicious grape fragrance!

Tip: Thermo force can be used for wavy styling effects before brushing and blow-drying the hair. Brings texture, flexibility and body to the hair, with glossier, defined locks, without leaving any residue.

Thermo Shield

Thermo Shield is a thermal protective spray at a level 1 fix. It coats the hair with a high-power film to protect hair from heat, drying and ironing tools at high temperatures. Style your hair worry-free and keep its silk and shine with Thermal Shield!


So many waxes to choose from, which is the correct one? They all have different textures for different hold effects.

Super Matte

Fanola Styling Tools Super Matt

Super Matte is an extra strong matte opaque shaping paste with a creamy texture at level 5 fix. It creates a strong defining effect for a long-lasting look, creating texture and body.

Working Wax

Fanola Styling Tools Working Wax

The Working Wax shapes and defines hair styles with a semi-polish effect with a stretchy consistency at a level 4 fix. It is excellent for styles that require creativity and fantasy.

Tip: For a semi-glossy “corded” or structured look, apply to wet hair and leave to dry naturally.


Want to grease it up? Styling Tools has some slick and sleek strong-hold gels.

Extreme Grip

Fanola Styling Tools Extreme Gel

Extreme Gel is the strongest gel in the range with a level 5 fix. It shapes and defines each detail, is rapid drying and does not leave build-up.

Extra Grip

Fanola Styling Tools Extra Grip

Extra Grip gel is an extra strong creamy gel ideal for creating fashion hairstyles. With a level 4 fix, it provides and long-lasting strong hold.


Straight or curly? There’s a mousse for both.

Total Mousse

Fanola Styling Tools Total Mousse

Total Mousse is an extra strong mousse with a level 4 fix. It fixes styles by wrapping a protective film around the hair shaft, nourishing and hydrating the hair. It restores elasticity and allows maximum creativity. It doesn’t leave build-up and can be easily brushed or shampooed out.

Tip: For upstyles and broad plaits for fine hair. Apply the extra-strong mousse to damp hair and blow dry freehand. Repeat twice on dry hair to obtain exceptional body, for easy styling and a lasting result.

Go Curl

Fanola Styling Tools Go Curl

Curly hair? Go Curly mousse. Go Curl is a level 2 fix mousse ideal for disciplining and defining curly and wavy hair, either natural or permed. It leaves curls soft, light and elastic, perfectly hydrated and brilliant.

Tip: For beautiful curls, apply under a source of heat, with the assistance of rollers, a permanent 7-day curl effect can be obtained. It can be reactivated by dampening the hair with the Super Light Spray; for a renewed supple effect, the curls can be massaged with the hands.


Give your hair a bit of a zhush with these volumising products.

Full Body

Fanola Styling Tools Full Body

Full Body is a Volumising Mousse that restores elasticity and allows for maximum creativity with a level 2 fix. It doesn’t leave a build-up and can be easily brushed or shampooed out.

Tip: For a styling effect with extreme volume and definition. Apply the volume mousse to damp hair and blow-dry freehand. Repeat twice on dry hair to obtain exceptional body, for easy styling and a lasting result.



Define that style – straight or curly! The curl products are great for preparing hair for curling styles.

Curl Control

Fanola Styling Tools Curl Control

Curl Control is a level 4 fix fluid formulated to enhance, define and restore elasticity to the natural shape of curls. It leaves hair brilliant and carries out an effective anti-static action.

Easy Curl

Fanola Styling Tools Easy Curl

Easy curl is a level 4 fix curly definition cream that separates curls and waves and restores elasticity, texture and shine. Pretty floral scent.

Liss Style

Fanola Styling Tools Liss Style

Liss Style is a smoothing fluid at a level 2 fix that nourishes and hydrates, leaving hair easy to work during blowdrying. It disciplines and eliminates frizz, making hair soft and full of shine. Delicious watermelon scent.


Add that spectacular gloss and shine to your hair with these anti-frizz and treatment products.

Super Light

Fanola Styling Tools Super Light

Super Light is an anti-frizz glossing spray that is a non-greasy, non-sticky formula that leaves hair extraordinarily glossy without weighing it down. At a level 1 fix, it eliminates frizz and performs an effective anti-static action. Beautiful vanilla scent.

Bright Crystals

Fanola Styling Tools Bright Crystals

Bright Crystals will brighten your hair with this level 1 fix cosmetic treatment which helps prevent and repair split ends. It makes hair shiny and leaves no residues. Rich in silicon resins, it is particularly recommended for dry or streaked hair.

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