Introduction to Bubba Organics: All You Need To Know

bubba organics
January 24, 2022

Rachael Grant

Bubba Organics is one of the world’s most favoured children’s health and nutrition companies. They are committed to providing families with high quality products that are made from honest ingredients tailored towards to new-born babies and growing toddlers. The brand prides their business on providing products that are free of harmful ingredients and promote a healthy and nutritious wellbeing for your child.

Where did Bubba Organics Start?

They were established in 2013 and after extensive research and development, the premium baby brand was ready to launch onto the market of February 2016. When co-founders Kerri and Mel created Bubba Organics, they weren’t dreaming of creating award winning natural skincare products… their dream was simply to create completely Australian made, natural skincare that was safe and effective for every child and family. The team are extremely proud to not only have achieved this dream but agree that their businesses pinnacle point is to see the difference their high-quality organic products have brought to many families within Australia.

Bubba Organics has quickly grown to become one of Australia’s leading premium baby brands that has obtained various awards in the industry for natural skincare including:

  • Best Clean Hair & Bath Wash – Lavender & Chamomile Wash
  • Best Clean Family Balm – Goats Milk Bottom Cream
  • Best Hair Care for Kids – Lavender & Chamomile Wash
  • Best Skincare for Kids – Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow Lotion

The Most Popular Bubba Organics Ranges

Families within Australia have quickly fell in love with the two signature ranges which are their vegan Soothing and Calming range that contain quality ingredients such as lavender and chamomile, and their deeply nourishing scent-free Australian Goats Milk range which are made to help your child’s skin to feel soft and nourished. Since then, they have launched their popular Australian Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow vegan range, which has been expanded to care for both mother and baby.

Their products contain no cheap fillers such as water or synthetics as well as nothing hidden or harmful within their ingredients list. They are also formulated with the purest nature-sourced ingredients, chosen for both their proven effectiveness and suitability for every child and family. Their ingredients lists are transparent and local manufacturing processes are ethical and sustainable. They supply over 200 independent stockists nationally, and it is now available in half a dozen stores across New Zealand, as well as online in Hong Kong and Lithuania.

The Australian Goats Milk Range

Baby skin is so gentle and therefore can get very dry because of washing it daily, and multiple times. Many babies suffer from eczema if products get chosen poorly.

Parents need to consider washing and nourishing their babies’ skin with the best natural ingredients that do not cause allergies, skin rash, dryness, or flakiness to the young one’s sensitive bottom area and fragile body skin.  There are three products in the Bubba Organics Goats Milk range designed to tackle each essential baby need:

Washing and cleansing
Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk Hair Bath Wash

Baby bottom care
Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk Bottom Cream

Body skincare
Bubba Organics Australian Goats Milk Moisture Lotion

All three products are enriched with Jojoba, Olive Fruit Oil, and Aloe Vera, three safe ingredients for sensitive baby skin you can apply day to day.

For best results, follow the 3-step routine:

  • Wash,
  • Apply bottom cream
  • Massage lotion

Australian Lavender Chamomile Range

If you are interested in baby skincare with vegan ingredients, Bubba Organics has you covered there, too. The Lavender & Chamomile baby skincare range is designed for protecting little baby behinds, washing their delicate skin and hair, and nourishing the whole body. It contains a unique formula of Shea Butter, Calendula, Aloe Vera, and Olive Fruit Oil, giving calming and long-lasting moisturising effect or at least until the next wash.

Mums and dads will love the fact the formula doesn’t stick to their hands or takes hours to wash after frequent nappy changes, it is creamy but not greasy. Perfect for morning and bedtime routine! Choose any of the three range products. 

Best results follow by using them together.

Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow Range

Who doesn’t need an extra minute of time when caring for a newborn? And if you are looking for just one product suitable for massaging baby’s skin, then you will love this range with a gorgeous scent, infused with Vitamin C and antioxidants. 

Expecting moms will love the velvety feel on their bellies and their baby skin when using Bubba Organics Kakadu Plum & Marshmallow range, enriched with Australian Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba, and Rose Geranium Oil. All products are non-toxic and vegan-certified.

Shop Bubba Organics From AMR

Bubba Organics are the first baby brand for AMR Hair and Beauty. They were selected as they are not only a premium brand, but align with the direction AMR is moving in. We strive to give our customers access to exclusive products, insider expertise, reliable service, and unbeatable prices. We love to offer a range of choice for our customers and are working with more prestigious ranges to give our customers that variety. Naturally, it is a perfect fit, being both high end, great quality and organic.

Bubba Organics FAQs

Is Bubba Organics Australian made?
Yes, it is Australian-made and owned since 2013.
The company has worked closely with the iconic Australian May Gibbs brand to create a line of natural baby skincare the artwork of which was inspired by the Native Australian bush and much-loved book characters such as Gumnut babies, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie.

Are Bubba Organics Products Cruelty-Free?
All the products are ethically sourced and have never been tested on animals (“AusMumpreneur 2021 Sustainability Award” – Nominee)

How safe Bubba Organics Products are for babies?
The brand is very transparent with their list of ingredients – no hidden nasties, uses Aloe Vera with no added water, great to relief commonly occurring eczema (“Safe Cosmetics Australia Organic Beauty Awards 2021” – multiple awards’ nominee)

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