Top 4 places to get your wigs in Australia

October 17, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

The Wig, short for Periwig; have all been correlated to history, theatre, drag performers, or something of a taboo. The taboo of it all stems from the wig being referred to as a shameful and daggy secret that an older person may use to hide their thinning hair or bald patch. Fast forward to the year 2018, we are embracing wigs with gusto thanks to celebrities making all the technicolour dreams of wig wearers come true and accepting wig wearing with all the rage of changing up your hair looks with a simple wig switcheroo. You can revamp your look instantly without having to commit to the maintenance and the upkeep of re-dying your roots, greys, sitting for hours in a salon chair or risk damaging your precious locks.

So why the taboo?

Men and women can lose hair due to a variety of reasons; genetics, medicinal rehabilitation (chemotherapy), stress, hair damage or for some women, having a baby can lead to the loss of hair. Wig wearing is the common practice now but it has been no overnight success; for some ethnic communities like the African community, the wig has always played a key role in women’s beauty regimes for years. The difference is that now it has gone stellar, men and women are openly discussing purchasing wigs and sharing wig wearing knowledge. The wig has stealthily worked its way out of hiding in the closet and into our conversations. It is no longer a dirty secret. With trending celebrities like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner wearing wigs in everyday life, not just on stage and on set, it has made wig wearing more popular among the general public.

Yes, real human hair premium wigs can go up to a hefty price tag but when you’re looking at those prices, think about the couture of a handcraft lace front wig: the time, fine detailing, the intricate weaving and craftsmanship of all the labour that goes into a real human hair wig. Correct maintenance and care are essential when buying a top-notch quality wig. Think of purchasing a real human hair wig as an investment in the years to come, whereas if you buy a synthetic wig, the affordability is reasonable but it may get damaged in the long run.

The comfort, functionality and practicality of wigs can lead to happier and healthier hair, too. The less stress on your actual hair from the overuse of heating products, extremely tight high buns or ponytails and regular hair dying, the healthier it would be. You can still look fabulous without having to sacrifice your hair or scalp. It seems like a no-brainer to switch to the wig to give your hair some air to breathe.

The next question is, where do we find such quality wig avenues in Australia?


Down below are a few established wig places for you all to get wiggy with it…

1. Wigs By Vanity

Wigs by Vanity is the best place in Sydney to get your wig on. Created by best friends Drag queen legends, Vanity Faire and Courtney Act. World-renowned wig stylist and wig whisperer Vanity Faire is the creative director along with Australia’s golden girl Courtney Act this striking duo came up with a wig line for drag queens alike. Noticing that there was a missing niche in the market for creating feminine luscious long wigs for bigger blokey head shapes thus Wigs by Vanity was born. Active on her Instagram page, Wigs by Vanity is known for their long lucious locks in your traditional colours or a mixture of your fun out there rainbow gradients. Sporadically Vanity will offer great deals on Tuesdays, Fridays or Sundays with her synthetic creations or custom human hair masterpieces. The wigs created by Drag Queens for Drag Queens.

@wigsbyvanity 83.8k followers


2. Freedom Couture

One day, a small town girl from Perth finished school for the day and came home to watch the Tyra Banks show. She was completely transfixed by a makeover segment where the model hated her short, damaged and straw-like hair. Her look was completely transformed by the help of hair extensions. This was the catalyst for the founder of Freedom Couture, Francesca De Mori, at 14-years-old. Now being a jack-of-all-trades learning beauty therapy at the age of 17, opening her market stall offering braids. Business was slow at first but eventually, she established herself as the go-to girl for beautiful hair extensions. Despite this, she was still thirsty for more so she decided to pack up and do a hair weaving course with Afro hair extraordinaire and hair weaving guru, Joy Phido. She took in every drop of her class, came back to Perth and opened her first hair weaving salon in Perth and eventually moved online. Her fashionable wigs are all handcrafted and made of real human hair. These will cost you a pretty penny but think of it as the crown you want to invest in.

@freedomcoutureofficial 614k followers


3. Showgirl Wigs

Another treasure trove for affordable synthetic wigs is Showgirl Wigs in Melbourne. This synthetic online wig shop is ideal for the drag performer or the enthusiastic cosplayer. Coming in a huge variety of bright and out there colours with shocking neon wigs and gorgeous ombre blends, this place is the one-stop shop for you for you to try out first hand your synthetic wigs. And to go with your wig ensemble, they offer the choice of purchasing shoes there as well. Sky high heels and gorgeous wigs are all a Showgirl needs.

@showgirlwigs 1,572 followers

4. The Wig Outlet

The Wig Outlet is a shopping haven for the different style of wigs ranging from affordable to high end with one thing in common; great quality. The wig outlet has a mixture of synthetic and real human hair on offer for all your wig desires, for both men and women, on their online shop either for fashion, everyday wear or fancy dress costumes. Their hair collection will fit any mood, style and personality, providing cutting-edge and wearable wigs. Their headquarters are located in Nerang Queensland, but all their orders come out of the Sydney factory daily. Get the confidence to show off your new look at this one-stop online shop that offers everything you need for your wigs and accessories.

@thewigoutlet 259 followers


The wig is truly back in fashion. Wigs are all about fun, individuality and expressing yourself any way you see fit. If someone is rocking a bright turquoise wig on, it’s a statement. And that is the difference between wearing a wig in the past and wearing a wig today – you’re not trying to pretend that it’s yours. If you guys liked this blog, please comment below and let is know if you want more blogs on wigs.

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