The Most Common Types of Eyelash Extensions

Types of Eyelash Extensions
June 22, 2019

Rachael Grant

Wouldn’t you like to know the secrets to your favourite celebrities’ gorgeous looks? The answer is probably yes. We can’t help you uncover all of their hush-hush beauty tricks, but there is one that definitely carries a speck of stardom – lash extensions. Different types of eyelash extensions have been in the toolboxes of celebrity makeup artists, that’s for sure. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, and Katy Perry proudly wear them to mesmerize fans, and it seems to work without a flaw, every time!

The Transformative Magic of Eyelash Extensions

There is some real magic in the flirty glance thrown from under those big beautiful lashes. But lash extensions are not only aesthetically pleasing – they are practical, too, as they will cut down on your prep time. We will admit they do require a big commitment, they need to be redone every 2 weeks.

You can extend your natural lashes to have a permanent makeup solution. You’ll no longer need to spend so much time on eyeshadow blending, perfecting eyeliner application, or finding the best mascara. Of course, you still can use them if you want. Those tiny brush mistakes will be easily forgiven or even unspotted under the curl of your most beloved type of eyelash extension, be it natural or man-made.

Eyelash extensions are so treasured because they make an incredible difference to eyes. It helps them stand out on the face, all bright, open, and glowing. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul. All you need to do to get such look is to discover the type of lash extensions that fits your needs and find an expert lash technician to complete the marvel.

What Types of Eyelash Extensions Are There?

Choosing from a variety of eyelash extensions is not easy. The types of eyelash extensions you need to consider include natural, as well as man-made lashes. They all come in a mixture of lengths, curves, and materials. You also need to think of choosing between flat and curved extensions. Also, take into consideration the shape of your eyes to pick what’s right for you. 

You can get eyelash clusters applicable to sections of your eyes too. Individual lashes require the ultimate tweezer application skills, that give a more striking look that’s necessary at special occasions.

As a general rule, lashes made from natural materials are low-key, gentle eye-poppers, and synthetic eyelashes are for more dramatic looks.

Natural Lash Extension Materials: Mink, Sable, and Fox Fur

Natural eyelash extensions are made from mink, sable, or fox fur. Mink and sable eyelashes typically come from Siberian minks and sables and are the most expensive type of extensions. Fox eyelash extensions are reddish, but they can be dyed to suit darker lashes. 

Lashes that come from animals mimic natural hair and blend into your own lashes for a natural look. When done professionally, hardly anyone will notice that your peepers have some extraordinary animal fur. According to most manufacturers, the animals are not harmed for the fur, they are gently brushed and the naturally shed hair is then used to make the extensions. 

Now, there are always ethical considerations when using animal fur. If you are not a fan of this, you might want to go for man-made types of eyelash extensions. Another downside to natural lashes is their sensitivity. Since they are from animals and are real hair they can flop down or lose their curl when moistened or treated with makeup remover. If you like to wear thin eyelashes with the most resemblance to your own, then this is your lash extension type.

In case you haven’t heard, there are also lashes made out of human hair:

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Man-made Types of Eyelash Extensions

Man-made types include synthetic and silk eyelashes, usually made out of polyester or acrylic fibres. Synthetic eyelash extensions tend to look the most fabricated. They are also the most durable and give a theatrical look that cannot be achieved with natural eyelashes.

Silk Lash Extensions

Silk eyelashes are not really made from natural silk. They are the safest, medium alternative between natural and dramatic synthetic lashes, made from synthetic silk materials. Silk eyelashes are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the and to follow the natural line of your lashes. These lash extensions emphasize your eye beauty without looking too weird or purposefully done.

The good thing about silk eyelash extensions is that it doesn’t contain animal fur, so you can wear them if you are prone to fur allergies. Additionally, silk lashes require little to no maintenance and are a good choice for low maintenance lashes. 

Synthetic Eyelashes

Are you a vegan or just concerned about animal wellbeing? Then, you can go for synthetic faux-mink lash extensions.

Synthetic eyelash extensions come as standard cuts and lengths than silk or natural lashes. Most synthetic lashes are made from PBT also called Korean fibres, which is a type of texturised yarn. Therefore, when you spot a cool pair of eyelashes and decide that’s exactly what you like, don’t forget to ask if they are real or faux-mink so that you can inform your lash artist accordingly.

Factors You Need to Think of Before Choosing Your Lash Extension Type

Most lash technicians use some type of eyelash extensions made out of synthetic fibres, and they are the most popular ones. However, don’t just go straight for synthetics before considering all factors.

Eye Shape, Color, Orientation and Skin Type

Your eyelash extension choice depends on factors such as the shape of your eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, your skin quality, your lifestyle, as well as your high or low maintenance levels and your ethical beliefs. 

Most lash artists will tell you how to decide among the three most common types of eyelash extensions. Generally, they advise you to go for man-made if you want long-lasting beauty lashes.

Length and Curl

The majority of lash extensions come in the range between 9 mm and 15mm. Obviously, you’ll go for longer half-inch eyelashes if your own lashes are longer. Curls can be shaped like the letter J and they tend to follow natural curls, while eyelash extensions shaped like the letter C are the bolder, curlier, and the more impressive choice.    

Glamour vs. All-Natural

A nude makeup palette and an easy-breezy summer style might not look good with accentuated synthetic lashes. But if you are going for the glamorous diva look, then, by all means, go big, long, curly, thick, and beautiful.

Before finalising your decision, check with your lash technician to see what types of lashes they provide. Not all of them have all types, particularly natural lash extension types. While you are there, pick up some lash maintenance tips and ask how they can be removed so that you don’t ruin your fabulous look immediately. And make sure that your lashes can be customised to achieve a personalised look.

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