Benefits Of Salon Bed Rolls

While owning a salon, your clients expect certain levels of standards to be met. It doesn’t matter the industry you are in, salon hygiene practices need to be met. If you’re in beauty as a spa & massage therapist, lash technician, waxing expert or even laser technician, clients want comfort but cleanliness. Bed rolls can help keep the salon tidy without much work. Firstly, customers expect a clean bed for their service. There’s nothing worse than coming into a salon for the first time and laying on a bed that has clearly been used by others. If they are spending long periods laying down, they expect the sheets to be changed after each client as under the lights they can become sweaty, and lashes and wax may fall over the bed.

Secondly, you want to be able to change the sheets quickly. Clients want to be on the bed as soon as possible, so using disposable bed rolls can help to expedite time. That means they can start their pampering treatment sooner and not stuck in the waiting room as long. For most people, a salon treatment is the one time where they can relax and escape. The last thing they want to be stressing about during service is being late, so help by being on time.

Furthermore, using bed rolls instead of sheets is more cost-effective. The rolls come in lengths of 100m, so they will last you weeks at a time. This means you won’t need to be doing the washing daily. Time is money, and this will save you time!


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